[Music] give me one unique hack each to a 20-year-old boy or girl who wants to become a [Applause] [Music] Creator are we rolling we have been rolling I feel like we've been rolling for a while yeah yeah okay hi guys thank you uh lovely to meet you for the first time to meet you thank you for having me say that to us also no I can't say it to these guys because I know them too well they're all uh brothers from a long time in different ways I know more about them so if I a brother do I get part of the


inheritance I have no kids dude I just know bro there's no inheritance he's giving it all away did you not hear ah okay I'm I'm nikil ntin and NES I'm NES actually you guys don't know but that's assuming you would live longer than I no even you know oh is this the kind of podcast we're going to have today yeah just like have fun the one with no English language oh no no we keep it English no but you guys are the pros at this I'm the Newbie I do this one night a month I'm trying to learn how you do this so teach me along the way oh says the guy who uploaded number one on Spotify this week WTF but also Nas because these guys have


uh watched it maybe uh it's a conversation between I've I've watched you okay it's a conversation between all of us it's not me asking questions it's not you answering so we can all talk typically We Begin by saying a bit about ourselves and because I know you guys this is going to be fun should we start with the project oh okay yeah hi do I say it to everybody yeah yeah oh then it's awkward but uh I'm praa I'm a content creator actor now from Mumbai India and I started creating content uh in 2015 and I've been doing it for close to 9 years now and um I kind of also branched out into acting a little bit in


2019 why did you first begin creating content um because I fa fa at the one dream that I had I wanted to be a radio jockey ever since I was 11 failed meaning I I became a radio jockey and the show didn't work and I got fired and I also heard myself so I get it so when I started doing radio it was fun for the first I think couple of months and then later it just got like it was nothing like I'd imagined it would be so it's quite disappointing and uh that's when I met sudp from one digital and he was like you should have a YouTube channel it should create content and I didn't know what that meant so and I was very unhappy as a radio intern so I was like


what I'm just going to try content and in mumbay 10 years ago in Mumbai yeah and uh it just started like that I had absolutely no dreams or no uh kind of way forward or any idea about what I was doing all of you guys who have done influencing for so long you know what is one thing which is so stuck like the way your voice has infl sorry one second I have to stop you there's no such thing as influencing no one here has done any influence influencers are the fathers the doctors the mothers the teachers they influence children we've done done creating of content we created content and it has impacted people but


influencer is a term is like M by Bombay influencer as a term is like slightly self-obsessed no what do you guys think good I never related to that term honestly project actually I I want to add uh Pro was one of the earlier Generations on on YouTube uh then she did a short film called kipa in case you haven't seen that was the first time I saw proa act good yeah really good um and I messaged her also after that saying I didn't know you could act that's crazy and now that you mentioned theater and then um um yeah I've known pra for a while she's extremely hardworking you're marati I am yes my mama's from Delhi Baba's from what do


your parents do Baba used to work uh he was in Cadbury before and then later he was working in real estate and uh mama was a phonetics teacher she used to teach languages phonetics teacher yeah wow what is what is that so um I mean she used to have a bunch of kids because apparently they are not taught ABCD anymore it's a b c du so it's the phonetics that and she used to teach that I'll tell you more about her yeah oh wow is this ining each other can we can we do this can the three of you say what does praa appear to the outside world in your lens yeah uh so I'd had Priyanka Chopra on the podcast once and


she gave this example of a swan that looks like it's very peaceful on the surface but on the inside the feet are paddling uh I don't think I've come across a more hardworking and disciplined professional than this person seconded she's very hard working like she's probably the most disciplined content creator that I've known throughout my career and she is uh Bill Gates's favorite Creator every time I see her it's either at at Bill Gates conference or at Davos conference so she's like represents India in the major conferences I'll tell you what they're not going to invite tan for this one too risky D not anymore brother notore


how is that how how do you get yourself in these places I think YouTube had a huge role to play in that um I 2019 is when um YouTube kind of reached out to me for this program called creators for change 2018 and uh they were like do you want to so they pick a few creators from across the world and they put like a band of us together and they like make videos for for this program called creators for Change and every year they have different um themes in 2019 in 2018 is when they reached out for the first time and then 2019 was the second year and that's when um there was this


documentary that they were making with u Michelle Obama for girls education and they reached out to me for that and I think that was my first kind of Step Up From what I was doing back home and that kind of opened a lot of doors for me uh so YouTube has been a huge cheerleader in my journey Beyond just doing the content that I was natively doing on my channel just putting me out there giving me a platform to speak about things and um then I happened to meet nikil Tanja who kind of put me in touch with goalkeepers uh so that's how that started the UN DP kind of came in through both these channels so it it


kind of went into a whole domino effect once the first creators for change video went out and um yeah so that's how that's how it began and when did you blow up and all of that 2018 2017 my first video actually went viral so I started in 20 Feb of 2015 and the first video that really really blew up was in the July of that year what was it about it was a video called uh words Deli Hees use i h a lot of Deli ego in that video uh but it kind of like blew up and uh then it's just been like a roller coaster like it was not one week was like another for a very very long time right cool and now what are you looking forward to um I'm looking


forward to more acting M I'm looking I'm writing is that a natural transition Creator distribution acting it wasn't planned I was very surprised when it started coming my way because I didn't when I started making content I didn't I I don't think any of us thought that these Avenues were actually even possible um for us so I was very surprised with it I've always loved acting uh and I missed it after I quit theater M um so when it came I was like okay I'm going to give it a try but it wasn't conscious no it just kind of happened is there a hierarchy in that world like I know there is a hierarchy between TV actors and large screen


actors uh when a influencer comes into that world uh is it tougher like are you treated the same as an actor actor um I feel like I also happen to be very fortunate to become an actor at a time when it's when the lines are slightly blurrier than they were before I feel like OT really opened it up for actors where now if you see like for example seeing what a Karishma Tana is doing or what a har bja is doing like it was it's just crazy seeing them uh because now suddenly I don't think that I don't think that hierarchy is there where you know if you're a TV actor you won't get cast because TV film theater everybody's


doing OT I don't mean from a casting lens but from a societal hierarchy perception lens I think there is unfortunately there is there's even there's even classism between platforms if you're a Tik tocker a facebooker a YouTuber or an instagrammer it's like YouTuber is like class one citizen then instagrammer then then Tik tocker then Facebook is that true yeah that I agree do you agree with the classing what did you say again the order I think YouTube Instagram Facebook uh Tik Tok Facebook I think um see the people who there's a line that I think Kunal sha had once said which is uh screen profile right like um the


bigger the the bigger the screen uh the higher the status totally right so movie you perceive perception is very high status and then for a long time it was like television came before digital and I think now digital is kind of penetrating a lot of it mostly my thesis is that hey if if you own distribution you own eyeballs no matter what where you move to the eyeball balls will travel there and it's playing out in the OT world like ban has his own show pra has her own show um but I think like it's still plays out in ways like like if a if a you know an Instagram Creator gets a holding right they're on a hoing it's still a huge moment it becomes the


real saying oh look I'm on a hoing even though every story gets way more eyeballs than a holding aing a hoing like a billboard oh you were in a billboard recently I was yeah a candy thing yeah with candy and yeah so when I was in a billboard it's like the billboard gets Fu 10 views 20 views exactly but the picture of the billboard on Instagram so many likes I have something to say about kuna thing the screen uh what what what did you say that the bigger the screen is the bigger the screen higher the status and then combining it with this whole us getting older and times


changing I'd be way more excited to meet Joe Rogan than Tom Cruz because Joe Rogan's affected my life so much in the last 10 years yeah and I'm not at allzy I'm like a core Millennial but I can see how my thought process is becoming Morey just because of the times and I'm sure that a lot of genzies would say that about the digital stars who have survived in the long term like I I don't care about meeting Hollywood actors I would care a lot about meeting naal ravikant and Joe Rogan and Tim you think that would be true for you uh it it was true even in the previous generation let me explain how like in our time it would be


insanely to hang out with an MTV VJ it would be very cool right cuz they were not movie stars but they were the other cat R right like I'd give leg to hang out with r so it was the other category of someone that you saw regularly you know you'd see a movie star twice a year but here were VJs Who You'd see every day and similarly now for people that'd be watching n every day so that feeling of oh my God I can't believe this moment is real uh happens more when you see someone regularly so I think digital folks have occupied that um so it's it's been true for multiple Generations I think it's not just now actually very interesting and the kids of today the


amount of time they spend on devices not watching movies the number one occupation for that people why for today especially kids is influencer yeah you know that's the reason why we were doing this uh so this show is typically around people who want to be an entrepreneur yeah so whatever a 20-year-old boy or girl needs to know about entering a certain industry we try and hit that and give them all the info that is required like we did one around starting a restaurant recently we did something else before that uh it has become so important even for people like me uh an entrepreneur to build distribution cuz paying for distribution takes away so


much of the Delta you might have uh that a distri that a person with distribution brings organically yeah uh I think we left off at they said what they think about proa you did not they said hardworking hard workking no I I said I said that she's representing India to the world but if we're speaking of hardworking I want to mention something about N I don't know anyone who works as much you just said that about her no I didn't say that about her I didn't Jud hard who works harder noero him him him for sure Works incredibly hard and I think I once asked I won't mention what he said but I once asked saying what drives him


and he's got like an ambition and a purpose that is intensely strong you know um that I think is like I I I don't feel that what what feels I also feel like with him he's always so aware and so on like I'll at least at least 20 times a day I'll have moments where I'll just zone out and I'll not kind of keep up with but anytime you meet him and i' I've seen him at 5:00 in the morning at a breakfast buffet I've seen him at 2:00 in the morning at a party with a drink and I just feel like I mean I I had the drink me I had a Dr but um every time I've had a conversation with him it's never been dull or it's never been kind of like you


know it's not it's not small talk which I appreciate each of you have a different Journey from whatever profession to content creator yeah to another profession actor uh businessman uh social change maker no no no entrepreneur entrepreneur I'm not a social change maker entrepreneur sounds cooler than businessman businessman sounds like I'm sing hustler hustler yeah what am I you are you are King n right you are poster boy Bangalore poster boy and ran I think I did a little bit of Entrepreneurship but I'm back to being a content creator and I want to stay here I I'm really


enjoying this wow bro get out please get out it's mentally hard it's it's it's horrible in some ways uh but it's also beautiful in some ways because I think over the course of my 20s my priorities have changed a lot and I'm really enjoying the work I do because it's truly not feeling like work it does feel like spending a lot of hours creating that many podcasts and that much content but uh I think I've started craving heartfelt messages and and impact in people's lives much more than I craved money and numbers and growth in my 20s but I get to say that preneurship is not money and that's the biggest surprise I I also have the luxury of having really


active co-founders who are growing the businesses and allowing me to just chase the content creation game because of the distribution thing you said earlier which is sorry yeah sorry uh B the easier way of saying that is if you're more famous you reach out to more people you can sell your product to more people eventually which we're seeing with all the businesses that are being built out any but I'm going to say something controversial sure at some point you will not get more famous at some point you will saturate every single person in India that could potentially like you then you'll have this amazing and sad Decline and then the platforms want to


show a different face a different podcast a different name and then ah what do you do then so I mean I try I are you fun at parties see that is I had a drink when I saw it I'm just saying there's a shelf life to Creator life I I think so interesting I think so and I intend on exiting Creator life at some point but also cumulatively I have like a bunch of channels we have a lot I'm not like number dropping you but like we have like 20 to 25 million across those channels I'm I have a huge amount of distribution yeah and the thing is we in a country of 1.5 billion people people


1.6 I don't know what's the number what 1.6 billion people 1.3 but we added 300 million now in the last 10 seconds so never really know you never have an exact you're rounding error the whole pop 1.5 for the sake of conversation what is 25 million people in front of 1.5 billion people to capture and i' I've I've got these 25 million people over the last 8 years so even if I continue for another 20 years I think I'll reach a really large number but also I have an English Channel and a Hindi Channel and my intentions with English are very International my intentions with Hindi are very National but your problem is not the population


of India it's the social media algorithm eventually they will say I don't want to give this guy too much distribution because the best interest of YouTube is to have a new Mr Beast every 5 years which is why I'll also be aggressive on my Instagram can you tell me can you tell me why why that is why will YouTube benefit from creating a new Mr Beast when there is one already because imagine a world in which on YouTube we only watch Mr Beast as the number one creator for the next 30 Years that is not actually in YouTube's best interest you want new faces I mean just like Hollywood you want why can't there be Mr Beast plus plus because in the content


World there is the power law in which 20% of the creators get 80% of the attention the power law is massive here so it's not like everybody gets one million views Are You Hell happy no it's like if one person is slightly more engaging they'll get 10 times more than the the the one next to them except I think like it's not as Sinister as if if you just take this clip out of context it's like Susan vki is sitting down is like enough of Mr Beast now Neil Neil moan Neil Neil yeah uh love you Neil um it's not as Sinister as that sound it's just what happens is that look all platforms at the end of the day digital platforms are trying to grab eyeballs


from other platforms so they all eventually tweak their algorithm just a little bit and it sometimes it can take creators by surprise that oh X thing was working for so long and now it's no longer working some of this is a byproduct of just general audience fatigue which is if I if like I know I'm the type of Creator who am a binge watch type of Creator which is people come into my they're going to watch me for three months and they're like I get I get this thing now but I'm over it I'm going to move on so my attrition rate on my viewers I look at it as okay this is a three to four month game and that can take creators by surprise and in the 10


years that I've you know 10 12 years that I've been around and there there have been we call them batches of creators like there are creators who come in batches and then you know four years later you got to reinvent yourself or else the next batch will take over so on and so forth but so let me be the bad guy and sound the alarm to everybody listening and watching this podcast which is guys you must plan and engineer your exit plan when you make it big as a content creator because no one sees the decline because you're not getting the views the decline is often times very lonely no one has seen the decline of like the Hollywood celebrity but you


just haven't seen them in movies but you totally forgot about them so you must always get an exit plan which I believe should be other entrepreneurship or acting or books or whatever and how long do you think this journey typically is if you make it as a Creator so I I would love to hear what you guys think I think life is goes in seven-year chunks sevene how did you come to this number that's interesting uh so there's a we're just talking about it the seven-year itch we have something in Hindu culture as well years of good luck bad luck interesting what is the average marriage in India in in the US and the average marriage in China it's 6.6 years


oh really why is that is that all well in India is probably 70 years average why why are people still getting married then n we not going to discuss personal problems now iing saying your taste buds even change your Sills and your body change every seven years what kind of taste buds every somebody told me this don't quote me in this but every cell in your body changes every seven years ah how long did you and alen date seven years no wonder you're so confident with the numbers who whose tast but changed yeah interesting I I yeah that seems fair how long have you been a content creator since 200 so I began by


doing standup which is technically content creation that was 2009 is when I started doing stand-up so you've done 14 years wow 14 14 years and before itations different formats different formats actually before that I was writing for television so I started by writing comedy first then I started performing comedy then I did YouTube and then I started doing I've started doing everything else I was one of the first 20,000 people who followed aiv on Facebook oh really for the aiv podcast hey but you guys should now introduce yourself cuz I know you guys but people will want to know uh um I introduced myself on this podcast like four


times T is like the OG he's like co-founder of this podcast coer for 20 companies too everyone I meet in Bangalore now is like T is my co-founder he's taking over Bangalore are you franchising the founder yeah either co-founder or he's written the ads or he's doing some marketing work with them like I'm not kidding I'm working with tan on five different things so funny yeah that's maybe you could have just said I enjoy working with but thanks for um yeah I think I began as uh I think to put it suly I began as an artist and a comedian and now I'm exploring my entrepreneurial


Side by doing a bunch of different things but I think at the heart of at the heart of it I would I still introduce myself as primarily as a comedian uh you know amongst all the terms like comedian influencer creator entrepreneur I still find saying I'm a comic to be the coolest and or the most accurate version of you feel like in life you associate where you make the most money to your vcation oh that's a very good question ooh super interesting question I think can you rephrase it do you think in life you want to associate yourself with the vocation that makes money if you do five things in life yeah yeah


when somebody asks you what do you do do you say where you make the most money cuz I have this question asked me so many times and I wonder what should I say now no I think for me it is I still go back to I I still introduce myself to people who don't know me I'm I first I say is I'm a comedian uh which maybe not not not be the best idea now cuz people often respond with okay this dude is going to be funny or he's going to roast me or whatever but I don't know I find that to be a comedian is like an attitude of just leading life which is you know it's a little anti-establishment


inherently a little anti-establishment like so I find that to be the most appealing even now like like someone was telling me the other day saying T you should document your weight loss Journey you should have a camera guy follow you and make those reals and you know where you're losing weight and all that kind of stuff and inherently I was asking myself saying why have I not done that and I feel I feel a little cringy talking about my achievements cuz it's such a it's such a weird thing to to to do whereas comedians are much better off like no comedian wants to get an award comedian want to be at the back of a room making fun of everybody who's


gathered here for this thing I'll tell you an interesting story uh I was reading this book some book on History Jesters in courts comedians in history have been part of culture for hundreds of years thousands of years they always had a very relevant and very important role in every Court mhm uh a lot that could not be spoken about open because of societal conditioning the Jester's role was to bring it into people's subconscious while making a joke about it and getting away with it so the very first Jesters had crowns on their head they they had almost the importance in society that a king had because these guys could actually speak


their mind where nobody else could that's cuz they were pardoned for speaking the truth yeah yeah so it's inherently anti-establishment so it feels coolest coolest is that why you say comedian yeah I think I think that's why instinctively I want to go to that cuz I still think of it as the coolest term to describe when I think of you I think ad ad maker H now marketing marketing yeah yeah 100% yeah even I think comedian Every Time I Think of You interesting writer and comedian what do you what do you think I think elder brother oh this you know the thing is the thing is every time I see every time I


see like a comment that says ran you're just so annoyingly positive all the time etc etc I'm like you guys don't even know the real life version of him he is 5X more annoying in person wants to meet you give you a hug kisss you on the cheek it's so frustrating you know when I was younger my mom would watch uh cotti zind and thank you so I have seen a few versions of miir a few versions of Tulsi ganga like all the characters I remember them vaguely ranvir would make such a good MI oh my God that is so true that is so true sorry I got too excited he's like the dream son-in-law you guys are my


friends I'm friends with all of you at this table my friends know this about me but for some reason there's a Playboy image that's spread that's really not me dude I want to get married I want to have kids I want to impress my mother-in-law that's what I really want to do how you as a Playboy yeah not do I my friends don't but apparently that's become an an image m i I had a I had a series of videos on my Hindi Channel which were basically about personality development okay and the context of the time is this is just when Reliance goo had come out and the internet had become affordable in India


so the Indian audiences were waking up to International standards about multiple things now one of the things I figured that people wanted to learn was personality development like learning to speak better English learning table manners learning etiquette uh which we take for granted while we're growing up in urban India I tried making a video called Five personality development tips no one clicked on it then I made a series of videos called okay but the which means how do you impress girls okay but the content was the same it was personality development but that branding stayed till now that's one of the downsides of


content creation I've so much to say about the downsides of content creation over the years that um people don't understand that we're growing up in front front of the world we have to inherently and sometimes made to grow up yeah yeah that too you know when I see you yeah I think good guy at heart vulnerable to a large extent but persuaded by too much in life not Playboy at all I feel like overthinking relationships maybe yes over complicating the notion of Roman a romantic relationship and trying to


break it down and make it work and all of that maybe yes but not that when I look at tme I see you when I look at tme I see somebody who is about to become a Playboy oh wow the that is why he wants to document his weight loss Journey also on the cliff like you know on the other side is chaos 2024 I mean like fun chaos but I I feel like he's he's walking up that cliff and then he's going to go to the other side and dive I know T So intimately because I have my first job in life before I started content creation I was a fitness trainer like right after I'll tell you the story ranir and I started speaking


because ranir should send me drunk texts on Facebook Messenger what he would send me he would get drunk and he would text me saying bro I just love you so much I just want I just want to lift weights with you bro I just love you too much like they he used to be so loving that I was like all right all right just come just come this is like in my final semester of engineering College when I knew that I'm not going to go down a traditional route i' got a Fitness certification done and I figured how much money there is to be made as a fitness trainer cuz my ultimate career goal in life was to set up three gyms in Bombay and guys I really tried to get


him to not get into content to be fair to me I tried to tell him to do the gym thing but it didn't work out no so one of the things I'm always going to sorry I'm getting romantic with my elder brother oh my God but um there one thing I'll always old to him um so I started training people because it was paying me really well and I was working on this app I wanted to build I wanted to build like an Uber for Fitness coaches you can sit at home and like call a uh train call a yoga session call a weight training session whatever yeah what an awful idea yeah in retrospect I understand it but at that point my only skills were Fitness marketing and like


some wild business ideas I just wanted to get started to train myself I started training people actually one of the people I trained was him and this is when influencer marketing didn't even exist in India was this before beer biceps this was just when yeah a little bit before little bit before things took off and um I literally didn't know that influencer marketing existed as a concept tra we we trained for like maybe like a year-ish no no six months stops but those 6 months were like education for me about um the wave that was going to come which eventually let to the formation of Monk entertainment which led to me quitting fitness training so


thanks no but that happens when you talk to tan every time I have spent time talking to him there's always so much Insight in just not what not what's happening now but what's going to happen so a lot of the conversation today because I was thinking about it after we left also was what's going to happen and what the next step should be and what he wants to do so I like the fact that he's always been someone I feel like who's always thought of the next step and take it forward and that's helped a lot uh that's been very helpful for creators like us a lot because we didn't have that uh um knowledge or we didn't have wisdom to even know where is


this going and how to take this forward but this is a this is an annoying habit of mine which is when I meet other creators uh I really like to tell them what I'm at all what I'm thinking but it's it's it's got to be with someone where you think there's a safe space where you can really talk about what you're thinking without them being like do you still think about aib uh yeah cuz it shows up on my timeline every now and then and I watch the videos and I'm like still good still good it is yeah it's still good I think Comedians and politicians together form some of the smartest people in society I want to I want to take that and just


want to widen the widen it a little bit like me and you have discussed that I think a lot of the traits that politicians need which is effectively Mass manipulation is what Creator SL influencers need today we're going to have a Creator president very soon yeah we almost did with Trump but yeah like a YouTuber president is going to happen it's going to happen right that's that's a good one actually it's very possible you learn too much and you have access to too much data like you you're able to almost I I don't want it sounds arrogant to say you can almost predict the future but when you have that much data you can almost predict the future but you also


get trained on criticism you get trained how to block negative comments like you you really get this like crash course like I feel like if I run for prime minister of any country I feel like I'm ready I'm ready what are you going to get okay you're going to say bad things okay I already get them now uh you know I need to make videos okay we're already making the videos we have the editors like you want a slogan for the campaign we have the marketers like what else do you need that's it you just need to reach a million people do you think that could happen here in India uh I think so yeah I think in 10 years time is anybody on the cusp do you


see any politicians bar creators anit Bay you know him Ram b r ban the guy who 75 hard is he a politician now he's not but someone like that could gain that much um that much distribution in fact I think um there's like a mix of like I think newer age politicians will be a lot more digitally Savvy like you take someone like Viv uh in in the US right VI ramaswami he's a Creator every day there's a schedule and he goes and shoots something and there's like five clips of it that come out and you have to be a a Creator quote unquote if but do you think the voting audience is essentially I don't think it'll happen in India anytime soon how many how many


million smartphones in India now nikil 600 million 67 million that's that's your that's your word Pace cuz they all they all are watching stuff um I think all eyeballs are going to be through the phone now so you will have to be a Creator if you want Mass Appeal like that I think it'll happen in a 30 million pop by that logic would have assumed more TVs in India than smartphones or access to TV so I would have thought TV actors would have become po but that time is changing I mean film yeah we had Bollywood kind of going that way not not truly not in a manner where it moved the needle per H so I've I've asked some friends of mine from the


world of politics this question and by that I don't mean politicians I mean people who work in I don't know how you frame this like in during the elections they help with like bureaucrats no no yeah also bureaucrats advisor lobbying but like there's a lot of work that goes behind uh even carrying out an election and then from the political parties there's a lot of work that goes into swaying the vote in One Direction in different constituencies so there is a whole other skill set involved when you're actually beginning that political career in order to win the elections but it's a learnable skill set and I think this content creator thing is actually


the bigger skill set about like affecting masses uh I I think there so there's this YouTube channel I've followed for years it's called Charisma on command it's one of my favorite YouTube channels ever highly recommended nice it's about social skills and it's about media skills I think so much of media's communication and what what people understand from the words you're saying uh they analyze Trump and I think most people know this about Trump now but he would say very basic things repeatedly yeah that's actually what content is in the long term when people think of your brand as a content creator they'll associate certain words with you


like with me I know it's positivity motivation beer biceps is my favorite YouTube channel that's interesting what is it with you guys what is your Narrative of you you're trying to put off me H okay um that I'm generally curious I you you can't fake it the thing is if you're a regular creative especially if you're going to be consistent you can't fake it so my strategy would be what am I naturally curious about and just turn that into content cuz that automatically makes the most version of you go out um but you can't fake who you are at least not for very long but you can control showing people how much of you like you you can


do that like is that accurate yeah I think so especially podcast it's impossible after one hour podcast this is who you really are yeah yeah like that's why presidents you really don't go on podcast more than one hour or two hours it becomes you know the third hour is like that's where you make the mistakes that's why n shoots for like six yeah but me this each of us deep down are completely different not completely but slightly different from what we project cuz we we all are darker right I think any philosopher would say Mar used to say this right like a prince needs to project AB bcde e but he actually has to be something else like


being generous I'll take one of the examples like being generous for a prince or a king is not a good thing because if you're a king and generous people get accustomed to your generosity and they forget a world before that and then you have to increase taxes to continue to be generous and when you do that they go after you so as a king you need to be a completely different thing but you need to project a bunch of things you know virtuous moralistic generosity uh ritualistic religious these are things when you project upon a society that resonates with you mhm uh the odds of you staying


in power for longer are probably higher so when you say authentic do you mean truly authentic or do you mean this mask that you're projecting which is slightly authentic but not auth authentic enough to get you to trouble interesting so I like to think of it as you know in if you're playing FIFA and you select a character you have like seven attributes show up so the digital version of authentic would be what are some of the attributes that are actually true right and those are the ones you choose to project cuz that's what's that's what's the closest version of you but you can't truly be fully authentic that's a that's a su


that gets you into trouble 100% because nobody's fully clean and unfortunately when you got to be when you got to be public you got to try clean is the wrong word I feel like every human has different personalities a side and B side he has a outside and he has a shadow I've met hundreds of creators and I think you guys can can relate to this you you see their content and and then you meet them and actually the thing that surprised me the most is that most creators are extroverted in the camera they're very excited they're very energetic but when you meet them they're like in the corner just by themselves like not talking to anybody they're like


wait is this the same person so I I think the yeah you're right there's still extroversion versus introversion most creators are actually introverted that I realize which is shocking they only like talking to a camera they don't like talking to humans um so there there is a dissonance there is a difference between what you see on YouTube and what you see in real life and I would even argue that we're all a bit more than what we make our videos about 100% yeah so you're saying in summary there is a young Creator who young wannabe Cur Creator content creator nice Spider-Man


spense say a young 20-year-old wannabe entrepreneur trying to build distribution through content creation what we are saying is he has to be authentic but to the extent that is acceptable in the societal Norms that he lives under and he still has to do one or two things to resonate with the audience there has to be authenticity but not not beyond the point but n isn't that true for everything isn't it true for anytime you are effectively speaking to an audience be it as an entrepreneur talking to a thousand employees in the company I think anytime there is a major public interaction there is a degree of


performance MH that almost is uncontrollable it just even if you're not speaking to anybody why do people dress up yeah why do you put your nicest clothes because you want to show a different version of who you really are why do people put makeup on that's human nature I think so we shouldn't blame it on the creators for being different in front of an audience yeah for sure uh I mean no one's blaming cre I think n is is delving into the I'm trying to figure out what works yeah I I have a compass I follow when it comes to this authenticity thought uh in my head is that the larger the quantity of content that you release the closer you get to


your actual authenticity but ideally you shouldn't go to 100% because of the second point which is that everything you say should be true but not everything that's true should be said you got a lot of hate right like recently and I've tried to like I know ranir for a long time okay I know ranir from a few years ago when he was younger and I remember him interviewing me or doing a podcast we did one together and I was like this guy is so good he organically has a way to put you put you so at ease that you're so comfortable talking to him and he's agreed and he's always been such a nice guy through and


through when people were saying so much crap about him I was like you know I called him up I I do call him up and I say you know like don't take this to Heart Like if somebody's making the effort to look up ran search him on Twitter and then go there and write a comment yeah but how do you put up with that but that's a big part of being a content creator right yeah I'll give you the 100% honest answer I went through a hole of a phase in engineering college and it just blew all the emotions out of me and like I was just left emotionless by the end of engineering College that's not true you're very emotional maybe I can


compartmentalize it well but I I'll tell you there's been two phases where hate has affected me the first time was when I first had a viral video like an allout National viral video where I spoke about Amir Khan Amir Khan and Amir Khan you know am Khan is uh he had a big Fitness transformation and at that point oh yes I made a video about how it's probably not completely natural oh wow and uh it was just a suggest suggestive video but that's the first time I blew up as a Fitness content creator the second time was fairly recently where so I've been cancelled a lot on Twitter over the last like since Co began like since does it get easier yeah what do you do like


these young people we are encouraging to build distribution to sell the brands they later create they will get cancelled yeah so is it best to like shut up when you're getting canceled and ignore it um what is like a tip it's it's too subjective because the cancelling sometimes it's truly your fault and if it is you should like address it uh yeah but I also want to push back against the word cancel there's no such thing as cancel you cannot be canceled on the internet it is the algorithm has no emotions you see the algorithm is like right ring or left ring it doesn't care you create content it's interesting


enough it shows it to people so you can say you're cancelled but you come back next video and you get the same number of views if not more the question is what do you do when there's push back from the audience and the way you should look at it is push back is the most positive thing that can happen to you as a Creator if you get cancelled or pushed back you have cracked it yes you are finally relevant enough to hate it it it's very the opposite of the opposite of Love isn't hate it's indifference yeah exactly opposite of Love is that true in this very true people again we're using the word canceled because of a lack of other words to describe that


situation where you're receiving a tsunami of criticism on the internet uh now it boils down to who you are subjectively on the inside as a content creator are you someone will absorb all of it and feel bad about it or are you someone will absorb all of it take the the feedback and then improve your content for me my game has always been quantity you need to know your own game and your own strengths as a content creator not I'm not the smartest not the most creative Creator but I can create a huge amount of content that amount is good enough for you to show your improvement show that you absorb the feedback and eventually those same


people people who've been pissed off with you for that one thing will say okay we've noticed now that you've corrected your mistakes and admitted to doing the wrong and in some cases where if you don't agree with what you're being canceled for don't respond so people need to understand another thing is that creators are change makers when you make a video you are affecting change in the world every time you want to change something there is resistance if I try to change the location of this cup there is resistance of the cup towards my change if you try to change a country there is resistance that's why every politician in the world gets death


threats because they are the ones who are making the most change is that something a Creator should actively do uh if he is anti let me not say establishment but anti- public opinion he gets more traction you will get more yes you will get more traction if you are that so is that a hack like you look at in general extreme opinions will get more traction yeah the hope is that your extreme opinion is not bad why is that like because the negative feedback loop sooes sooths our psyche in some weird manner if everybody is saying a certain restaurant is good and if you were to go online and say this restaurant is crap don't go there bad bad


bad more I feel like we also love drama a strong opinion about anything creates a market for the antithesis of that opinion by itself because everyone is on line trying to build a brand one of the easiest ways to build a brand is to be contrarian so every single strong opinion automatically creates the opposite market so unfortunately in social media every year there's roughly like six to seven opportunities to go guaranteed viral guaranteed right any video you make about a topic it will go viral unfortunately a lot of people utilize that just to get attention for example Israel and Palestine right now anybody make a pro Palestine video I I


guarantee you millions of views uh few years ago there were wildfires in Australia anybody that made any video about that oh there was protest in Bangladesh anybody Farmers protest in India these are all opportunities for Content creators to get attention even if they don't care about the topic and this is just take a contrary this is not not just the cont this is everyone n this not the contrary they're saying like if everybody saying okay we need to protest with the farmers for example which I didn't understand what what it was about uh you will get the views you will be become famous in those six chances every year and I've seen people


who know nothing about Indian politics or local Indian Affairs just like Rihanna oh that's the one now I remember Rihanna was like I'm with the IND was like what did rean know about this yeah but it became cool to say that it became cool to say that tribalism right now has it become cool to say Pro Palestinian stuff it's become cool why is that because there's two billion Muslims in the world and now the minute you promote and you support this topic every Muslim will want to support you as well so you see that tribalism happen even if people don't know the intricacies of this very complicated conflict which I'm part of


for 75 years if things were this easy man it would have been solved I I want to understand like I've heard every side there is we don't have enough hours in this podcast for this no give us like give us a brief history of you you're a Arab Israeli so I'm I'm I'm Israeli Palestinian explain where were you born start from the beginning this this I'm curious about genuinely a fascinating story like interesting St look when people look at Israel they think a country for Jewish people what they don't understand is that 20% of that country is not Jewish and what they don't understand is when Israel came to existence uh there there were other


people living there and some people left some people people got kicked out some people died and some people stayed inside so my ancestors are the ones who stayed under Israel so one day we woke up we're like okay we're Israeli citizens okay so there were a certain number of Jews there there were a certain number of Arabs all of these were the West Bank Gaza Golan Heights everything in between was one country did it have a border it was was was it a Sovereign Nation was it one no there was there was the British Empire it was the man British it was a British Mand and then before that it was the Ottomans so it's very complicated to like


actually say oh there was one country here but there were actual people living there the land that belonged to the Palestinians in my naive yes the little bit of information from the few books I've read kind of information The Landmark that they had has been consistently going down with time for for the average person who doesn't want to go to the details there was 11 opportunities for peace and they were squandered for different reasons sometimes it was Israel's fault fault and many times it was palestine's fault right but eventually the leaders in these positions have come to realize it is more popular to wage a war than to


wage peace in the Middle East more politicians died from Making Peace than from making War explain I'm going to say that again more politicians died from Making Peace than from making War Sadat made peace with Israel the Egyptian guy Egyptian president made peace with with Israel got assassinated RAB in Palestine made peace wanted to make peace got assassinated why why the algorithm wants War the algorithm wants War I mean eventually an extremist will come and be like oh this politician is gonna end my struggle which is my struggle for a whole country and they're going to only settle for half I'm gonna kill them while if a politician wages War


it's like ah yeah this politician is standing for what I want so that so that's when I realized oh my God that's why North Korea is is like We'll always stay North Korea if if the if the if the president tries to do anything different he's the first to be assassinated so assassinated by by people in North Korea who want to keep the status quo basically the people who have gained affluence proximity to that person something like that something like that and eventually in nutshell as much as we all want peace peace is a very politically risky move and that's why in in the last week no one is calling


for peace because it's also risky for Content creators I made a video calling for peace a week ago and I got 100 death threats why did I get 100 death threats for calling for pece because this is the time to call for justice for war for getting back what what we deserve and all that stuff the algorithm wants War like that to me encapsulates but the human algorithm exactly the human algorithm wants Justice the algorithm is very human the algorithm Bally telling you what people want yeah I love like I love and respect and admire um just no being able to talk about this with this much cion cuz I don't know if I have the courage given where you know what what


he has been through and or what he might go through to bring it back to content creators this is why we need content creators who are able to say what they really want to say even if it costs them their their life yes you can create content and make money you can create cont and build a business but the point of content creation is as you said social change we must change the narrative on Muslims on Jews on Israel and Palestine on India Pakistan I think that's why we're all here but there's a different kind of content creator who wants to entertain and that is also good too so ask yourself do you want to be a content creator to build a business to


entertain or to educate how far do you think the first content creator assassination is oo I think it probably already happened yeah to a female content creator somewhere in the world I think but the point he made is so relevant I feel like with a cooperation disseminating news they're bound to be biased in one form or another I think the role of a content creator in getting their actual story out is so incredibly important for the world right yeah it's indep it's independent thought needs to be encouraged but I I also think that look there it's it's it's easy to say that everybody should be able to voice their


opinion um but voicing your opinion is a not necessary not necessarily the best thing for business which most bus let's be honest most content creators are in the pursuit of being brand friendly enough that they can make a living that they can make a living uh but I also say that you want to be king first before you become a philosopher right like Shah ruk Khan like Shah sh shuk said this right um so you want you want to feel secure financially before you're able to voice your thought very very publicly at least this is what I have maintained that I think if I feel extremely secure financially it actually the thing you're that you're buying by making money is


freedom to express yes if I am able to devoid my Revenue income from what I say publicly that's the ideal word this is why I agree with n and he says that if you build distribution you want to build businesses under it so you have an infrastructure around you that can continue to exist without being dependent on what the comment section says about you such a good point and I want to give this advice to anybody that's starting content brands are not your friends brands are not friends your friends brands are the first to chicken out when you get cancelled when you get push back like I lost a couple of brand deals in the last month I'm sure you


lost brand deals in your life we've all lost brand deals in life there are lots because of something you said R you too not yet have you ever been cancelled or pushed back um not not yet if you have to think that long no so maybe this is the time say something oh Lord but I I was talking to TMA about this and I agreed to what he said about the whole opinion bit of it what I was telling him I was like I'm so nervous about this because a lot of times I'm so unaware and there are so many things that I'm constantly kind of educating myself because it's a huge world you put yourself out there you know like you are


there's a lot of expectations of comments about so many things that especially in a country like ours where it's such a mix of people with different likes and different kind of content that you watch and different issues that we kind of living it's like 15 countries in a comment section right like it's like it's so mixed um so for someone like me I I'm terrible at multitasking if I am doing one thing I'm literally not watching anything else I'm not reading anything else I'm not educating myself about anything else if I'm like for example right now I'm writing a book and that's all I'm doing I'm so unaware about so many things which is why this


is this is a very informative conversation for me because I now have context to a lot of things which I should have because I understand the responsibility that comes from being someone who speaks out and who has impact so that is something that I'm constantly working on so I feel like for someone like me it just it it is a tough space when it comes to uh having that opinion so if I was a brand I would throw all my money at you as they have as they because you are so safe I can associate with you and you'll never be cancelled for saying something stupid about Israel and Palestine so so that's


why this is a good strategy actually to to build a good business unfortunately we have a big mouth and so I've realized that now that I lost a million dollars from making that video from a brand deal Community is the one thing that will stick with you no matter what you say yeah so now I'm building only community based businesses that's I give me an example of what you mean by community community based business is basically I want to make my money not from a brand that gives me $100,000 to make a video whatever I want to make my money from selling a product to the people that follow me everywhere around


the world for example it's Nas travels so we're creating this group trips product where we take you on a trip to Ecuador to see Ecuador for a week together so even if I get canceled by a brand and a person buying my product in Colombia does not care that actually makes sense yeah are you doing that too yeah I'm working on building businesses that can Leverage The distribution that I have and I think this is a good strategy for every Creator especially if I mean a lot of creators who aren't in the entertainment section usually already have this built-in like you know sharan for example has already thought


of it a lot of folks who are into educ ation have ech to fall on but it usually it's folks in the entertainment section that kind of have to think about well what is the business that I'm going to build cuz my whole business is I'm going to play an ad in the middle of entertaining you uh so one of my Natural Instincts was I love writing content and I've written comedy my whole life so writing advertising marketing that sort of stuff came naturally to me I moved to Bangalore I realized that oh there's there's a there's a big section here that could do with some of my advice and so I start you know advising startups and that that sort of thing but this is


super useful advice and I think NS is the king of this NS has done such a good job like no one understands video like him so now he produces video and it's a Playbook that he taught his company and now this company can scale for him so tomorrow if a brand doesn't work nozar is still okay and I think this I truly believe that a everyone should be making content because it teaches you sales yeah across the board and really what do you need to be successful you is that making content at the end of the day learning how to make sales marketing if you I would if I were hiring for marketing if there was a kid who could take an Instagram page from 0 to 10,000


that kid is killer right most CMOS don't know how to do this most CMOS would not know where to spend money to make this happen in fact people who are in marketing jobs at Brands what they're truly doing is exercising the judgment on what's good or not they're spending Dollar on making a decision how do you know what's good or not if you haven't done it 20 times over and seeing what's good or no so I truly think most people who make content content today if you have have this experience for 10 years there is a very good marketing job at the end of it do you think that's another pathway like we 100% we thought of build influence


distribution start a business fashion restaurant SAS software whatever sell another part could be build distribution get hired yes build distribution get hired in fact I think like nsar mentioned earlier there's going to be a whole batch of creators who you know who after 5 years of traction realize that this might not happen marketing is a super interesting and useful career that they can get into almost immediately because they know more than most marketers very interesting before we get into the influencer influencer buts uh broadly oh we haven't gotten into it we're going to there's a reason why this goes on for


5 hours this goes on for 5 hours content creator economy how big is it in 2021 I remember this number there was this whole U article about how the Creator economy has added 10,000 crores to the Indian GDP it's contributed 10,000 crores to the Indian GDP uh I don't you would be a better person to break that down what I understand is it's created that kind of employment that kind of influencer marketing spends Etc we've been in the space for eight I've been in the space for eight years T has been in it longer we've constantly seen an increase in influencer marketing rates as long as you stick to the game that's where I


anticipate it's going but the space itself you started at the very beginning of it like he started at the very 10 years right this whole Space is 10 years it's a 10 year industry and I think there's an article last week that said it is a $250 billion economy now what people need to understand is that all these numbers are meaningless nobody cares what they should have conviction of is that we are 1% of the way there in the Creator economy this is as new as AI so let's assume the size is 100 100 billion that's what the global size people say we'll assume India is lesser because uh the rate per clicks how much money


you can make out of views significantly lower right would you say 1/5th 1110th of it's one0 exactly 110 I mean my YouTube ad Revenue cpms would say even worse no CU so I have because I have international audience and I can segment based on Country so if I get a th000 view $1,000 from American audience I get $100 from audience can you break down the 10,000 CR thing what what what does it mean I would say see I know a little bit about the influencer marketing world I have a company called kluener I've invested in I think the amount of money brands are spending on Purely social media influencers because you can extrapolate


and everybody's an influencer right if your profession is social media influencer like you for example I would assume that number is between ,500 2,000 crores a year and growing by 30 40% 2,000 crores so effectively you're saying that 2,000 crores is the advertising pool for influencers yeah that's how much money I'm a T-shirt maker I give tme that much I give tme 50 lakhs to promote my t-shirt I'm talking about things like that purely I'm not talking about that's 10% of the economy yeah that's there another a 90% which is community Commerce creators making money from their followers that's even smaller without needing a well I think it's


going to get much bigger than Brands but today I don't think it's very big but but there's but in India maybe but there actually because in India maybe the audience does not buy so you rely a lot on brands that maybe that's a culture here in India but in America you're making much more money from your community than you're making from a brand everything that happens in America always takes 5 years to get to India this has been the one out golden lesson I've learned in my content creation I sell in this case give me a [Music] second okay give me 30 seconds continue your thought it happens in every


industry um to a large degree but in media I've noticed that this happens very very heavily no no no this is you're talking cultural Trends wise but the simple fact is India is a DA Farm of the world and when you're are a low aru country for let me just explain that what I mean by low what do da Farm yeah diu means daily active user Farm of the world what this means is that Netflix will launch in India but Netflix makes the most amount of money per subscriber around the world but for their investors they're like we have 20 million customers 30 million customers from India so that looks impressive on a global earning call right um this is why


I think we're far away from a US market and it's not just five years away because the degree to which you can monetize your audience is directly related to how affluent your audience is and India unfortunately is a low arpu country we are a developing econom arpu is revenue per user go so how much money can you extract from per user this is true across platforms true across creators Facebook makes faceb Facebook arpu in India is way lower just like Snapchat just like Netflix all of that so no India is not just 5 years away it's when the whole economy prospers enough no no no no no no no that is the pessimistic View


the optimistic view the optimistic view let's let's all be optimistic people here want to become creators is that in India people maybe are not used to buying something on the Internet that is digital but they are used to spending a lot of money onl physical experiences for example last Summit tomorrow 1,000 tickets sold $77 per ticket I just made $77,000 from India audience purely India audience right so there is yeah it depends on what would spend that like yes what's the product yeah India spends very highly on physical experium products I would say we spend very highly on education what is hm uh products that give you hope for a state


that you want to you want to be in so we do we do I mean influencers make so much money right uh Financial products will make make a lot of money in India products that either save you money uh save you money or make you more money will make a lot of money products that save you time don't necessarily make that much money yes which is why courses at Tech courses will do really well in India um products that give you higher status because higher status leads to higher meeting success those make a lot more money an example cred uh cred for example okay higher status is we spend a lot of money on fancy weddings wedding wear right that's a higher higher status


thing uh we are less likely to use like we want discounts on our Uber rights because we're not we don't care so much about saving minutes um so India has a lot of money it's just people think a product that does well in America will do well in India but actually it needs to be Indian ified almost a different product needs to be sold here y I mean it's always been the compass I've followed in terms of deciding what where I want to take my content as well as the next business moves because as content creators we don't have reference points in India like the reference point I'm using as a content creator in India one uh it used to be like like you like at


the start of my career now it's a little bit of bamd because he's the original influencer of this country interesting uh like I mean he influen Baba to give Nas cont have you heard of Baba yeah of course you've heard of his brand patan I'm like 20% Indian at this point I know a lot of the references naar that I don't understand yeah I mean pangali was merch merch launch you you earn trust over a very long period of time have you tried selling merch uh for me my merch is digital it's my meditation app called level superm digital right so not physical by the way actually projecta


when we met in Davos you were wearing a sweater and the sweater was so interesting that it she put in a picture got so many likes that the sweater end up selling out at this uh uh shop I should have won my March so there is money in merch in India is there yeah not in merch necessarily but not many people who have started influencer Le brands have done well yeah I would say the failure rate is 80 90% yeah okay I'll tell you what I learned off of this meditation app this is going to be slightly long answer okay um basically uh we got a huge boost when the app launched uh and then it started trailing off a little


bit long story short I figured that now there's too much distribution built out this is in 2021 um we we're doing content content is going well we're getting growth but it's time to create a product at this point uh I always wanted to do something in the health space uh eventually we we created an app with both physical fitness as well as what item as mental Fitness uh which was a bunch of guided meditations guided uh sleep stories Etc uh always wanted to bootstrap it when we launched we got a massive response thanks to beer biceps distribution and it gradually started declining a little bit over time even if we um spoke about


it in every episode what I decided to do at that stage was we went from two episodes a week to four episodes a week now for some reason this hacked the YouTube algorithm and my stuff started getting shown not just to uh people who subscribe to you yeah but way more I don't know what happened short is that is that still as relevant how many times you post EXP itially takes up your audience it depends on the content for I think I also caught the podcast Trend in the country so um instead of my uh subscriber rate my monthly subscriber rate should have just doubled but it I think it went something like four times


it went vertically I would just want to double click on this a little bit right so some formats lend itself to higher top of funnel right for example duu raati right Dro effectively is a modern day News Channel right so new news dominate whatever is dominating the news if think he's doing so much he's doing so well because he's taking like we discussed earlier anti narrative I don't think it's the case with Dro people but now with d Dro is not Extreme as much as just an explainer of what he thinks is going on more like a Vox yeah so it's similarly in ranvir's case uh you know ranvir's guests bring


in newer audiences each time and R is able to retain some of them who end up subscribing they're like I want to see more of r on my timeline cuz he use a lot of popular guests so if I were new if I were a 20-year-old boy starting something out to build distribution how often should I post what duration works today what is the path of least resistance to get distribution so I think a lot of people in this CH table make long videos including you and I don't know who the hell is still watching this video you must have a lot of time on your on your life okay but the only and the best way to get distribution today is to make YouTube


shorts Instagram reals Facebook reels that are 59 seconds exactly which is the one minute guy and I think short content gets you reach and after you get the reach you should go deep by creating the podcast but you shouldn't start by creating a podcast because a you've had Fame from other places that's why your podcast works but if if there's a nobody now starting a podcast unfortunately that's going to kill their dreams also social media changes extremely do you guys agree with what he said social media changes literally every six months so but for the last year or so a good beginning has been exactly what n said you make short videos 1 minute 2 minute


3 minute to begin with it's easier to get more to top of funnel through short video I agree but the Holy Grail is long form that's that's that's the Holy Grail I want to ask PR actually PR has done both like she's prolific at Short video now but you began with with YouTube like what do you think like cuz you've done both and and you now do a lot of the short video stuff I was actually forced to go to short video when the lockdown started because that is what everybody was doing and that was I think the only time as a Creator where I felt like I didn't have an option because it had reached a point where I felt like nobody's watching it nobody has the


patience for it nobody wants to spend any more time so that's how it started and I did not expect to like it I was very resistant to short form content I was um I was very adamant almost stubborn with saying you know what I don't care if the whole world's going to make short content I'm going to stick to I remember talking to Neil when uh they kind of took funding off YouTube Originals I was so upset yeah but I was like I was coming to you with pitches I had things I've been working on I wanted to pitch Originals to you and you've taken funding off because you're pushing shorts and that broke my heart but and I started having fun with it because then


you kind of see um it's nice to go from a point of understanding that if I'm making a 20-minute video and my analytics tell me that I lost a huge chunk of my audience at 7 seconds and then going and watching like a 20 second video and seeing that oh my God there's that many replays and shares happening so it's uh it's affirmative but like he said the holy gra holy gra is long also with long form you're truly building Community because you're developing trust cuz they're getting to know your heart and not just your vision yes but but let me disagree here a little bit it's this is like


trying to swim against the tide you must ask yourself where is the tide going if you swim against the tide you can do this and you still in the same location okay always go with the winds so what is the wins it's basically what does the sea level leaders at social media platforms say you should read the earnings report you should read the quarterly calls of Facebook YouTube and Instagram and from listening to the CEOs of the social medias you can guess where the ties are going to go because these guys control the ties and tiers where are they going according so seven years ago I was following Mark Zuckerberg's reports right I was following the


quarterly earnings Mark Zuckerberg seven years ago said uh you know pictures are great uh but you know I I see a future where uh in the future where 90% of Facebook is going to be video bam let's go video let's go right so no pictures not a single picture of Nas daily right what I'm trying to say is the tide makers and the fortune makers are actually humans living in Silicon Valley and in China listen to what they say and then do exactly what they what are they saying today so right now the Tik Tok guy is saying shopping on Tik Tok is gonna be big and live on Tik Tok is going to be big so I would probably try that the people at YouTube are saying


you know no more originals YouTube shorts is going to be the future so I would I would index on that Facebook or Instagram is saying what are they saying they didn't even say anything these days Instagram is like meta War they're saying meta War they say metaverse right so I would keep my eyes open like if I was starting a 7year career now I would probably want to start as like AI Creator or a metaverse Creator because in six years you are going to be at the right place at the right time is that a lot more expensive to create content on the metaverse right now I mean camera it's yeah it's it's not expensive it's just I think 99% of the people haven't


even bought Quest yet yeah they just they haven't tested it out million people in the world that can watch so what what we're saying in summary is shorts build distribution then do long form I I want to add something experiential here based on my experience selling this meditation app okay we get about 3 to 4 million views on any short form video that I create which is usually emotional it caters to the mental health oriented audience to whom my app is also catered to I'm trying to hit the mark I reach that audience for sure because those reals get insane engagement okay I do podcasts like that as well we always get more sales from


the podcast us wow like almost we get we get almost no sales from Instagram yeah I want to just double click on this Nik cuz it's not it's not as it's not as black in white is what n is saying while I fundamentally agree with him um think about how you're consuming short form content right you are actually scrolling and something comes across and you see it and that counts as a view to that so when ranir gets 4 million views on a sh probably a million of them may be people who actively subscribe to rir whereas the rest of them are just going to which is why Affinity to a Creator when they watch you for 9 minutes straight or 10 minutes straight is a lot higher


which is why movement or click- through ratio on links that you provide will be a lot higher on long form so short video is a great way to get to get traction to get traction and I would bet on like donon said this recently right and no said this a bit before saying that you don't want to kill your dreams by attempting something so audacious by swimming against the tide what you really want is to start feeling confident as a Creator early on in your career which is why short form video is is effective for you to start that is why yes correct there's different phases in your life one is you're a nobody everybody starts at a nobody we were all


nobody's 10 years ago correct so when you are nobody your number one goal is to be discovered you get discovered through shorts then your number one goal is to build a community so you make Longs then your number one goal is to build a business so you build a community build a business the number one goal is to start feeling confident that you can be a Creator like donon said I said that you want to bet on a guy who's confident about himself then necessarily someone who's more talented cuz you can be very talented but be underc confident but you're not going to be effective so as a Creator I would I would push for try and


get that one video to pop so you feel like you can do this because nothing is the harsh truth is that this industry especially when it comes to money is heavily dependent on the views you're generating be at long form or short form just figure out how to get the views first and foremost then you can like go through the nooks and Granny's off I also feel like when you start off you it it takes some time as a new Creator to grasp the idea that it's a very long game yeah it's not something that's going to start give you overnight V virality and then your life's set and you're going to have businesses and a community and stuff like that so I feel


like if you're starting off why what they're saying is important is because for you personally it's extremely important for you to feel like you have it and you to keep going to reach a point where you'll be able to make a community people kind of talk about the downsides of content creation they don't know the true picture of it and in its core it's a chef's job you're serving food constantly and people will forget you after like a month of you relasing okay so just to summarize we first learned that every 7even years typically a Creator life changes and you have to use that time to monetize build something which is outside of


creation we spoke about short form is a good way to build traction initially before moving on to long form yeah listen to what the CEO of Tik Tok Facebook Twitter are saying 100% uh hear their earning calls and try to figure out where they might be going to next now what does a what are the lwh hanging fruits like he also said Nas said at some point that these six opportunities in a year where by taking the contrarian opinion you could have a hack to building distribution I'm not suggesting anyone should do it but that's one hack now I'm starting today my name is nikil I'm 20 years old I want to build a business selling uh t-shirts


in 2 years I don't want to go the traditional route of Performance Marketing cuz that skews up my numbers and I'll never make money that way I need to build distribution to sell merch what kind of content do I start creating today low hanging fruit yeah I I want to go first here I think at the heart of either long form or short form is viewer retention at the heart of it even if it's short form the the videos that perform the best are ones which has highest viewer attention right average view duration on that sh has to be high and if you notice every major trend on Instagram every major filter every Trend that comes around is basically hinging


on what happens what's the reveal at the end right be it the thing on the top of your head saying what movie star are you it it goes around for a bit and at the end of it you'll get the answer why is it like that because it's trying to get you to watch towards the end so even with short form like stuff like um three things to three things to uh three things to keep an eye on when you're making your wardrobe number three number two number one a small hack for example you people want to stick to number one and that's how you get people to watch till the end number one will blow your mind that's how people begin begin videos at the heart of it get


people to watch till the end that's going to get more so so that that's the format right the question you need to ask yourself is when it comes to the content what do I have access to that nobody else the world has access to that's the question what do I know better than anybody around my friends yes what do I know what what is my unique access right so when what is that answer for you so for me right I was like okay um I'm a software engineer but a lot of my friends have access to like engineering actually what I have access to is the world I have access to Kenya I have access to Ethiopia because I have money to travel I have a good passport I


have access to the world while a lot of people in India or a lot of people in Pakistan a lot of people in my hometown country don't have access to the world so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go show you Ethiopia and so my unique value to you is it's not it's not my beauty it's not my looks it's I'm going to show you the world I'm going to make you travel with me for free while you're pooping in the bathroom and I'm showing you Ethiopia for one minute so that's access so question is what is access you have access that nobody has access to what makes you unique what makes you un is a comedic sense comedic sense so I you know how to make people laugh so I


take that to any genre that I that I go to naturally another thing I just want to add to what n said while what you have Andrew hubman is a great example he has access to neurological data from dat yeah so he's able to he's able to talk about that you're special in that one thing that everybody cares about the second aspect is do people care about do people care about be surprised that everybody in the world cares about what J access to even t-shirt manufacturing you could get millions of views if you make a good piece of content on how a t-shirt is made you can but as a long-term plan it's what you have access to and what the world cares about that's


your marage that's the marriage and the second thing I want to add there is like this is great what n said is true but how you make your and how scalable it is determines how tired you get over over a 10-e timeline right uh so in my case I'm lucky that I'm able to make humor out of anything so I'm able to jump genres and be I'm able to scale a lot more lot more easily where it's hard scale when you're traveling that's why I stopped after seven years cuz you can't travel to Ethiopia anymore I'm dumb tired you know and I can't keep watching Ethiopia while I'm pooping what do you have access to I think for me and it took me some time to realize that


because like when I said when I started making content I didn't make it with any sort of plan it wasn't conscious I didn't know what I was doing it took me a very long time to figure out what my place as a Creator was I was uh very very inspired by what Lily was was doing at that time so that was again a route that was set for a female content creator starting off in comedy doing what a was doing was a route that was set I understood that oh I can make like songs and I can make sketches and stuff like that so a lot of it and is why I said in the beginning is it was so important for our creator Creator journey to have a player like aibb ahead


of us was because a lot of it was really just adapting as I kept going because I was just winging it for a very very long time I was making up as I was going if you asked me where do I see myself like if you asked me 5 years ago where I saw myself I I had no clue uh I didn't also expect the economy to be what it is like that and today what do you have access to I think right now I've come to realize that what I have access to is that I can tell really mundane stories and make it interesting how through sketches through the storytelling that I'm doing right now through uh even if it's a story of me working out it's m would you put is in the depiction


category if you're able to depict something in artistic manner that's a USB for yeah I think storytelling for me commentary on society and what what makes you work because that's not really access in a manner right why is she has access of just talent to perform in multiple ways she can act she can dance I and for the person watching this you can tell if you have access to that or not based on how entertained you keep your five friends I'm assuming before this but I only have five so you got that right but I'm assuming before you started content you were like the life of your five friends right so that is your first signal that there's something


there like when I started Facebook as a as a normal person my Facebook status update was getting 60 likes and my roommate's Facebook status update was was getting six likes I was like okay yeah if I am 10 times better than my roommate at telling a story there's something there so if somebody's watching this and they're the life of the party of their friends you can have 10 follow and I also feel like it it gets very confusing when you start off because it's a very singular Journey uh when you start off you are kind of figuring everything out for yourself in a way that also 8 years ago nobody knew where this was going unless I'm sh my


you that short video I had not video but like I I just in my head I just feel like you just knew more than I knew uh back when I started and because you were doing that already but I just feel like it is it is such a it can get very um isolating it can get very very isolating for you so even if you don't exactly know how to pinpoint what you have access to I still feel like it's still not a bad point to start yeah it's I universally agree with the thought that everyone must try creating online yeah and that gets me to my next point which is we used to live in a world before this is I think Gary ve said this before


where it's like you're either a doctor or a lawyer choose 20 years ago choose you're a teacher a doctor or a lawyer I said either yeah today we live in the and economy right this not my idea to be clear and you today you can be a doctor and a teacher yeah you can be a lawyer and a Creator and actually Creator is the most and job in the world you can literally be teacher waiter seen this play out a lot of value to your other Prof so now we saying not just entrepreneurs but even professionals it's a way for doctors Engineers everybody to find clients right from the GU scooping out ice cream at Baskin Robbins


totally already happening future president yeah I what what is your unique access today I mean we start off with health right like he he had access like interesting humans uh I've had like seven real inventions over an 8-year career uh so I don't have an exact answer but according to me uh one is the size of my country's population that's one unique thing I have what how do you have access to that I can talk in Hindi you [Laughter] can't you'll see my I don't ethiop uh there's a very different pulse in India like of the Indian audiences so


content for them is very different as compared to content for English audience and I owe it to this human here who suggested that I begin in the content first place that's one uh the second is I think you as a content creator you have to see your own Human Side also what are you good at as a human being uh I'm an energetic person so I think stamina and that's just helped because I truly believe in content it's about quantity over quality after a point so you figure out how to up your quality oh really yeah after quantity over quality for interesting always okay that's a great tip so whenever you begin even if you're doing one every 6 months quality


hits no no when you begin it's only quantity game he's saying quality first then quantity you say quality first I learn something at least see I'm I'm talking based on my own trajectory I learned how to create videos you got to have some quality no zero quality you should have zero quality at the beginning have you seen day one Nas it's horrible it's I think that's how all of us feel about all our content but just the the ability to frame to to double click on that the more quantity you output the better your quality gets if you're really paying attention so qualty the third like strong thing that's worked for me honestly it's a bit of a


clich answer but engineering College because it just taught me how to think of the world as machines it taught me how to break derse engineer things and now I can learn anything faster than normal but now the reason I follow you is because you have access to interesting India's most interesting humans and which the normal person cannot get access for you today that's for you for you today but actually people should ask themselves whoever is watching this ask yourself what kind of weapon are you are you a machine gun or are you a sniper sniper how do you know wow I say the same thing a we are brothers from another mother we've done


too many panels brother a machine gun is somebody that say if I want to kill the enemy we should get a viral video I shoot 500 bullets and hopes something sticks and hits the enemy okay another digression here wait wait this is an important idea a sniper no well the sniper has one bullet and gets a head shot so a sniper in this case is somebody who goes and makes a Netflix documentary Waits three years puts it on Netflix becomes big Jewish matchmaking or Indian matchmaking that's sniper cretive is that a thing Jewish matchmaking yeah that's thing that's a sniper Creator whoever made that that's


a sniper one episode I'm famous around the world a a a machine gun is a thousand videos in a thousand days a thousand skits a th000 podcasts we're all machine guns a was sniper once a month twice a month boom you you come once once a week I'm I'm machine gun now which is I'm outputting 9 10 videos a month okay so one digression I wanted to ask you guys psychology states that kids born after the year 94 are very different from us so they don't get driving licenses as much people who are above the age of 18 and are applicable to get a license are not applying as much they don't buy homes as much they don't uh go on buying


homes as much no no they don't go on dates as often and they spend a lot of time on their devices so if the new content creators of today because the young younger generation initially adopts content that becomes cool if somebody is starting in the content world today what does he build to cater to this generation this is a very coddled generation right uh they're more about rights less about contribution these are people born in a post 911 world where they grew up not knowing what was going on uh they know about right post truth world now yeah they they've had anti-bullying in school they've been


they've not been allowed to go out and play like you remember when we were kids like your parents would tell you come home by 9:00 p.m. right correct correct like right now that doesn't happen anymore right now the kids are Totally Tracked uh they they have to tell their parents what they're doing at every point of time so this will change the consumers of the content that is getting created today and the people who build from now on have to bear this generation in I me short video is a direct result of this it's lower attention spans right is that all I i' break that down a little further the one uh human need that stays


constant is storytelling the second human need that stays constant that's not spoken about is feeling something extremely emotional something that Peaks your emotion a lot and emotion could also be just laughing really hard on T's reaction videos something that Peaks your emotion heavily also this generation like the new the younger people that I have come across the ones that work with me I've seen generally have more problems dealing with loneliness than people I aged did uh it says that there is some kind of vacuum there which I've seen gets filled with emotional content and really raw content which is also why I think podcasts are


taking off in the country people want realism I there's a fantastic podcast called untriggered it's something like this but more like chill likei yeah more genzi uh blowing up just consist consistently catering to uh the lonely Urban Indian because when people listen to it they feel like hey I'm hanging out with my friends but if these kids have a lot more time on their devices I'm saying they're not going out and playing because they're on their devices so much more strangely enough another data point here is there their necessity or how they perceive work is 20% less than our generation like when we were at that


their age we were thinking work work work they prioritize healing a lot more and they they are a lot more healing from what from been injured yet by life to be healed no but the thing is the strange thing is when you tell someone when you teach a kid that if tan says something about me I can let it offend me so much even though he's expressing his point of view that I can have mental trauma because of it and then I can be depressed or one of a 100 different things why me as an example so I actually kind of have a different opinion I actually don't think today's young kids are like this like hurt and emotion and all that stuff I


don't think that're actually I feel like they're much stronger they get offended a lot no I just think offended people have a bigger voice I don't think the number of offended people are actually agree with that I feel like the ecosystem has changed in such a manner that people take offense not just to what is said to them people take offense to what is happening around them and it affects them in a significantly more uh significantly deeper manner than it did my generation and people hold on to pain a lot longer because they've been thought and conditioned to believe this generation that I'm talking about that a it is right to get offended B it is good


to you know demand for your rights but nobody has ever asked him that what what is your contribution to anything for which you're demanding the rights that you expect you should have so I'm looking at the glass I think half full and I'm looking you're looking at like right here I think that behavior actually does affect change you think naturally we're just going to have a nice country no it comes from a lot of hard like disagreements and and fights but what are you disagreeing about you're disagreeing about things like I don't like this city I don't like this I don't like that when people when enough people come out and say I don't


like the traffic in Bangalore what's going to happen that's going to create some pressure on the city council to fix traffic the question I'm also seeing you have a point there but the the point I'm trying to make is this person who is complaining about the traffic in Bangalore has become the kind of person that you put him in any ecosystem will spend a lot of time complaining because the the path the part to likes has the least resistance today than it did earlier h earlier the path to like to getting likes was through literally getting a fancier job was to literally do you would you would want likes in the domains that were accessible to you now


just that in today's world you're able to get quicker dopamine hits by saying x y and Zed things as someone once said saying you you get likes if you're pretty witty or outrage the are these are the three these are the three quickest parts to like so I don't blame the generation for for being that way cuz that's the quickest part to like also I feel like a lot of the young people like he said right now because of the loneliness that they are uh kind of going through a lot more than we did are looking for companionship in causes uh like I remember a time and I hate to say put it like that but I remember a time where it was cool to


talk about depression now is that time when it started it was cool to talk about um uh bullying you know you know there came a time where one person would speak up about it and then everybody would speak up about it and it became the term started getting used so loosely yeah uh that weed a point yeah like the sensitivity from it kind of went away so I feel like at this point a lot of our young audiences are also looking for these groups and these communities praka that is my point I'm not seeing this trend is a good thing or a bad thing I'm seeing as a content creator beginning today what is a hack to hit this market so okay and get them to follow you we


have to make a distinction between complaining about something and feeling like a victim about something feeling like a victim I agree with you no one should feel like a victim I'm a victim help me help me for example traffic in Bangalore okay you can either say because of the traffic in Bangalore my mental health is is is is killing me and then I cannot show up to work that's a victim mentality right but you could also be a change maker mentality and say I don't like the traffic in Bangalore because of this and this and this and this I agree with you I'm I'm talking about the victims so maybe we should victim that's happening a lot now I'm


wondering because n there is there's likes in victimhood there's no no but the real question here at the bottom of this is what content do you build to hit this Market because we know this Market is there but we shouldn't make content to hit this Market no but get them to resonate with you people are people are outraging outraging and being victim gets likes a 2023 this answer would have been different last in the year before that uh right now the key to growth is Instagram reals what's working on Instagram reals is emotional content what's working within emotional content is well-made content so the bottom line


here is that the skill that should be focused on now is how you can become a better video content creator how can it be better looking how can you tell a story in a short amount of time and at the end of your real do you leave someone feeling like they want more from you or from the St if you want to grow a base on LinkedIn or Twitter you don't don't need to necessarily make video but if you're outraging you think that's the way to resonate with this Marketplace if I'm on social media I'm seeing the best of other people's lives would I not automatically feel like I deserve that too yes you would of course you would of


course you would let me give you an interesting anecdote okay and I'm pretty sure it will check out statistically the ATT yeah I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure of this like if someone does this the attrition rate among talent management companies is that its highest it's ever been all right why is that you explain what attrition rate I'll explain attrition rate is when people leave a company which is the employees churn now you ask you ask vage from Monkey you ask you ask Vijay from Collective why is that because 20 years ago if I was managing talent for example if I was managing Aran right would there be that much Envy for Aran as a manager I'd look


at Aran make 3 CR rupees per show I would not have that much Envy but today if I'm managing a Creator who makes short video video or Mak sketches on Instagram what and this person is taking 10 lakhs per real how high do you think that Envy is it's insanely high right that is why attrition is going going higher and higher because more managers are managing Talent who are doing things that seem a lot more accessible and doable how do you utilize that if you're a content creator and you know the generation you're creating for is a bit more entitled is a bit more victimized is a bit more all they are alluded by flashy life we already do this why why


do flexing on the internet get more likes yeah sales 101 you solve for their problems which is this I I'll Define who I want to solve the problem for I am a 20-year-old girl in Bangalore who is going to college not really interested in education that much but going because my parents have drawn that path for me I have 50,000 Rupees a month of income I'm earning from some side thing that I'm doing I have 20,000 rupees to spend I have 4 hours a day to consume content I spend 7 hours a day on my cell phone doing ABC this is a different category of people than 5 10 15 20 years ago what kind of content will resonate with this


crowd nuanced different from 10 years ago I think every Creator will have a different answer firstly I'll tell you my answer yeah these problems are happening with younger people because there's overthinking you solve for their overthinking how by talking about your own story as a Creator this is also personal branding that I was also at the stage this is what I did and this is the solution I had that's something that works for me a lot the second thing that I've noticed people want a lot I don't know whether it's an Indian thing or not nas please chip in uh people are extremely hungry for knowledged and unbiased media like raw media so you


throw a bomb of rawness through the podcast and in terms of this overthinking and these emotional problems that's where I have my Instagram game but is there only one kind of content that they want to cons no no there'll be a bunch of options I want you guys to tell me what they this girl so we're looking at this girl as a glass not half empty empty we're looking at this girl as somebody who wants to feel entitled who wants to like be like have a have a has terrible opinions this girl actually what she really wants she wants to travel to 50 countries around the world before she's age 30 She Wants To Be A Millionaire before she's 30 okay


she doesn't want to get forc AR go one level deeper why does she want to travel because it's a human B basic desire to be free and experience the world is it validation amongst her peer group a bit more than it was 10 years ago no I think I think it's a it's a basic human desire I don't think it's validation I don't think it's like I want to travel just to tell my friends I traveled I think that's a minority I think independently everybody wants I think data would prove otherwise that because of social media and posting when you travel you travel so much more like we going after the Nuance now we saying what can you sell to that girl very inde no no it's also


Wern thing it's American I think in America living in say Suburban whatever Mississippi I refuse to believe people want to travel just so they tell their friends travel just but also because they can added benefit but but people want to travel just because they want to travel you know I go to males sometimes it's very close from Bangalore in our flight Chinese couples come to males not to check out males they come there to take pictures of themselves because social validation is such a big commodity in China to the extent that who you marry who you date what job you get all of these kind of like are so correlated to


how much Social following why is this new talk no it's not new because we've been socially validating to each other since we were tribal since we had a tribe and people put different makeup I'm saying it's new what I'm saying it's the same I'm saying this category Beyond 94 95 these kids are different in this nuanced manner does the content created for them have to change have to look look different my answer is definitely not I there's nothing different between somebody born after 94 or somebody born in 1794 we all want social validation we all want a signal to others that we're good that we're pretty that we're whatever even tribes in Papa New Guinea


okay there's always that guy who's like best dressed has a feather look at me look at me look at me now you can say Look At Me by having a nice picture in the Maldives it's easier to say look at me but the fundamental of humans have not changed in 1994 you know just adding on to what he said and going back to the content bit I remember when we were shooting when mismatch came came to us and we started reading the text uh the scripts of mismatch we were shooting it muscan who's uh one of the actors on mismatch with me we used to keep discussing how this is so similar to the content we watched when I was a teenager like we watched shararat and we watched


D mil these are these were amazing shows uh we watched Sanji uh yeah uh what was the one that had sha in it um all of them yeah so and we realize that the content that is getting made in 2019 came out on Netflix on in 2020 was so similar to what I was watching when I was 12 and 13 right and that came from a whole kind of um um peak of all the crimes dramas all the True Crime all um slightly darker grayer content so when you speak when you speak about all this that maybe has has the uh Machinery changed or do we approach a different angle when you're telling


these stories then I want to hear what you guys have to say about this that how come then a simple piece of content that was very new at the time that it came out because most of the content was very unlike that resonated with an audience that is post 94 but it was also something that resonated with us when we were that age I think broadly first principles thinking when it comes to content creation broadly I agree with n that yes broadly I agree that yeah fundamentally brains haven't changed brains and the chemical reactions in the brain when you when you perceive something that hasn't thousand


of that hasn't changed do you think woke dat woke content will work more today than it but I was just getting to the nuances some of the nuances you should you should keep in mind is that the things that a hyperconnected world that the big difference between 794 and now is that we are hyperconnected right so content uh moves a lot faster so know that we're in a PO post truuth world right we're not in a world where anything gets verified we always we in a post truth world so this this is the Nuance from today which is that gets boring a lot quicker yeah yes right as opposed to 1794 correct uh tricks get older a lot quicker now as opposed to


1794 correct the this that's the kind of nuance I was trying to look at which is you got to reinvent reinvent a lot more gets boring a lot quicker yeah but it's not a sexy answer that nikel was looking for is there a is there a sexy answer like I want to tell the 20-year-old girl what to go and create which will do better than 100 years ago okay like should we brainstorm on different categories like I'm assuming what is Define her access like what makes her unique yeah exactly nothing unique more generic like fashion say she's a she's ma very specifically India focused she's studying bcom in a tier 2


College in Bangalore let's say pocket money is not 50,000 let's say it's 10,000 rupes doesn't matter yeah but what is what are her interests She Likes music Bollywood uh Stock Investing and content creators all right so off the top of my head Bollywood she could review movies yeah is that an opportunity because there are there are so many people already reviewing movies yeah what's what's the manner in which they're reviewing movies a format idea is you could review movies either straight like hey this is what I thought of the movie or you review movies in a format like I would do a format like things I thought


of while watching Rocky or Rani that's my format that's how I do movie reviews I just tell you the thoughts in my head so it's just a series of jump Cuts Like I thought this this this this this this this this or she can do something that's unique to her Stock Investing for women that are broke that's St investing for women that are broke or just simplifying communication around stocks we weren't taught that tell me how to do my taxes the sexy answer for me is New Age journalism start talking about world events it's very risky to get you canceled a lot but if you and you what are you saying New Age new I'm not like taking


away nothing from journalism degrees I think you need to be trained to be a journalist etc etc but um dude I don't care it's where the world is going no actually resonate with him I feel like journalism inherently as has a idea sitting behind a corporation does not work because every corporation has bias it has to eventually become more fragmented every journalist that wants to survive as a journalist has to go independent in the next 10 years I agree with you I feel like especially when you're starting off and I I I agree to what you're saying but I feel like it'll take a 20-year-old Creator who's starting off a really long time to reach


there to a also have the guts to put it out like that it's not easy to put yourself out there because it's ruthless and why do we forget that at the end of the day it is a job it's much more ruthless for women than men yeah and you have to turn your laptop off and you have to have a life where you are not messed up in your head because something is what he said is it a lot more ruthless for women uh I'm always the wrong person uh to answer this and I'll get to that in just a minute but like finishing what I was saying so I feel like for for anyone new actually woman or man start start or any other gender starting off uh right now I feel like


it's important and it goes back to what we said a while ago it's important for you to G get that confidence and validation and credit for yourself to kind of keep going because it's a much longer Journey so I feel like if she had to start to reach what you are saying she will have to do something as basic as report things as is and then start pushing out opinions then start giving um perspective then start sharing personal stories see what the community is saying but would she get traction if she reports things as is so many channels are there are so many channels right now that are only doing YouTube news yeah reports things as is as in in


the most boring way possible no in the not in the most boring way obviously so the new comes in but things as they are like truth is often very boring but with a different format with a bit more energy what if she does it what she jump Cy and if it's it's not the kinds that she's sitting in front of a green screen and reading out of a folder but she is say it is a vlog where every hour of the day suppose she Vlogs for 10 10 hours a day and every hour of the day she gives you a fun fact this is Vlogs is the answer also really yeah is not the answer I know Vlogs had become really big a few years ago right and then it disappeared least friction for likes


vlogging vlogging yeah in India for sure like but your life has to be interesting making a vlog is much harder you've not seen Indian Vlogs and it has to stay interesting every day okay for people who don't know what is the Vlog it's a video log it's basically filming your life from when you wake up until when you sleep it's a 10 to 20 minute long video and it basically means you have your camera with you the whole godamn time it's life so the thing is vlogging can either be higher for vlogging or it could just be documenting your life it is the like it's a it's it's the quickest way of outputting something which is you just


document everything that's happening so there are lots of incredibly boring blogs and there are folks who make it interesting as well um second question give a good example Indian blogs Indian Vlogs of what like anything who's doing well yeah so India's biggest vlogger is this guy called Sor Joi uh super interesting right like he lives with his family in a small town called Hali um he lives with his mom dad his younger brother some extended family extremely relatable like he puts out a video every day that does that clocks like 5 to 7 million views every single day so for me as a viewer what's working there just pure relatability he's just like


millions and millions of other families in this country so people love is that what's working for anit yes yes yes also anid is also like a mission driven Creator Mission driven Creator is also very aspirational like so if I were again a 20-year-old boy instead of a girl and I want to start on the Journey of logging to build distribution yeah what kind of life should I project what will work uh not only life but I think the quickest way to get a former Community is to find a mission like if if you were starting um saying I'm going to get sixpack abs 75 hard 75 hard like I'm I'm going to get this in the next in the next X number of days the viewer


automatically roots that you you get it so is that going back to your earlier point where you have to have a reveal at the end that it helps when people want to find find out what's the end of the story if there's an end goal uh people want to watch it till the end right Pro if you had to start a blog that would work I would I would do that uh working out for 100 days and I Vlog my workout Journey every single day like there's a really popular YouTuber called Ryan Tran right who became massive he started a series called traveling across America using one penny right correct me if I'm wrong traveling across you 30 days in 30 days traveling across America using one


penny so every episode he would begin with one penny and be like I'm going to go from 8. A to B it makes the episode automatically that much more why go far I mean n daily that's how it was it was a thousand day Journey around the world so you start to see I started to see that the numbers of likes and Views started to go up in the last 20 days because people are like oh how is he going to end his thousand day journey is he going to break a day and what's going to happen on day 1000 on day 1000 I got the most number of likes I ever got so that's the reveal 75 hard 75th day most number of views now he's a lot more than 75 now he's a lot more now he's just


continuing you do a lot of stuff around ran does a lot of spirituality uh religion uh you know the whole UFO uh my and all of that is there a big audience for that is that a hack um there is a big audience for that because it interests a lot of people it genuinely interested me since I was a kid and I get to explore these subjects as an adult so I think the genuinity of it is what that massive Tam connects with the one thing life has taught me is never on anything because nobody knows what you don't know so I don't want to like comment about it from that lens but if I were a uh Creator who wants to build Traction


in that segment what should I really talk about the truth is that at least what I sense in India is that that phase has gone now yeah yeah religion not religion religion will never go the other stuff you mentioned alien yeah people want depth in content now but there can be depth there too right so if you can bring depth great but there aren't enough people to talk about it now so what what does ran think today will work in the next one year the next one year because years elections are coming up so political content young people are getting into politics uh older people don't have the balls to speak about politics nowadays so if some


kid speaks about politics it'll actually Garner a lot of attention and what else that's one massive one geop extres extremes get views yeah geopolitics is the other one same and when you're talking about politics Will the anti view get a lot more traction I think at this point it's about depth uh think school great example deep content that's selling you can't do surface level content at least I'm speaking from a very India perspective but I think this is the case from International uh uh you know in international vs as well we see that with Andrew huberman we see that with even Andrew Schulz and all these guys


they go deep with their conversations so now is that point where Joe Rogan was in 2018 where he started doing three-hour podcasts and people are willing to listen to it so if you bring depth to your content what worked for Jo Rogan quantity you think yes I've been listening to Jo Rogan since I was in college which is 2011 or 2012 and he used to get 30,000 views and I've seen him going from there to this $100 million Spotify contract before I began content creation it was a dream of mine to have a podcast but I always thought dude India either will never be ready for a podcast or it's not ready for podcast yet and I started my cuz we


were doing two channels work was getting too much for me I wanted to switch off one channel team said listen what's the easiest form of content you can do I said I'll talk to people and turn that into content and then we just hit a wave okay next question how big of a hack is making content in Regional languages big hack big huge hack huge hack huge I give I give you a stat Nas daily has 65 million followers 30 million of our followers don't speak English they cannot speak English we have 2 million followers in Vietnam that's 2% of the country and I don't speak a single word of Vietnamese 14% of Russia watch his nce daily every month on


YouTube the kids mainly why is because take the same content that we done in English and we localize it to 13 other languages you using AI or like uh we did subtitles we did the beginning we did subtitles and now we do dubbing which we pay $100 per minute and now we're using AI but all of that has has unlocked a massive Market the question is why can you can you also give some tools after you say yeah why does Nas daily have two million followers in Vietnam because the demand for content in Vietnam is very high you have 100 million people each one of them has 10 hours every day they want to watch videos but the people making the videos in Vietnam are very


low there's only state media it's like TV which is boring and a couple of content creators and every Hollywood movie doesn't actually make it to Vietnam all this content you make does not make it to Vietnam all this podcast you make does not make it to Vietnam so there's no supply of content when you add this content in Vietnamese the supply is so low you get so many views that is called a hack like equilibrium there's no equilibrium in content supply and demand so in English there is an equilibrium there's enough supply of content there's enough demand for it you mean in the middle yeah in Vietnamese Supply is so low the demand is so high


it's true uh when you speak to people's identity it generates it generates a just a higher engagement rate right be it in their native language or be it about who they are for example if I if I say you know 10 things only Engineers will understand right you'll get a lot more shares from Engineers 10 things that only Vietnamese people will get that's interesting go go deeper in that if you speaking to someone's identity just gets gets more like like BuzzFeed pioneered this ages ago right BuzzFeed did uh take this quiz if you're overweight or 15 things that fat girls will will relate to right like they pioneered this and it became obvious


eventually that's why nationalistic Contex does really well that's why geopolitics does really well right cuz geopolitics you can't speak about geopolitics without attracting an identity touch point of the two countries that you're that you're talking about I do pakistanis are Savage why do I put Pakistani are Savage in the title because I know Pakistani people are going going to click on it yeah right um so that's another hack which is when you speak to people's identities they they engage and Sh and how do you identify Niche identities there's just large islands man there's so many identities how figure that out like if


I'm a content creator the language you speak at home that's one identity the job you do that's one identity the family you grow up around that's one identity you went to na identity is the easiest One Nation identity is the easiest one what in India there are so many because we have 5,000 identities there are 5,000 Islands ICC cbsc how do I find a small enough identity why do you need to find a small why do you need to find a small because the smaller it is the more they'll share you said right no no the biggest one the biggest one is country then the most specific are the most specific that that kind of help I'm taking specific as smaller so what are


these identities which are unutilized it's countries you have no idea when people actually start content creation like influencers in America they go where they go to the Philippines because when a white guy collaborate with Indians now when a white yeah and then when a white guy goes to the Philippines says I ate Filipino food yeah huge huge huge huge same with India actually I got I got push back I got cancelled because I made so many videos in the Philippines because they were like oh you just using us to get views which it wasn't true I actually really like the Philippines but anyway that was thing also yes also no I want to 70


countries can I can I say something there's something that I've realized with the whole Regional targeting of content right and I'm correct me if I'm wrong this is just something also this is something I've felt uh in the past 2 three years and that has helped me as a Creator in taking the pressure off of numbers for example when I started off I in my head content creators had a pyramid right if you had more numbers you were on top and then as you had lesser numbers you were on the bottom of the food chain it's a reverse pyramid reverse pyramid yeah I like that one go on but


at this point I feel like it's a globe where one person's top is other person's bottom if a brand has to come to me to Market a product in a certain language that is spoken in a certain part of the country that I don't speak I could have millions and millions of followers but I'm useless doesn't matter it does not matter of a a Creator who speaks the regional language has the regional references and has 100th of my numbers could charge a premium could charge a premium and get that much Roi yep for the brand so at this point Regional content has reached a point where the whole dynamics of the Creator economy have shifted it to really depends on


where you're coming from and whom do you want to talk to and Supply is lower so you can also charge more exactly Nelson Mandela said an amazing quote if you speak to me if you speak to a man in a language that he learned it goes to his brain yes if you speak to a man in his native language it goes to his heart I have something to add to that from the Indian context I've always believed that the in India the English content you do it for the money the Hindi content you do it for the power yeah that makes sense it goes go to the heart you can actually influence people's lives like Hindi content you do for money no no English content you for forone it's


higher brand value brand brand managers can speak English that that's true brand managers can speak the decision makers when it com to influenc marketing we know no also also rir higher arpu for English speaking people also before we leave this topic I want to ask what are the tools a new Creator can use today to translate like what works what doesn't AI has Sol this hey Jen hey is now ai dubbing spell it h e y g n GN uh actually I built a company called is that is that better than dubbing paying somebody to dub uh it's very expensive so paying somebody to you need an agency it's $100 per minute also maybe I mean I please give your opinions I don't know


if it's the best decision to dub straight from the beginning of your content yeah do not do that yeah just start with one language don't even consider it is content as a skill it is a skill it's it's different from film making like you need to understand how social media works and evolves yeah so maybe at the start just create your initial only did this when after I hit 15 million followers so then you use something like then you start 13 languages yeah different langu and you you're saying AI works just as well as dubbing to in the next two months it will be just as good it be so damn cheap is already very good look cost to make


and duplicate content is going to zero we're almost there but doesn't it look weird when your mouth is doing anymore no not anymore it's going to get built in on YouTube Nik there's going to be a button where you can select a language and your mouth will move in that language it's going to come into YouTube it's going to take forever cuz YouTube is a slightly slower moving beast but it's going to come do subtitles work so interestingly enough there's two types of countries in the world there's a subtitle country and a dubbing country Germany is a dubbing country that's why when you go visit Germany nobody speaks English because they watch Hollywood


dubbed but in Serbia and in my country it's at subtitle country so I would watch movies but I would read subtitles that's why my I speak English thank God I was born in a subtitled country and this is what scares me about dubbing it'll make you not learn the language what works in India India is a subtitle country I think I think only n will have the answer um actually may be a dubbing cont hey what what about viral signaling I know a lot of actors in business people do can you explain what virtue signaling is pretending to be a saint whereas you are as human as all of us like signaling how virtuous you are on social media if you survive long


enough on social media people know exactly who you are yeah exactly what signaling works nikil it does work but it creates an expectation out of you that's hard to sustain because not everybody is as virtuous as they claim to be nobody is nobody is so you can virtue signal and it does it does work which is people will like you and people will think a certain way of you yeah but I'm talking about somebody who wants to become a Creator 20y old will virtal signaling work for someone like that not I think at that stage is important just stand out all this comes later I think it's a way to hack the yeah what's the point of signaling your virtues in


emptiness like you need a large audience to Signal your do get your audience then virtu you also not know what the virtue is for a very long time begin by being anti anti anti whatever and when you have an audience become more virtuous and resonate with whatever societ Society if you have a large enough audience you will need to display your virtue at some point or you'll find the need to when is that point it could be when when audience start to ask you to virtually signal when your audience start to ask you what's your opinion about Israel and Palestine yeah when they start speaking back cross that point I've crossed that


actually all of you have crossed that point your audience will expect what they think you will respond to yes right if you continuously virtually signal about my thoughts on what the political Affairs are and if you keep talking about that at some point if you go quiet your audience will be like yo what happened why aren't you op opining about this or even something as simple as relationships when creators share about their relationship online and then they go all out uh sharing talking about it even doing brand deals things like that and then when that falls out and your audience expects you to answer I don't think that's a time you can take a stand


saying oh no I want my space yeah but what I recommend to people is that the image that they are in real life should be online is so important yeah I I have a that's interesting uh with social media so much of you is out there okay um because of the show I met a lot of people who mentored me in many ways uh and I tried being the best possible dude in real life wasn't successful everywhere made mistakes but a lot of that rubbed off for example like it began like my channel began as a fitness channel maximize your Fitness I worked on my mental health in order to talk about mental health content I won't make yoga content until I've mastered


yoga and I've begun yoga since the last year so if you have a vis vision of what kind of content you want to make start working on it right now you can fake it till you make it but for how long I mean it's possible to fake it till you make it yeah you can I mean that's true I also feel like collaborations are very very powerful when you start a creative Journey that's interesting go into that how does how does a new person collaborate and who do they collaborate with with other new people like people who are near your numbers how do you find them or you can be ambitious like I remember shooting Lily a text as as often as I could till it happened yeah


we all have short liia text at some point until it actually happened I remember shooting uh or like just kind of manifesting in my head and wanting to do something with Ric rash and I'm a huge fan till that happened but that's that took a long long time I'm just saying in general I have learned so much what works when you message these people what can one say that will work hi I'm a Creator and this is what I do and I really really like your work and if you have some time I would love to share something with you doesn't work it doesn't work though it's just whenever you asking someone anything their time money especially their time especially


their time you got to understand what would incentivize them you must give them value yeah when I speak about collaborations I also speak about friendships and uh allies in the Creator Community see I'm a Creator beginning today I want to be a part of a ecosystem with other curators and creators how do I find them when I started off I don't know I don't think YouTube does that anymore but when I started off I remember telling my partner manager at YouTube or just shooting text to YouTube saying what is the partner manager at YouTube you'll have a partner manager on YouTube who's looking after your account and is who you can sit down with every


now and back anymore back in the day there were fewer creators now to get a to be eligible for a partner manager you need to have X th000 hours of watch time x number of subscribers Etc ET it's hard now the number of partner managers per Creator is like is very low a lot uh so I I remember telling her that if there's any kind of of social Gathering any kind of uh panel discussion any kind of Creator um Workshop happening please please sign me up for this because I want to go and meet other people and I want to do that what we can do now is uh I I feel like a lot of creators like a lot of newer creators now I meet at social events done by YouTube or


Facebook or Instagram and I just feel like is that a good hat to show up at these events in show up at yeah like like finding these finding these hubs where conversation relevant to what you are doing or in the realm of your life as a Creator are happening and kind of wanting to be in those places there is something called non-consensual collaboration what is that okay for example this is a growing Trend now which is if you want to collaborate with someone you get your you start talking about how you want to collaborate with this person and you get your whole follower base to go start spamming them in message saying this person wants to


do something with you right all so what the algorithm is doing is the algorithm is recognizing that this person is talking about this person so the video automatically starts getting recommend to people who follow this person this happens on YouTube all the time it start happening on Instagram Etc ET like why rat COI like why rat Coy that's nonconsensual collaboration this dude just kept talking about you know vat I love that uh so non-consensual collaboration is one but generally speaking you want to collaborate with people you are more likely to get a yes to collaborate one so people want to collaborate up but that's hard so you


want to start collaborating sideways yeah makes sense thumbnails and titles how important are they very important not important not really at all zero should we debate yeah go ahead why is it important um Sizzle matters as much as steak uh Sizzle Sizzle matters um I mean there's enough documented evidence that suggests that I mean Mr Beast is a great example just last week he was tweeting about how videos where he closes his mouth get a lot more views than video than thumbnails where his mouth is open I thought he said the


other thing thumbnails when his mouth is open get more views cuz then people either on either on basically he changed oneth is open people think he's saying something and want to click it yeah so either or which is oh he changed one variable and that that made a big difference both I mean there's no how can you disagree boring title I mean of course short on short video it's the short video is completely different I'm trying to say is there's only one platform and one type of video where thumbnail and title matter which is a long video on YouTube on YouTube yeah the majority of people watching this are going to be uploading Instagram reals


yes on an Instagram reals the title doesn't matter thil thumnail doesn't matter doesn't matter in fact no one should be stressing over this at the beginning just stress over the first 3 seconds of the video the first sentence that you say in the video yeah so on Tik Tok thumbnails don't matter on Instagram thumbnails don't matter and on Facebook thumbnails don't matter and in YouTube short THS don't matter only on YouTube long videos so for YouTube videos what do you do how do you make a thumbnail and a title that works I've delegated everything in my organization when it comes to video content other than actually coming on screen titling and


thumbnails are things I've not been able to delegate and I have I have two like other channels I have B biceps which is English ranir Hindi there's TRS clips English and TRS Clips Hindi the titles are done by me and the thumbnails also suggested just want to suggest some things that people could follow you should probably check out Paddy Galloway he does um he does a YouTube course and he talks a lot about titling and thumbnail follow this guy called Papa okus on Twitter he's an Indian kid who is deeply into it sorry I just wanted to throw in so when it comes to titles there's very easy wins okay how why what start the title with how and why because


the average human really wants to know why Greenland is not actually green the human brain really wants to know how aquariums work okay so how and Y is a very easy win the second easy win is superlatives and we teach all this at NAS Academy I've done this 50 times superlatives everybody wants to know the story of the world's tallest man yeah everybody wants to know who is the world's youngest billionaire yeah who is it you know so so so so extremes and how and why and the last one is uh uh Paradox so the the the the unhappy billionaire well you ass assume a billionaire is always happy right why


they unhappy contradictory so that's the three biggest categories for things that going to click on is there a tool that you can use that will help in this pattern recognition if you take if you pirate the nas Academy course and put it into CH share it why I just like pay money why I the call is there a course on how to put good thumbnails and titles uh yeah yeah like it's a module but but there I don't know if there's a and how much do you charge the price is not India friendly tell tell us it's $3,000 for five months but it's five month five month cohort what somebody just wants to learn this


you can't just go to YouTube get you pirate it and you get it for free stop it because you we don't make money okay you guys tips thumbnail and titles I have for me these things didn't work like after a point maybe it's because I have a larger quantity of content so then I need to bring novelty to the titles and all that I try focusing on first three words that's all and what do you do in the first three words actually learned it from you I think you had suggested this first three words it it's to it has to match the content of the video um shocking secret is what works in India um dark these kind of words that create an emotion


give us some more shocking secret dark then Twisted um because when you say that people in you you're playing the inquisitiveness SC yeah yeah but again this I I used to believe in set formulas for titles and TRS clips English and Hindi taught me otherwise it was just a very brutal experience for me and it's still a brutal experience I think some things that could help people are just observe your own behavior when you're when you're clicking on videos If just that one moment of self-reflection saying what made me click on click on it outside of what noar also said I agree with that uh The Tam of your video


really matters which is totally addressable market like you could have a paradoxical title about something that nobody cares about and it would not get views it should be it should be a broad Tam um yeah that's what what I want also also copy uh successful videos so look at a a viral video like go to like like a VX Channel and sort the videos by popular popularity great hack and then just a copy the thumbnail and copy the title yeah yeah so one hack is you could go to any YouTube channel of the genre that you are operating in so if if ranir was starting out and he was talking about Fitness I would say go to the top 10 Fitness channels that that are


existing go to videos click on most popular and just see the subjects that have done really well it Auto starts your first 20 videos are already there it's just the first I really hope anybody watching this I cannot stress it enough do not start your career by making Long YouTube videos it will ruin your dream there's no discoverability engine in this like just like this is only when you're big enough for now focus on Tik Tok Instagram yeah but this comes with caveats for example for example you want you you could do long videos for example if you're a bunch of friends you want to start a podcast you could but you optimize for for short


video output yes that's what you optimize for you could do long form video but likelihood of success is very low you you optimize for short video output yes in fact now a lot of people actually do podcast very much keeping in mind that I'm actually not shooting a 2hour podcast I'm shooting 20 Clips yeah that's fine you were say like when we used to do this right when we started off we would upload a YouTube video and back Instagram had just started video on it so we used to cut a 20 second trailer from our video and and then put it on Instagram and say full video on YouTube but that did wonders for us so I feel like you can use that model right now by


what he's saying like make a longer video but then optimize it by cut tiny bits of it and putting but make the short video ha not like a teaser hul like from beginning to end a story not saying hey go to YouTube to see the rest cuz nobody will go to YouTube these days that doesn't work no if you put a part of something and say go here to watch full it could depends on it depends on what it is I have seen that plays into your early story of that 3 2 one one being the big thing yeah it it it can work changing apps to do that is a Monumental T from YouTube short to YouTube full yeah that there CU there's a feature now which can just one click


and you go to the main last week as of last week that's fine but before that it was very hard yeah projector tips title and thumbnail what worked for you I don't know I really don't know uh I think I was just winging it I don't think I was putting any sort of logic science to it when I was doing it I would go week to week if there's a video that worked I was so focused on the engagement under the video and understanding the content that I think what I could have done better was that also put some focus on the title and thumbnail I don't think I did that this I don't know thing is key because actually everyone's building their own


inherent communities and often if it's a content creator only the content creator not even like the second in command third in command understand the community's pulse as well so there is an ID I don't know even like when I'm starting to write the titles I don't know where they come out from but they come out well right give me one unique hack each that you guys learned along your illustrious Journeys like decade decade decade decade plus right what the have we been doing this far it's all been insights that we have learned over the last DEC one hack one hack to a 20-year-old boy or girl who wants to become a Creator um when you're


starting off don't care as much about expensive equipment setups money investment marketing when you're starting off equipment doesn't matter that much no as long I mean you have cell phones right now that have cameras with good sound good video even if it's a basic one whatever you're using most of them are good most of them are good as long as your video is crisp clear visible and your sound is audible I think you're good to start off do you think increased Clarity leads to increased views like the production quality production quality doesn't lead to at some point it becomes inverse that's what we've


observed is I remember ban talking about it where buan used to shoot on his phone all his videos and he spoke about how he moved to a camera setup and his engagement went down I think people use Instagram with the intention of relating a little bit at least with Instagram reals we've noticed that when we create a real with SLR footage it doesn't doesn't work as well as when you do it with iPhone footage like phone footage in general I don't we I don't know why that is here's my hack um the problem actually for most creators is they are too shy to hit publish and or they take too long to publish a video so they like ah I work on this video today it's not


perfect yet I'll work on it tomorrow and then tomorrow tomorrow work expands to the time allowed for it work expands to the time allowed for it which means if you give yourself a deadline line of 10 days to make a video you will make that video in 10 days and it'll take you 10 days of work but if you commit to make a video every five days and this is my deadline on the fifth day I must hit publish yeah no matter what happens you'll make it you'll make the same quality video in five days in fact I was when you were asking for hacks I was going to say that uh most people who are most people who come to me and ask me for tips to do YouTube actually all they


want to hear is just just hit publish just hit publish just do it most people want to ask for advice thinking there's some secret thing that YouTubers or creators know it's really not not a thing there's nothing that will teach you more than uploading five times so so with n daily my deadline was 24 hours every 24 hours I must hit publish even if I if I really really hate the video I must publish it and so that pushing to H you to and you must commit publicly to it and another thing is when you say oh privately I'll just do a video every day but actually when I found work the pressure of when you go and tell all your family members and all your friends


and every on Facebook I've committed to losing weight or I've committed to making 100 videos in 100 days you will do it also adding on to that I feel like if you are getting into it as a creator for a longer Run please treat it as a job and get that discipline into it I but how do you how do you make that switch like today if I have college or a job and I'm earning say 50,000 Rupees a month I'm spending some money my spare time creating content when do I make decis spare time tell yourself that if I'm working work say a 9: to5 I come home I say chill with friends or work out and stuff like that but I'm going to give myself a 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to


sit and ID at content when you're starting off another question who do you learn from because we looked online and could not find anything useful really in how to become a Creator my next hack sorry my next hack if you're about to start content creation ditch your friends say goodbye to your friends your friends will be a hindrance to you because your friends are doing N9 to-5 jobs lawyer accountant KPMG engineer okay when you're uploading that video you will feel so alone you'll never have felt lonier in your life so the first thing I did when I started Nas daily I literally said to all my friends in New York


goodbye I'm going to Kenya by myself and I'm going to make videos and so that's my my recommendation is one ditch your existing friends CU you're about to enter a whole new industry and two surround yourself with new types of friends that are from the creative industry the ones that don't shame you for screaming in front of a video my existing friends shamed me I don't know if that can be like a blanket advice to everyone I want to be controversial of course with a one minute video no what I'm saying about every kind of content I don't think that could be advice that could be used by everyone making every kind of content that's how


you started but for me when I started off I needed those two friends of mine because one of them came to hold the camera for me the first time so they're helping you with the content okay so this your friends that don't help you with with the content yeah ditch your friends who aren't unconditionally supportive all the time that you should ditch anyway be a Creator to ditch those friends yeah right you could be a lawyer you could be a teacher and if they're not supportive you should dit them true fair enough yeah more one more I actually don't know if it's a this is a thing that a lot of people


ask should I quit my job what is the optimal time to to like to leave your job like nikil I think touched on this like is it when you start making as much money as your job does and or when you start making slightly lesser money but you think there's the there's the potential potential for it what do you think I'm asking you oh for me okay I actually don't think about it in terms of money I think about it in terms of time so the question is if I don't have a job today how many months do I need to figure out a new career in content creation so I I needed one year to test content creation how much money do I spend in one year I need to save that so


the question the answer was like 30,000 $40,000 in New York which is a lot of money so I saved that and then I was like okay I have one year of Freedom let's just go all in on content but the end of the year it doesn't work I'm back to a job very few people are able to succeed while also doing another thing yeah it's it's NE NE it's very tough to do that if you do you're really talented Elon Musk yeah you're really talented at being able to figure out in your spare time how to crush it at the content thing so it requires you to make that jump to actually fully succeed while you're doing something start yeah get a sense of we talked about the and economy


you can still be a doctor and a Creator if you make one video per week yeah but if you make one video per day there's no space for anything yeah I have warnings rather than hacks uh two warnings first don't do it if you're too sensitive and don't do it if you don't enjoy the actual process of creating videos at this stage maybe later on animated content will become more mainstream and doable but right now it's a lot about shooting lighting thinking what you want to show in your video so unless you're you're truly having fun with creating something and showing it to people don't do it also I feel like be okay with the fact


that you'll never completely get it you'll never completely have a grip on it you will constantly be learning you will constantly be evolving and be okay with that change um because I feel like if you enter being a content creator thinking okay I've got it I know how to do it I have it all in place it's I think you're just going to fall flat it's a very cliche thing but be original is too too cliche but I think a better way to say it is blind copying can only take you this far blind copying can take it can take you to a distance but beyond that you got to have your your own spin on it otherwise it's not long


lasting money uncomfortable question we love money we should all say exactly how much money we make right here okay good good idea start we know 77,000 tomorrow but what about other days so my financial journey is actually very transparent and I love sharing it because it's so I started with $30,000 in savings I spent one year I didn't make any money until I started to make $1,000 $2,000 a month from jobs when I had 100,000 followers a job brand deal comes here a brand comes here I was charging $1,000 $2,000 then Facebook introduced monetization I started to make money from my uh Channel I started to make $10,000 a month and that was for


me like I made it and how much traction did you have I had a million followers so a million followers on Facebook I was making $10,000 a month and then the beauty of the Creator economy is that it doesn't go in a straight line your salary goes up in a straight line if you have a job 10% 10% 10% every month but if you're a content creator your salary will go up like this and so this is what happened to me so 1 million followers became 10 million followers okay Facebook started to give me $30,000 a month okay then my brand Deal started to be another $330,000 a month then speaking engagements another $20,000 a month so now I was averaging $8,000 a


month I finished 1,000 days three years in I was making $80,000 a month amazing okay I became a millionaire first time in my life at age 26 amazing then I was like let's build a company because there's much more to this than can be so then we build a Company the company started to make $20,000 making videos for other people you've seen my social media vide let me do it for you your brand okay behind the scenes okay so you start to offer services then you start to monetize your community offer Nas Academy classes Nas Summit Nas travels okay so all in all in all I think this month so I have two companies the


combined revenue of that is roughly now $900,000 to a million dollar a month wow and it's from like six seven different sources so it's highly Diversified and probably the profit is roughly 200 K 200k 200k USD per month from one company and then other company is losing money so losing 300K is that the company I'm an invested great track record nck genus investor I'm using your money all right that's so uh so that's transparency now let's let me see you be financially naked guys go ahead I I'm not going to yeah me neither why not wiely different but I I I want to be I I want to talk about numbers right um so


people I think grossly underestimate how much money YouTube can pay yes right uh in my experience based on India cpms if you get one million uh if you get 1 million views you can make like one 1 million to 1 lakh Rupees is that is that they varied on the CPM they varied on on the cpms but last largely at some somewhere around that if you get 1 million views you can make up to one lakh one lak rupees 1 lak rupes at million but the lower cap is also lower cap can be huh what's it what's lak 100,000 100,000 rupees no 800,000,000 views in $1,000 in India no way Jose yeah it's $200 H depends again it's it's a it's a a lower he's saying


up to a, if you make Financial content for billionaires you'll get $1,000 at neily it really depends on the the ads on your channel for example on my channel uh 80% of the viewers are from India the remaining 20% are from around the world so my cpms are higher a big chunk of my viewers have YouTube premium a big chunk of the people from around the world are actually from the from USA but tell me duration as well like you're saying 1 million views yeah 1 minute 10 minute 1 hour that should determine how much you get paid so I the average view duration on my channel is about 9 and a half minutes a video yeah that's why you make yeah that's why


probably probably make more um but it's possible to make it's possible to make this much right like and how many views do you get in a month um depends on the month but 20 million is 20 million is comfortable I $220,000 a month $20,000 a month is very very possible um unfortunately India the the businesses that monetizes the audience unless you are selling like finance courses or attech courses um it's it's tough to sell to an audience when you're playing at that scale there's very there's not a lot of stuff that that you can do but branded Revenue wise if you're in the top 5 10% of creators you can make over a million dollar a year come you can you


can do that um you can do that in if you're getting how many views not how many views if you're in the top 10 percentile creators you're able to make 7 10 crores from that means brand influencer marketing is $50 million Market a year no it'll be more than that I think it's more than that already I think it's about 200 million 250 million yeah so I don't think it's less than 50 I think about 100 at least 100 plus creators are making more than that from from Brands I'm talking purely from Brands I think from Community they're making billions yeah there are by the way I know many creators who are making uh more from monetizing through courses


and that kind of stuff uh that can go that can go higher a lot of lot of uh influencers have affiliate income that's coming from you know what what is the regulation around that what is the confusion around it there's General talk about can we regulate influencers from disseminating financial information if they're not registered with the with with the National Authority um but my thought is also you know mainstream media has been doing this for for very long um you should probably also also look at that a bunch of these TV channels have been have been doing what effectively influencers are accused of accused of doing this for for


very long now at a time where media was not as decentralized now so the effect of disseminating financial information during centralized media time was a lot higher that we're all discounting um secondly I actually uh I actually think that netn net influencers have have had a positive impact because there's a whole generation that CNBC was not talking to yeah I agree with you 100% there's this this just a large generation that and by the way the information asymmetry was capitalized on yeah right whereas information has has gotten decentralized and accessible to way more people now so I think influencers have done more for for the


for the education than TV channels ever did so my personal gut is that you know look at your own backyard for the last you know two decades and then maybe maybe make these challenges and by the way a lot of this will uh you know a lot of Legacy Media houses are not going to like this fact that someone can wake up start making Instagram reels get more distribution than them because I know influencers are making more Revenue than full media houses combined and getting more views making more Revenue there's no reason there there's a reason why they're doing that they're putting out better quality they're putting out better quality so is there


Envy yes and are you going to use that muscle to go after people yes and are we going to see more of it yes it's going to happen more and more and more like how we said brands are not your friends Legacy Media houses are not your friends this goes for all influencers they're not your friends your own the lines should not be crossed I feel like of course at some points they were and there should be measures taken to curtail and you know have some kind of a line of course but net net have and apply those rules to everyone yeah apply those rules to everyone rules have to apply commonly to yeah if someone if someone's getting getting slaughtered


for promoting a certain exchange go after all the newspapers that also did the same yeah you know agree why why aren't you doing that apply the rules to everyone yeah agreed you you're making a fair point so you make $20,000 a month from YouTube you can make there are months that are better there are months that are worse and from Brands you probably make yeah I think the upward cap is it's it's possible if you have a more than 10 million across different social media profiles you can uh I have so you can make you can make upwards of a million dollars a year the market can can price you dynamically yeah you are worth what the person who's willing to


pay you that's what outside of the fact that you're my friend and I'll say good things I think your ads are the ads that I remember yeah in many many years thank you appreciate that after a really long time if we have ads that have the recall value that used to have of the all of all the iconic ads that we studied in bmm it's yours bmm yeah because we had advertising and we would have these case studies that we would study about Pepsi and Coke and everyone bachelor in stud ficol all those campaigns we used to study like so the the agency that I run it's it's called Moon there are a couple of agencies that I'm that I'm a part of the


one that specifically does television commercial it's called moonshot i' I'm very lucky that I've had collaborators over the years who have decided to make my co-founder this by the way is a is something that I recommend to every influencer right especially those who are you know who have who have large distributions so I was very lucky that uh I had a lot of collaborators in the past who you know after uh you know after a few years they started their own business some of whom I invested in and I became a co-founder in in one agency and some that I started with like moon is with DEA that's where write television commercials I actually


recommend a lot of um you know digital creators to find co-founders to team up with because the biggest leverage that you have is distribution right so if you focus on the that you're really good at uh you can offload a bunch of other stuff on other co-founders it becomes easier for most digital creators to punt on a business or try a new business if there's someone else who can who you can do it with but if you're alone it becomes very hard to run multiple businesses because running your own distribution channel is is also a full-time job it's it's it's hard enough to do that it's tough for you to think that I'm going to continue building this


distribution and I'm going to launch a fashion line and I'm going to do this it becomes hard so want to make it easy for people watching this okay there's three Avenues you can take and you see a lot of us are taking different Avenues one you can say I am a Creator I'm a successful Creator uh my next step is I want to build my own business and control my own business then do by myself right that's like that's Nas daily Nas company everything I'm doing is like building an entrepreneur building my own stock basically another thing is say I have distribution I love being a Creator and I want to partner with others and I want to build five


businesses and I be a co-founder with other people and so that's your the path that you've taken another one says actually I want to continue to build a business out of my my talent and my creativity and create more content and and and what that's what you're doing writing a book creating TV show and all that stuff so you continue building you are the business right here is your co-founders are the business here is me and my team are the business right right but each way is valid yeah there's no right or wrong it's forward there's no right or wrong but one you are a combination of the three but I don't know he is he he he's doing a bunch of


these but one thing I can assure you right you want to build a business under your distribution no matter what because wealth is made through owning through owning equity and not through renting your time out and unfortunately the Branded content part of our business it's B it's effectively high rent corre so you definitely want to do it and I recommend creators who you know you spend the first 3 four years really growing really enjoying that but the second you start feeling like maybe there's a ceiling start thinking about start think about a business immediately in fact I would't even wait for the second you start feeling like there's a


cap to it you want to start doing it before and the way to think about it is your main sources of income are going to be brands that pay you you got to immediately think what are my sources number two three 4 how else am I going to make money and you got to try everything you want to try affiliate you want to try branded content you want to try building your own business you want to try consultancy you want to try selling merch you got to try all of it cuz you don't know what stickes and what audience will buy do you know what you invested in in my company so your money I'm using we're building this platform that you've invested in okay I know Nas


nasio so Nas doio platform is basically saying okay in the future Brands will not be your friends Community will be so nasio basically helps you take your community and turn it into a business that's what is really important helps you sell those digital courses helps you create a membership helps you make so we're seeing hundreds of people making tens of thousands of dollars on niio from their community and that is the future of business building it's in the past 20 years ago I want to start a business on the internet I build the product I use Shopify and I sell the business through marketing today is I create content I get a community I sell


I find a product for this community it's a whole new way of making money and so that's what nasayo is designed for and I think that's what a lot of creators will build businesses around I agree with him nice plug I was about to say that good good good sell I feel like one thing that nasara does so well is really sell himself and I feel like as no and I mean that in a very good way I'm so bad at it no I think the fact that you doing it again dude by repetition and that's what I learned as a creator that sometimes you don't you have to be your loudest cheerleader you have to scream your like your own post shut up double tap on your own


pictures I'm saying you have to tell the world what you're doing and exactly how you're doing you have to have a clear message as well yeah you got to you got to know your brand what's the brand that's sing and you have to keep repeating it because what is yours oh like And subscribe what is your brand that you keep screaming or that you think is a good idea to so I feel like as a Creator it never really stops no matter how many numbers you get no matter how famous you get no matter how much impact you get it never stops you have to constantly keep pushing whatever little small what whatever it is a tiny thing you did it's


a tiny and that could go with Brands as well one thing to kind of also retain Brands and have longer relationships with them is to subtly overd deliver yeah oh yeah this a great tip yeah always certainly don't don't don't make it look like a ban and everything you say will say but slightly I've promised you three stories I'll give you five because you know this is something a lot of creators are really bad at you know they look at they look at the transaction with the brand as hey you paid me this much this what you get right but really at the end of the day it's people people at the other end who are trying to have a


relationship with you and if you truly go out of a way to build that it really pays off cuz you know brand manag very useful tip right yeah it's super useful and a lot of people think that you know U lot of people like hey I won't work unless these these these these things are required but you won't realize you know you it happens with me where I love talking to Brand managers I love it I love spending time with them really understanding what want a lot of times conversations gets easier when you do it right way easier cuz there's no five Middle Men A lot of people like having a manager between you and what is a brand manager like say Adidas yeah so Adidas


has a brand so Adidas will have a main brand manager then they might have like a person who runs deploys their influencer marketing capital and then they sometimes have an agency they we have an agency you want to but these guys have favorites they have favorite creators correct and so you want to be their favorite you want to be their favorite uh like they literally decide on where to deploy dollars based on their timeline so you're saying favorite is not necessarily traction but also how Rel relationship fully the way it works with Brands is three ways one night stands dating or marriage yeah one night stand is give me money I'll give you a


service bye-bye by and they never come back again dating is let's make 10 videos in 10 months together marriage is I'm your brand ambassador yeah you want marriage you want marriage you you want marriage with everyone and that's also the most effective R sorry that is also the most effective kind of uh translation that will happen of a relationship with a brand I've I've found out that when you do longer associations it also benefits you as a Creator and to your credibility for sure because I will see creators who will speak about three brands in the same sector in a span of one month M yeah and that immediately takes their credibility


away from them like but AB you said that that one was the best face wash now you're saying it's this one so like which one do I but if I sell the same face wash for 3 years that brings my credibility up for other brand products do you would you also only sell what you like or would you sell Hoopes most creators would sell hoes come on let's not me yeah yeah there's there's a number for most creators but there's some like obvious category blocks like you want to avoid betting and you aoid you want to avoid some stuff fness scams and that that do you think do you think this also become more


relevant because people have lost faith in Bollywood and Cricket because they sold everything for so long so people don't buy from them anymore I think it's because the cricket player doesn't tell a story The Cricket player just wears a T-shirt and smiles N I don't think it's about them using the product in the first case it's all about legitimacy if I see a brand with shauk I'm not thinking shauk uses this I'm thinking this brand can afford shauk they're not going any but when you see pra using it do you think she uses it yeah I think even in the Creator segment you know some creators are uh you know more either add more legitimacy or they know


that this Creator is really big so this must have been expensive to to buy this slot so it's it's spending power of a brand determines trust and trust and legitimacy what is Shah ruk doing right oo so many things see again he's a biggest fan who shuk he's his biggest fan yeah he is pushing everything he's doing doing and he is not being humble about it he is he's there he's like I am good and I'm doing this and that is and I feel like that is what I love about and that's what I want to learn from this is something that shuk has said before which is his relationship with Brands um I think it was Hyundai that he spoke about saying that hyai did not he


used those cards like visibly he visibly used those cards and he went out of his way and he had a very long partnership with them like he launched it with them and he has publicly said that there are you know Brands like Hyundai supported him even during the bad times look it's you forget at the end of the day most of these industries are really small the same people work in like 10 15 different brands right like very rarely do do people just stick around with one place for 20 years people move around this is so rare that creators develop relationship with brand managers it's very rare yeah some of it is because you know agencies in the middle are very


scared that if a Creator talks to a client directly they going to miss their brokerage they'll know how much brokerage is G they know how much brokerage is gone that kind of thing this is why I push creators to talk to the brand guys don't put all your eggs into one manager because your manager may not have your best interest in mind I've never had a manager in my entire life nothing wrong with having a manager I know you have a manager you have a manager nothing wrong with that but be careful because when I am a brand and I give creators money if a manager comes to me and be like you can't talk to my client and my client


doesn't do anything for less than $10,000 I give them the middle finger and I move the on so you don't want to that guy yeah vage is your manager UL my co-founder yeah you it's important to get your manager's incentives aligned with you yeah that's some things you want to do for free but your manager doesn't make any money on it because they take a commission but it's good for your branding like going to Davos yeah Davos doesn't pay but it's important that we go to Davos to increase a brand so the manager's incentive is only to work on brands that make money so that's where the problems start to happen yeah


but these These are the top of the pile right you guys are top of the pyramid that's true I I would call it survivors we surv survivals it's a survival game it's not like about there's likes in victimhood made it through when do you start making money meaningful money or any money any money I think within like two months yeah I actually didn't make any money for like almost a year wow yeah I made $200 after two months if you I think if you if you start getting upwards of you know 50,000 views on YouTube you can you and if you get that regularly YouTube will start paying you how much will they pay you let's say you put out four


videos in a month which get one gets 50 another gets 10 another gets five I had then you make nothing 55 10 and all you make nothing yeah no no yeah that is why it took me that long you want to make I think you want to make at least you want to get at least 100,000 views Plus for you to make a few thousand rupees on on YouTube in India wow this is why I get back to the same point on YouTube you need a million people to make $100 in a community you need a hundred people to make $1,000 in a community each one of your members will pay you $10 that $10 time $100 is $1,000 your community is where you make the money not from the brands and not from YouTube any hint


hack on building that Community yes own the audience how it's so important my biggest mistake was for seven years I was just going viral making Tik Tok happy making Facebook happy making Instagram happy you scroll past and you'll never see me again right no now in the middle of the freaking video I stop and I'm like listen you Mr person you like my video about uh Ecuador join my nasayo community because I am going to take you to Ecuador so every video have a million views I funnel 20,000 people and I get their email and I get their phone number great now I can reach those people for the next 10 years while I can never reach them again on YouTube


so now it's in the platforms interest to not let you own the audience they never let you so now I have 20,000 people I email them I email them using Nas subscriber subscriber audience sub here's the interesting part on YouTube if someone subscribe to subscribes to you you don't get any details about them like do you have an audience whose number email I have 400,000 now I don't have that you need to start building that I have a mind performance app so they go there they use the app yeah I don't have that either you need that too I need I need that very badly I wish somebody told me this when I started I would have 5 million numbers now but I


only have 400,000 but 80% of my Revenue now comes from these 400,000 emails may maybe I mean correct me if I'm wrong I the way I look at it is if you're getting the numbers and names uh and also giving them some utility in return it's much more long-term and Powerful yes and I I think that's how young content creators should look at it yeah that's what it means to build a community off of social media no I'm not not talking about but generally I think a lot of people just send out newsletters and all I don't know how effective newsletters are anymore and I might be entirely wrong oh very effective like my ex-girlfriend alen


right she has let's say 300,000 followers on on I'll give you the number because she's off public about her numbers 300,000 followers on Instagram she's like any time join my newsletter join my newsletter okay uh so naso helps you do that so join my newsletter uh in was designed for that so so so now she has I think 10,000 emails of girls interested in Retreats each product is $3,000 wow $4,000 now she3 million of potential Revenue yes so she makes for $500,000 a year from that $10,000 mailing list selling Retreats wow and she makes Zero from Instagram that's where the real money is then yes yeah in owning your audience yes I agree do you


feel any difference any different about the Indian audiences and how they respond to these things no I think it's it's possible to get get the data I think that's very possible you just need the right character at the end of it yeah I also think that Indian audience arpu is lower but I think that if you find the right product you're able to monetize them like it's it's possible to do uh it's just whether me and you can do it depends really depend on the product it's possible to do it what's a really successful Indian content creator Le product Finance with Sharon Finance with Sharon Sharon's done it really well I think a


lot of the guys who do courses are able to monetize very easily because OPM right which is oh you think that doing X is going to help you do way better products are harder to move because physical products you mean yeah physical products are harder to move like I know Bollywood movie stars have launched products and they most of them are tank there are very few hits like it has to be the right and Perfect Fit Rik and hrx was was perfect that's why I recommend experiences not a lot of creators are doing that yeah experiences dance creators are doing that no yeah like learn dancing learn Dancing Yeah like Nicole and um sonal are doing that yeah


yeah you can you can build a bunch of service businesses easily take your audience with you to the himal for a sday Meditation Retreat I would do it with you you're the guru on the stuff how to be more connected with yourself I mean I would do it with you will will YouTube go after you when you do that no it will not patreon is A5 billion company and that's the whole idea of it they upload videos early right what does patreon do patreon is a different platform where you can pay a Creator a certain fee to get certain privileges memberships but basically you take the data I mean taking the data from YouTube it's fair and square if


you're doing it like inside the video content if you put a link and people click on it it's fair and square does YouTube downgrade you if you're monetizing versus being free no does it upgrade you if you're monetizing no they don't care I mean it's good for them if you're monetizing because they are also monetizing them YouTube takes 55% of AD revenue and 30% of membership Revenue okay so the last section the penultimate section is how to damn the last section of this section just between us like we want to cover the entire breadth of what a young person wanting to build a following needs what do you think we've missed


nothing see you next time any tools any like hacks do you use CH GPD mid Journey all of that is useful um all the AI tools will be use rate in order of useful the top three GPD is very useful for um everything and everything ideation writing like scripts are now automated yeah uh we're going to have oneclick llm training very soon it's already out there it's just not Mega simplified so what is llm training large language model training which means you can take potentially all the scripts you've ever written in your voice feed it into a large language model and it can start spitting out content in your style like it's doable like people have


already done it with comedians like they've taken scripts of you know Bill Hicks George khin and said what would George khin say about why and if you have enough data to train the llm this is possible to do and it will be eventually very very easy to do um dubbing tools all just keep an eye out on the AI stuff follow over powered um that that's super helpful GPD is super super useful all things content creation it can help you ideate think of titles uh what should be the thumbnail everything right writing the full script all that is useful one hack that I would recommend is if you know how to Ed it it's super useful yeah if you know what


how the end product is made after you're done shooting it is very useful cuz it'll start changing the way you actually even start thinking about yeah but will your editing quality be as good as a professional in time if you edit enough yeah I would say if you if you can edit a short form video with captions Cuts other footage you're learning a lot in in a very quick time yeah but actually my biggest recommendation to people is your first hire should be an editor if you can afford to hire anybody hire an editor because that's how you buy back your time so when I was making the daily videos I made the first 750 videos


myself it was taking me five hours of editing every single day when I hired that person it freed me five hours a day to do everything else build a business get an editor if if you have really talented team members like if your editor is really good people are going to try and post this editor immediately people are literally going to try and copy post do all that so one thing that's really helped me is I have a small team of five folks who've been with me for the last 3 four years and you hide them huh you hide them in and hide them they get credited in every video their names and Instagram IDs are public uh but one thing that I did is


every time I do like a every time I do like a sponsored thing everybody involved in the video uh gets a gets a piece of it uh so the editor gets paid editor gets paid bonus on on a sponsored video the cast members get get a get a piece of this thing right from Shankar to the editors to the cast members everybody gets a piece of the sponsored cont that comes in because it's just you know the the vibe of the room changes when I say there's a sponsored video cuz everybody who's working on it feels like all right good Payday for me um so a good idea I recommend that I would highly recommend it cuz I know my guys like you know they months that I have


had a great month they've had a great month too months where I've had an okay month they've had an okay month I feel like that's what I mean when I say that collaboration is so important when you become a creator that eventually you are going to have to make your band of people who believe in your content and want to cont want to contribute to it as much as you do most of the content creators who went mainstream and then faded away often it was an outcome of the teams leaving them I've noticed this a lot and most people don't do this I I've I say this a lot to other creators and everyone's always like oh oh you do that I'm like yeah we do we do this but


we do 7% profit share so every month 7% of the profit goes back to the team as a bonus yeah it gets tricky when the the team is too big because you don't want the editor to make the most money and the executive assistant not to make any money yeah correct correct so you want to make sure the whole team get get it it's very easy when it's just small team and if somebody watching this if you don't want to be a Creator and you say oh my face is not designed for this my personality I'm too shy for this right then become an editor for every one of us we have created together 200 300 jobs right so there's 200 Creator economy jobs from four channels so you can be an


editor you can be an executive assistant you can be a producer you can be a script writer there's many jobs the creat economy if you're still watching until the end of this video it really means you should apply for one of these jobs does how you look what you wear matter makeup no makeup how you look what t-shirt you're wearing what dress you're wearing I mean nire wears the same thing every day every single day depends if you're a guy or girl to be honest yeah depends if you're a guy or girl looks matter a lot for women but you know I remember when I started off uh on YouTube and I started uploading content


it was oh if you're going on camera you have to put makeup on if I'm shooting a video I have to put makeup on I have to dress a certain way I have to speak a certain way and then I think three or four weeks into making making my videos I did one video where I sat down in my pajamas and I wasn't wearing any makeup and my hair wasn't real talk Tuesday Real Talk Tuesday my first Real Talk Tuesday video I was replying to hate comments and all the comments under were oh my God you really it's so nice to see you like this because you're more relatable like that and ever since then my idea of associating the way I look to what I do has really changed and that


only happened because I put myself out on the internet so it can work either ways wow p is pretty like real that way like she's sweating and working out and she's like and that's why people love you cuz you're very relatable Rel yeah but and I've also had a time where I went on a because I felt that pressure at one point and I was like everybody's posting such nice pictures maybe I should get styled and you know I should also do like hair and makeup all the time and all the pictures have to be SLR pictures and I put them out and the first picture did really well and then the second dipped and then the third dipped and the fourth dipped and then I


put out a selfie of me eating Chinese at the yashraj galii and that one shot up and that's when I realized that you know what it's different for everyone and I'm so happy that I'm in a position where I can dink the two things very cool so it really depends on how you approach it and what precedent you want to set with it female influencers have it rough like there a headcount that comes with the pressure of always looking good is like yeah yeah and the comment section yeah and the comment section how much money does it cost to produce videos when you're beginning depend on the kind of videos Niki you


have should be zero yeah just your time so okay last last question we we told people we we tried to teach people how to become an influencer answer how the monetization world Works last question how to stay relevant how to continue to get traction and grow once you have become an influencer keep Reinventing have some form broad keep some form of reinvention going every 6 months for example either you think of switching genres I'm just telling you based on what's worked for me or in the product that you're creating which for me in this case is the podcast you have to bring something


new some new J ra uh if you're constantly bringing one narrative bring the opposite narrative you have to serve novelty and personally um I feel the core of this is in your real life as a human you have to keep evolving either find new friend Groups travel more um learn a new skill you have to do new because the content at the end of the day is coming out of your heart so that's the core at least that's what work for me to break it down into a really tiny piece listen to your audience your audience that's the good thing about putting yourself on the internet they are extremely honest nothing will humble you yeah nothing


will humble you like your audience if it's working they're going to shout it and they're going to tell you that it's working the minute it stops working they're going to shout that also how does it sound when it stops working oh my God uh videos are not fun anymore we used to like the kind of videos used to make before go back to doing that this is not working they it's very blatant you won't have to sit and decipher it's in the words it's written that many words to you and these are people and I I look forward to this because this is the community that has held me through all the new things that I said the Kali


Pula that he was talking about it was a short film that was so away from the content that I'd ever made I I was very scared but I couldn't have the guts to make it if I didn't have the uh confidence that my audience will tell me the truths whether it works or not also yeah if if your engagement goes down that's also a metric of people AR liking this yeah your relevance just so it's very easy actually to keep a reality check on how well your content is doing or how relevant you are based on what your audience is telling you I like to think of it as spikes and waves which is if you want to be all the consistent stuff that you keep putting out those


are waves and you got to keep thinking about what's your next Spike these what this means is you're forced to experiment or you're forced to do something that's going to get the next new unique users on onto your platform so if you live to make videos if your number one goal of living is to make the videos it's unsustainable because at some point you'll be so tired of this you don't want to make another cooking video you don't want to make another travel video you're done that's why my number one advice to stay relevant is to live your best life keep living a very interesting life and make videos about that life instead of living life to make


videos live an interesting life and take the audience with more so for example when I was traveling the world the audience came with me now I'm building a company the audience must come with me some will don't want to stay behind but this is where I'm going and the audience must come with me because there's no option because I ain't going back to the old days right and then when I do the my next my third act the audience will have to come the audience love to see a hero fall and a hero succeed they love to see a hero like go up so the most interesting thing about Nas da is where is it going to go next because you don't know that so don't live to make videos


live interesting life and make videos about it smart makes a lot of sense okay guys at the end of every episode we try and do something to help the community we are teaching on that particular day we hope this is in a manner College uh that many people most people do not have access to uh we looked far and wide online on how to be a influencer we didn't find much but when we asked people this is such a profession that young people want to get into now uh what for me as a kid was being a pilot or an astronaut things I knew about but I said it because it was cool back then today that is being a social media content


creator uh so I'd like to request you guys uh to allocate a certain amount of money we will run a democratic process of picking these creators uh really talented young budding guys and girls from different corners of India uh so you allocate the money we will pick them democratically and then we will help them out with uh whatever we can whoever the winners of this contest in A man how many are there going to be 50 50 people okay so uh start with tan is there an amount you'd like to allocate for this oh I five lakhs uh projecta same because I'm religious I'll say 5 lak and one


rupee I makeing five hey bidding is good you guys want to compete I mean if we keep adding one rupe we'll be here all so I want to take this five laks and I want to give it to trainers to teach all 50 people for free for two months so we're going to give a class with all the stuff that they make we'll give them free education with actual trainers from India and then two months and they'll become friends and they'll ditch your old friends and then hopefully they'll be creators super so we'll commit to that yeah and I'll add amount to 50 lakhs uh to the same thing and we'll


combine it all together and we'll run this and uh I think it can go a long way in helping many new young people become like people on this table or better sound good or better that's amazing that's very generous of you by the way 50 laks it's like a big deal we do it every episode wow super Co yeah you know the guess guess it's a it's a monetary loss if you're a guest on this party you've been here four you me this 6 hours what's going on all the best guys all the best yeah this is the part where you thank your guests thank you guys for coming was the longest podcast we've done in the history of podcast how many hours was


how many hours five more 5 hours 5 hours 5 Hour podcast five and a half oh my god wow one last we wanted to show you guys uh videos from your wow would like all of you to react insane oh no this can't be nice oh my God hi okay after that freakishly awkward introduction hello G my name is PR why would you do that who the hell is that why would you do that seriously guys seriously I have no clue why I'm doing this but I think it'll be fun here's the idea once a day I'm going to make one video that's 1 minute that's it that's you look so cute bro got a as well yeah that's all


started hey guys my name is ran alabad I'm 22 years old I've been gyming for 3 years I'm basically an engineering graduate but I'm also a fitness trainer and fitness and food are my two biggest passions hence the name can eat whatever you want didn't have a mic still be still be th you can eat whatever you want we we need a before and after video wow what is style to you honestly styish but I like things which are comfortable so weird 10 years all candles bore [Music] me oh my God those a really old that's a

Key Themes, Chapters & Summary

Key Themes

  • Building Influence in the Modern World

  • The Role and Impact of Content Creation

  • Strategies for Successful Content Creation

  • Balancing Authenticity and Public Perception

  • The Intersection of Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Social Change

  • Navigating the Challenges of Influencer Marketing

  • The Future of Content Creation and its Economic Impact


  • Introduction to Building Influence Today

  • Content Creation: Passion and Profession

  • The Evolution of Content Creation

  • Content Creation and Social Impact

  • Strategies for Building a Personal Brand

  • Dealing with Public Perception and Criticism

  • The Business of Content Creation

  • Future Trends in Content Creation and Influence Building

  • Concluding Thoughts on Influence and Content Creation


The podcast episode titled "WTF does it take to Build Influence Today?" features Nikhil in conversation with Nuseir, Tanmay, Prajakta, and Ranveer. This engaging and insightful discussion delves into various aspects of content creation and influence in the modern digital landscape.

Prajakta, a content creator and actor from Mumbai, India, shares her journey, which began in 2015. She narrates her transition from a disheartening stint as a radio jockey to a successful career in content creation and acting. Her story is one of resilience and adaptability, illustrating the potential for reinvention in the digital age. Her first significant breakthrough came in 2015 with a viral video, leading to a rollercoaster of successes and opportunities, including participation in YouTube's 'Creators for Change' program and collaborations with figures like Michelle Obama.

The conversation also touches on the concept of 'influencing' versus 'creating content.' The speakers discuss the distinction between true influence, exemplified by roles like teachers and doctors, and the impact of content creation. This distinction is crucial in understanding the evolving dynamics of digital platforms and the role of content creators in shaping public perception and opinion.

Prajakta's experience highlights the fluid boundaries between different forms of digital expression and the mainstream entertainment industry. She discusses the emerging opportunities for content creators in acting and other avenues, reflecting the blurring lines between traditional and new media. Her story is a testament to the evolving nature of fame and influence in the digital era, where content creators are redefining entertainment, engagement, and influence.

In summary, the podcast episode presents a vivid picture of the journey and challenges of being a content creator today. It sheds light on the evolving definition of influence in the digital age, the journey of transitioning from traditional media roles to digital content creation, and the expanding horizons for content creators in various fields, including entertainment and social change.