[Laughter] [Music] hello mr west what's up what's going on man good to see you guys seeing you too we finally did it we're here we made it happen we're in the building yes sir so what what are you doing you running for president uh yes what made you decide to do that aren't you busy enough clothing company successful rapper family man it was something that god put on my heart back in 2015 uh a few days before the mtv awards it just it hit me in the shower and when i first thought of it i just started like laughing to myself and it like all this like joy came over my over my body just through my soul and i could just i i just felt that energy i felt that spirit so then two days later i uh accepted the michael jackson video vanguard awards at the uh mtv awards and um instead of performing you know my array of hit songs you know i gave uh just my perspective on award shows but always i knew at the end i was going to tell people i'm running for office i'm running for president in 2020.


and you know just to have the it it even took heart to say it in that context and people were just like oh like their their minds are blown and then i was hanging out with different i had different friends that were you know some people in the music industry some people tech elites different things like that and they would um really you know they just really took it as a joke and they're telling me all these millions of reasons why i couldn't run for president i remember running into oprah two days or one day after that and she's like yeah i want to be president and you know people just you know thought projecting putting this on you and i i remember saying uh one of my responses to one of the people that one of the naysayers was well definitely be a billionaire by that time uh and not that that's a reason why someone should become president but it's to say you know at that time i was uh 50 around 50 million dollars in debt and i knew i had the confidence that i would be able to turn that around and now you know just going into i want to just give you a a yeah that that's a clear answer right someone i know what you're saying i don't i don't want to go off on two of them no it's okay yeah what you're basically saying is you know how to set goals you know to achieve them but what was oprah's rationale when she said you don't want to be the president like what was she saying because i remember when people were saying that that's our next president remember when trump got elected you know they showed oprah and they were saying like there was i believe it was like nbc tweeted it this is our next president like they a lot of people wanted oprah to want to run and they felt like if trump could win oprah could win when i saw trump win i was like see you can win you know i was um you can win if you're coming from outside of politics i was young when ronald reagan was in was president i don't remember ronald reagan was the governor of california before he was the president he had actually proven himself as a politician at least somewhat which is an idea that people have thrown out at me to to be governor california to be governor of california anyone's better than this guy just do just go ahead start there get a shot open things up again man but i think and i think my calling is to be uh i i believe that my calling is to be the leader of the free world not not i mean if if it's in god's plan that part of my path is to be the governor then that's fine but my call is to be the leader of the free world so when you say this like when you say your calling is to be the leader of the free world what what does that mean to you does that does it mean do you have a plan that's different than the plans that have been implemented before does it mean that you have ideas what kind of plan like the plan to be the leader like what would you do if you were the leader of the free world like what would be different about the way you would handle things like if that's your plan like what is it about that that that is your calling like why why would you want to do that like what do you want to do differently if you were the leader of the free world well um well there was a couple questions in there you said why is you know why is that your calling there's people who will say to me you know they'll say well music is bigger than politics or more influential than politics or celebrities or more influential and uh i thought of it like if i was a pastor of a hundred thousand person church but then i was also um uh a captain a sailor and then we went to war and i said i'm gonna man this ship that has a thousand people a thousand soldiers on it because god is calling me to take this position even though i'm the pastor for you know however big my audience is in hip-hop uh in music or as a just an influencer or celebrity uh or just as a dad and a husband in my house the world is like there couldn't be a better time to put a visionary in the in the captain's chair um and that's not to say we we haven't had visionaries be uh before i'm not coming here to down any of the other uh i'm not here to down trump down biden uh i'm just here to express why um uh why god has called me to take this position so when you say a visionary you think of yourself in in terms of like as an artist as a creator some someone who has these thoughts that they manifest in in terms of music and art creation design the things that you do that's why you you think you're different as a visionary yeah i i i think that i think i'm different from i mean we're all different so i'm definitely different from everybody we're all different from each other i mean i do bump into people that seem to be like the same character inside of yeah it's like i've said people before yeah people play the same roles like well i just met you before that you're just like the head of this company over here you're the same kind of person um yeah you know i mean i manifest i see things i'm a great leader because i listen and i'm empathetic and i feel the entire earth and i feel us as a as a species as the the human race like i do sometimes people think of uh utopia as almost like a negative word that's that's like we couldn't have that but i do believe in world peace like the people hit me with the one of the things oprah said is she said you got to bone up on your foreign affairs i remember this like because it's oprah talking so i'm going to remember a lot of what the conversation was but that's the first thing she said was you know uh foreign affairs and foreign policies like just i think the reason why i say leader and that politician and not even specifically uh president is uh this is the time you know when when the constitution was written that was an innovation now the world is innovated all around our political system but we haven't innovated and simplified our political system so i met with um this gentleman sam uh one of the founders of y combinator so y combinator is a a um is a contract that my friend the head of dropbox used um and that a lot of tech guys use and it's a standardized deal so one of the ideas i had when i was um as i'm in this process of innovating i'm not i'm not in war with the music industry it's just it's time for us to innovate uh and we need to have contracts that make sense with exactly how we sell music so you know people every vicinia and that's like uh every 20 years that's like the like decade is 10 vicinia is 20. and as you see now it's like the world is just stopped for a second and there's an opportunity to look and say what are the things we need what are the things we don't need so i don't know if you saw when i posted my contract i had 10 contracts that kept on putting me inside a labyrinth and there's things that we don't need now i believe that the distribution partner that the label is like prince would go and say oh we don't need the distribution partner especially if prince was you know really alive and thriving in this internet era i'm the kind of person where i'm not trying to go and eliminate anyone's job so record labels are afraid of saying okay we're going to hand over the distribution completely to you guys which is you know that's a possibility there's a way where both parties can be happy and that these infrastructure partners can be of service to the influencer to the artists like these these deals can be flipped in a way that they're just more fair uh you know a record and i'll just let let me just go into the specific uh place with the record labels for a second yeah i'm talking about that this is a confusing thing for people on the outside yeah so before when i told my father i wanted to rap he was uh very like leery of that idea he said this this i heard this business is terrible and you know he's right like people are all seeing things that are wrong inside of contracts turning blind eyes to it and everyone's responsible everyone's a part of it you know it's like when the me too movement happened you know it wasn't just the guys that were getting tagged and you know some of the guys should have got hit with it some guys shouldn't you know that's not what i'm here to talk about i'm saying that in a way everyone's responsible everyone's a part of the problem that's why i really love that um black mirror episode when you know everyone was making comments and anyone that even made a comment the bees it was about these uh you know uh mechanical bees anyone and this is a spoiler alert if you haven't seen this episode but anyone who made a comment the bees came to go get them and that's the thing about what you put in the universe even a thought you know you put that thought into the it's another thing to say something negative and put that into the universe it's another thing to see someone being raped you know that's the reason why i compare what's happening to in the music industry to me too because artists are raped you've heard that term before i'm not this is not like i'm it's not like a new thing that i'm making up the the contracts are made to rape the artist and um you know i put my like i i think about you know this is like a thought that right now it's like is this a a negative thought that i'm putting into the universe but i have to say like when i was going on twitter i was thinking about bruce and brandon lee that crossed my mind to say i'm this is sony this is universal and i'm willing to put the blue paint on my face and go out and do this because it's the right thing to do like music like at this point it loses me money it doesn't make it doesn't make me money it is my my five billion dollar net worth and 300 million dollars of cash that i see a year music is like negative 4 million for me so these contracts for me were kind of like wang grow and heat where this guy had everything but he still said wang grow messed up this this uh this heist that we're going to do like i look at the music industry and that music and the love of music itself but the music industry i look at it like wang girl like i blame you know the loss of my mother partially on in the entertainment industry the always fighting to you know represent you know who you are against media entertainment in an industry that's trying to tear down anybody that's not uh going with the flow i i see you know i've got those kind of reasons personally uh but uh vengeance is mine said the lord so it's not a matter of going in for revenge that's just me as a human being where i fall short like i'm not a monk can you explain what you're talking about with bruce lee and brandon lee like what i lost you there okay so bruce lee and brandon lee were both murdered well brandon lee died in an accident on a movie set yeah do you think it was a murder i felt that's a conspiracy right the conspiracy was that the chinese triad killed him the same way they killed bruce but this the the coroner's report was that bruce died from uh a reaction to a medication right yeah i mean but i think about that anytime i go to the go to the hospital i'm very you know i'm mindful of that stuff you think about like bob marley they didn't just jfk or mlk him there's like reports that it was something in his toe or he had cancer right i believe he had a skin cancer yeah like i went to go uh i got a shot in my uh in my hand because uh just from texting and stuff my thumb was like hurt and then i told you so much you hurt your thumb absolutely just texting way too much so i post a picture of uh the screen at the hospital and then i was asked to take it down by but who people just call them i forget exactly who asked me but it was like they get they got to my management they got to this and they said take that picture down like the hospital it was in the weirdest place you know so what what did they not like about the picture um i think it had like it might have had some information on it that they didn't want to go out like an address or something like that it's just like but i don't want to go down go down these rabbit holes i'm just saying like michael jackson not waking up one day prince not waking up one day bruce and brandon lee bob marley all of these things are have crossed my mind you know as i'm going and saying i need to innovate what these contracts are not just for me but for all artists it's not about me getting my masters back it's about it's about freedom and i say on a new song i say if i would put myself in harm's way to get my masters they would put their self in harm's way to stay the master and that's there's a complete parallel to the way the music industry works and the way the world currently works and the influence that america has on other countries and the way governments work uh the influence and the way government and the way people in power and control deal with you know disaster relief deal deal with haiti deal with uh the bahamas like where is the money going why aren't things being built and this concept of money right i asked myself this um uh i asked someone a week ago like how much is america in debt and they were like this many trillion and then i asked my a rhetorical question but the dumbest question i've ever asked myself i said well you know how much does the earth cost think of it think about a bad question but but how much is the earth worth yeah what is what is the earth what all the things on earth yeah and it's saying we can't buy it we couldn't make enough money to buy the earth right so that means we made money so if money is the key to all people's happiness and we'll solve everything and everyone's doing things for money let's just make more money but it's not about making more money it's about keeping poor people poor and rich people rich and people keeping people in their place and right now we're experiencing the fall of rome or the titanic has now hit a glacier and there's people who would prefer to go down with the titanic than to get on a lifeboat because they don't want to get sea water on their dress or on a nice outfit the people are so programmed and brainwashed into uh classism and protectionism that uh it's difficult for people to embrace innovation unless it has a tag on it it's got a name brand connected to it that says with this innovation you will be better than the person you'll be better than your next-door neighbor you know when i made sunday service i i completely stopped rapping because i didn't know how to rap for god you know all my raps always had like um you know like nasty jokes on it and um and then you know i made um i made uh when i when i went to the hospital i know you want to get into this when i went to the hospital in 2016 i wrote uh start a church in calabasas and as we left from 2018 going into 2019 i said i'm not gonna let one sunday go by without starting this church and there's people who said it wasn't a church and different things but to start a ministry i'm like the little drummer boy where i'm saying you know this all i got to bring my my drum i might not be well versed in the word and but i i know how to do make music and i know how to put this choir together and all things can be made good for god so it like quickly became the best choir of all time because all the best singers moved to california and now but a lot of them grew up in the church so it's like the opportunity for for them to actually get paid singing for god because i would be funding it and that for me was like a tithe for me to fund sunday service and i was four months in before i gave my life to god like i wasn't saved it's just i had a calling saying just go make this church and the whole thing the comparison to this church to me going and saying okay why why am i running for president is to be in service and that's service to my my own ego uh you know i feel like god says to me like haven't i given you enough and i gave you an ego that helped you overcome all these you know roadblocks and smoke screens and people telling you what you can't do now you need to realize when you're doing things for your ego and when you're doing things for me this is like god the what i feel god is saying to me uh because it really irritates me when people say god told me to tell you so i'm very like mindful with this kind of word and this i'm saying i have a feeling that that's what god is saying for me to be in service so the ultimate service position is leader of the free world to be the president of the united states it's sometimes you see me on twitter i'll say i want all the smoke i want all the problems because the problems are the opportunities there's an opportunity to solve things and kurzweil uh he created the keyboard kurzweil uh he he has this video that marco manik this uh director that shot 99 problems for jay-z which is like my favorite uh maybe like top five or top two favorite videos of all time uh he also did a closer for trent rezner and i like i just grew up on mtv in the 90s and i love mark romantic videos but he would share um he'd share little bits and pieces i remember ray curls kurzweil talking about the ability for us to have a utopia but us being led by the least noble and the most greedy but if someone or when someone gets in a position of leadership that is in service to god and in service to people period but immediately the american people um i had this joke i was saying like man no one outside of our country should be able to see these debates this is family business right here this is only for america to see we can't let anyone outside the country see it but to be in service so i i stepped away already from my rap career for a year and served god every week sometimes twice a week three times a week never missed a sunday until covet and um and this thing there were people inside of the church stealing doing different things trying to just take them and god still provided a way for us to keep that boat afloat we never missed a we never missed uh a service and then uh one of my pastors pastor adam who is uh uh uh the way he preaches is is called expository it's like one to one by the word i like all different kind of preachers but there's some type of preachers they they get up they have the bible in their hand then they close the bible and then they just talk for uh two hours and it's and and some do have anointing but the expository preachers go line for line and for me it's like i come from entertainment i got so much sauce i don't need no sauce on the word i need the word to be solid food that i can understand exactly what god was saying to me through the king james version do this you know um through this translation or the english shannon version so pastor adams was coming by my spot uh i got this 300 acre spot in um calabasas uh that we had a little house in that i was recording and i would play this music these chords that i love they're almost like monk-like um and that's going to go into something we'll talk about later because i'm building a modest i'm building them a monastery that will then be the future of uh monasteries this like uh full sustainable energy now uh he says to me pastor adam says to me when i was thinking about should i rap or not he said my son just said you know i wish i want to hear yay rap do album about jesus a rap album about jesus and it was through the mouth of babes like this person i'm gonna listen to the kids bro you know i'm gonna listen to my daughter i'm gonna listen to kids before i listen to you know super programmed out adults and especially if that adult hasn't done something that i am looking to do right uh so it's so funny how people are so like free and almost arrogant with their advice and i'm just like why would i listen to you you don't even ask me for any advice i'm the most successful person i know so the um um so he said my son wants to hear a rap album from yay and that just that was that was the paradigm shift for me i used that word a lot i like that i like paradigm shift it's one of my favorite the and i i made this rap album and you know for a lot of people it was the first album that they could play with a certain production level in the house with their with their with their family now you know you could argue if the watch the throne production was stronger or better than uh jesus king production but when i go and i like i've been working with dr dre and some of the beats and just be like you know the hardest beats possible and it's something that was very spiritual and meditative about the mix on jesus king that it wasn't hitting as hard as jesus or hitting as hard as uh watch the throne it was like this is how god wanted me to make this uh make this sonic painting and the way he wanted me to communicate then so we did that album and then we did the jesus's born album which also i got that idea from pastor adams uh and i mean there's people who that's the only album they play and it's just bringing these gospel and i tell you like my formula for these hymns i'm writing because i'm writing the the songs that we're doing at uh sunday service is basically my book of hymns for the future gospel university that i'm creating where i've envisioned and will manifest a 200 000 seat stadium circular with a hundred thousand gospel singers and people will go to this university and they will train the way you know a russian olympic swimmer you know a picture like they would be in the pool six days a week at least if not seven days but for people who sing for the church or you know uh you know because it's it's it's a tide it's pro bonus all this like people don't practice that as much as we practice going to studio to rap or practice uh playing basketball if we're in the nba so it's making the nba sort of say uh the coliseum for god and what that have have you like heard like soccer chants and like and just like sixty thousand persons so i envisioned that for god a hundred thousand people sometimes singing in uh harmony sometimes in unison glory glory oh god almighty we lift our hands and give you praise glory glory oh god almighty we lift our hands and give you praise for picture a hundred thousand people in unison and that feeling what that would do for our spirits our souls it's healing there's natural forms of healing about our environment um the friends that we're around what we're wearing what we're eating our diet so donde is a design company that um that uh i formed around 10 years ago and some of the people that worked at donda are now have went on to become heads of fashion houses like uh virgil's the head of louis vuitton and he was the head of donda at a certain point another guy that worked at donda is now the head of givenchy so this is like the the talent pool and this donda is basically my version of like a cyber you know extension of my brain like here's something that i'm thinking of that you can't touch but we need to we need to bring it into fruition we need to manifest it and we have to see how to use things of our past and things of our now to create our future so it's a organization um created to guarantee the future of the human race really i thought about even calling it edna because i see us all as superheroes and aetna was the designer in the incredibles which is kind of almost really similar to donda i'm just seeing these lineups and stuff so um so now our focus is food clothing shelter communication education and transportation so at the school that i just created easy christian academy you know we call nasa we call different places about this hydroponic vertical growing uh garden and i remember sitting you know the idea of the garden is from a to z you have to be able to make your food right there fully sustainable right there on your land and you know there's a bunch of people like oh i made this salad right here it's like i'm not that good enough you still gotta go to the grocery store for eighty percent sixty percent of your stuff i remember this one you know um this one farmer we had you know he wanted to build this class for the kids and all this we're going to show the kids this thing people always make the kids version i don't like this the kids version thing like kids need to understand how what if the pandemic was you know they lost all their parents and it was lost the kids need to understand early how real life works so physics is one of the anchors of the school that i'm creating i remember you know i'm uh the city is all self-sustaining so it works off of our four main resources earth wind uh water and and fire and uh 90 of it is running off of water with like aqueducts like the city of masada and i was talking to this engineer um and saying i need the whole thing to run off of water and he said well we're gonna have to use solar power i said i don't and please you know don't take this as any offense i don't like solar panels i feel that they're part of still of what edison's idea was i don't feel like they're really in line with what nikolai tesla really wanted to do with alternative current i mean getting into the whole tesla and what edison did to take tesla down and the fact the world would probably be free by now if ted if tesla wasn't basically destroyed by the media that edison controlled in the propaganda that edison control so i'm i'm talking to my engineer and saying this needs to run completely with water and i don't want to use uh a solar anyway and he says no i'm saying we're going to use a mirror and it's going to connect to a steam uh engine and that's going to push the water back up and i was like after like screaming at the guy i was like look if i had known physics i wouldn't have been screaming at my engineer so if we think about what we're learning in school to learn physics to learn farming i was uh i was talking to um a friend of mine that's a uh a rapper and super uh super uh god following spiritual super smart and i was showing her the um uh uh some of the designs for uh the monasteries and some of the designs for the fully sustainable communities all the same thing and then it said bioengineering on it and she said what do you she it's like for her bioengineering has a negative connotation and my response was isn't like farming and cooking like bioengineering at the at the simplest form like we went to going from like grabbing apples off of a tree to oh we put this boom in the ground oh and we could grow this and we could grow this you know we could grow this harvest right here so it's you know i want to just sim simplify and round up the the principle behind uh the donda way of thinking is we've got all this information and all this you know these science scientific um uh exploration these things that tesla never completed these things that da vinci never completed and we can look at all of these things and see how do we create the most primitive versions of this to create a fully sustainable ecosystem which is you know what covet actually helped us to you know get closer to our families get closer to our children uh understand like oh wow that you know that was mapped out for us to be 50 minutes away from our home and our kids school to be 30 minutes away and to put us in traffic for that amount of time and these cities have been designed to promote industry and just to make more money they haven't been designed to promote happiness so we're at this paradigm shift in our existence you know it was when muhammad hit the market i think that's who it was and brought money because before it was slave and trade and this is something you know dishonorable men honor money i got this bar from dave chappelle i'm not trying to like steal his bar uh and you know we as human beings this this race on earth have like been honoring money and you know money isn't it's not even real you know it's not even backed by anything i don't want to like go too far into that but when you unprogram yourself you see that there's other forms of currency now like relationships are a more important currency than money itself and that's what we really saw it's like the end of the movie that our existence would be pre-coveted post covet and so as the titanic is crashing and sinking and rome is falling there's got to be this new civilization like the end of tron where everything starts to light up and it's been under this like dark cloud so you know god is using me and he has a calling you know in my life to make the world better for all people like people say there's bad people there's good people no there's there's there's people that are possessed that have demonic ways but we were all children at one time they say some people no they were born bad you got to remember like say oh there's bad people even even the devil's an angel a fallen angel a lost angel like los angeles if you think let me but that's the city of angels let me let me let me start from the beginning so you you essentially deconstruct things so when you say in in many ways when you're describing yourself as a visionary this is what i'm saying is you're looking at all the systems that are in place whether it's the record industry um the contracts that are wrong with artists the way civilization is set up i think visionaries too glossy and too saucy of a title okay whatever you're deconstructing all of these things and you find flaws in the systems so all these systems whether it's the the music industry system whether it's the political system whether it's the the system of gathering food whether even a religious system like i remember when you started doing your sunday service and my friend was like what is he doing i go he's making going to church cool again like you don't think that's look at all these people having a great time you've thousands of people that are chanting and singing along like he's not asking for anything i go look if anybody should be doing something like that it's him i go because he's making great music everybody's having a good time and what do you get out of that the best thing that people ever get out of church is sense of community a time where you get together and you all agree this is where you're going to concentrate on good you're going to concentrate on goodness you're going to concentrate on on and trying to find these shared values that are going to help the community now you're doing this in this mass form you got the superstar musician who's doing this in this mass form with thousands and thousands of people in these gigantic areas like that's nothing but positive so you deconstructed the idea of how how to do a religious service but make it cool and now you're thinking about deconstructing all these different things you're thinking about deconstructing how how food is harvested you're thinking about deconstructing how we make energy you're literally trying to deconstruct and and reimagine the idea of civilization yeah exactly so talk me through how this starts with you have you were you always religious your whole life yes i was and then i you know then i hit high school [Laughter] so but you you know when you're a young man and you're you know you're a superstar musician and you know you're living a wild life what what was it that led you back to this just a feeling in your life that there was more to life there was more to your position there was more to you know this idea of a calling that you felt like you could do more and that it it resonated with you more to to to produce these sunday services and to to start thinking of of life in this way like you can improve things yeah god knocked me off my horse god like literally called me and said okay now i need you i need you right now i need i mean not that god needs needs me we need god but he called me to serve him and i was tired of serving the music industry to start tired of serving you know filling up stadiums uh you know when the last concert last tour i did we had a floating stage and uh and actually it was a hanging stage but it looked like it was floating and that's just another thing that's illusion where we need to dispel the illusion i wouldn't even call it the floating stage today but the whole thing about is people used to say how i would lose money on tours because i would put so much into the creative and i and i was like wanted to prove but prove to who you know prove to man prove to greedy people you know that i could make more than anybody and that's like the gladiator position that all artists are put into like we're in the middle of this coliseum let me show you i can kill more lions and tigers and bears and people and blah blah than any other gladiators that happen so that's what i'm that's what i was doing and then i remember talking to james terrell and i was like at the top of my lungs like screaming about saving uh saving ourselves and humanity and the reason why me and james needed to uh connect and then i went to uh my show and then it's like my like this like my head popped back and the spirit jumped out and it felt like it was like my mom talking and the last thing i said was this thing is over and i'm saying it like i sound like my mom like donda like that's something she would have said if she was in the physical form when she sees her son you know exhausted like i just went through uh uh i had this uh fashion show we had this fashion show where we took over msg and just broke all boundaries sold 20 000 16 000 seats and played the new album and uh it was you know a thousand black people in the show and yeah like all young thug plugging in the iphone and uh travis and cuddy dancing he had 50 cent there jay-z there lamar odom the uh the first time that people you know saw him and walk again uh was we walked together into the into the stadium uh and he's camo yeezy jacket all head to toe and the reason why that was so important is like when he was in a coma i would come by and play him the new music and once he was out of the coma he said that he remembered that music when he was in a coma and that was the album i was playing that day so that's the reason why me and lamar uh walked in together and then the next a few months later i did a fashion show and it started 45 minutes late and the media they just killed me they lebrond me as i would say like when lebron went to uh to um uh miami and they said you know who are you to have a a choice you know like what uh one of my other heroes tom brady he he left i didn't see no jerseys getting burned like when lebron uh left so then less than a week after that my wife is robbed in paris and so we we just because i'm i'm in the middle of a tour while i'm doing the fashion show while i'm doing this so we cancel the tour because it's it's very you know traumatic and then you know we start the tour back up and we get back into it and then i i just keep on saying i want to go to japan i just want to go to japan because japan is like a way that people treat there isn't like the systemic racism embedded in every single individual that's inside of the place like in america uh black white anything there's a systemic uh white white supremacy like when i tag you know white supremacy or we say this it's like the um yes that is america that is the world currently we've been taught that my first superhero was superman you know and my dad was a black panther but you know when disney makes black panther now when you look it up you don't see my dad protecting his neighborhood or snatching a mic out of somebody's hand while they're lying i don't know you know like father like son right there uh but you see this character that's made for black people to idolize that was designed by a white white person and put out by a white company so it's controlling the narrative to say we're going to show you harriet tubman we're not going to show you not turner and they do it every chance they get maleficent uh um they called her her race of people the moors and the moors are and i just saw it again i was just like yo if you erase our history like most black people we don't know or we come we think we came from slaves we don't know our bloodline and we're we're given black history month and we take that like it's some gift to us no it's a programming to us racism doesn't end until we get to a point where we stop having to put the word black in front of it because it's like we're we're putting the rim a little bit lower for ourselves like it's when i say i'm the second wealthiest black man in america like why do i have to say that because you know obviously if we just go on wealth period of what we call wealth like financial wealth that score card you know i'd be like i'm the i'm the 78th wealthiest man in america but we shouldn't have to have a special box a special month because also what they show in black black history month is us getting hosed down reminding us that we were slaves like what if we had remember when i cheated on you month like remember when you first found the found the text messages remember how does that make you feel it makes you feel depleted and defeated you know it's no matter what religion you are what we can agree on is it is always now but now is the shortest moment of our life it's gone in an instant the longest moments of our life are our memories and our imaginations think about how long a kid imagines christmas before i mean versus how long christmas really is and when you think back to your christmas are you under the table like jim carrey and eternal sunshine with a spotless mind like under a chair or are you a giant are you a king are you what blac what what black history month has told you you are and this is me speaking to uh you know black people specifically in america that you know i know people who would you know kill someone in uh or have a gunner you know in in their own hood and be afraid to go downtown and literally be like afraid of white people like the most gangster gang of gangsters wouldn't go downtown and that's just a programming but that program is inside of the curriculum it's an instant side of the media it and it and it goes to this whole idea of yay when people say is jay crazy is a a narcissistic is a uh egomaniac is yay self-absorbed of jay all these no yay know who yay is i know who i am and i'm not fin i'm not fit to bow to uh to an idea that you want to have of me i am going to be the full idea that god has of me and when i do things that are that god don't like i'm i'm i'm i'm being the lesser version of me this is where i you know in my weakness god becomes strong i have to be the higher me when when people are downing me it's not like me fighting fire with fire me attacking or as you say like you know stooping to uh stooping to that level it's like the devil will use you against you you become your own uh you become your own worst enemy and i just went on a riff right there but the thing is these isn't that what you do though like yeah yeah one of the things that i when anybody ever talks about you to me they they they say well he's all over the place and i say i think that he's got a different power source like if you look at the way everybody interfaces with the world if there's a universal power most people have like a 20 watt charger the way i describe you i say i think that [ __ ] got like 150 watt charger and these ideas are just coming at them so you do go on these rants that sometimes need to be dissected into individual things but overall you're incredibly productive so my question is why do you why do people think there's something wrong with you yeah this is but legitimately like you've been medicated they've they've put you away right they've brought to you how did that happen well i'll say these two things i think uh very three-dimensionally i don't think in the black and white lines that i've been programmed to think in and i and i think in full color so when i talk i have to describe a thought in five ways you know we we enjoy food that has multiple seasoning in it we enjoy music that has multiple instruments so when i talk it's not a rant it's a symphony of ideas and when you collect them you say oh these are all these things that connect yeah you know i i i just tell the truth and telling the truth is crazy in a world full of lies that's simply it but none of the things you're saying are crazy another things you said are crazy it's fascinating the way you think because i can see that you're thinking in all these different layers and you're looking at things from all these different perspectives and they all come together out of your mouth in like a tornado of ideas now if someone wants to just have a conversation with you back and forth i could see whether you go this guy's crazy just doesn't stop he's ranting but what i'm seeing is just you're a very thorough thinker you're thinking at things independently but you're thinking of things in a massive perspective now who convinced you that that's bad is it have you always been this way or were you less is it was it less manageable before did you have issues with it before yeah i believe before i found christ and gave my life to god i would try to lean on my own understanding and that's the universe is like a black hole of information what do you mean by your own understanding meaning when people ask einstein said you're the smartest person what would you like to know he his einstein's response was i'd like to understand the mind of god meaning meaning god is all-knowing and we can only know or see and for me as a visionary we can only know or see what god allows us to see and what he feels we're ready to see and understand to to maximize what our mass laws hierarchy and e chart is you know what sets our dopa means what sets our serotonins off what makes us feel good basically like you know we we did a good deed and it's like it was somehow where you know you know just doing a beat for a famous per or just doing a beat for um a local dope rapper really meant a lot to me when i was 14 years old doing a beat for just anyone famous that had a major record deal was a lot to me at age 19.

Key Themes, Chapters & Summary

Key Themes

  • Presidential Ambitions

  • Music Industry Critique

  • Mental Health and Medication

  • Faith and Spirituality

  • Innovation in Society

  • Personal Life and Challenges

  • Societal and Cultural Commentary

  • Education and Learning

  • Sustainable Living and Environmental Concerns

  • Role of Media and Public Perception


  • Introduction to Kanye's Presidential Run

  • Critique of the Music Industry

  • Exploring Mental Health Issues

  • Kanye's Journey of Faith

  • Visions for Societal Innovation

  • Insights into Personal Life

  • Reflections on Culture and Society

  • Perspectives on Education

  • Advocating for Sustainable Practices

  • Navigating Media and Public Image

  • Closing Thoughts and Future Aspirations


The podcast "Joe Rogan Experience #1554" features a lengthy and comprehensive interview with Kanye West. Throughout the conversation, West shares a multitude of insights, thoughts, and experiences, painting a vivid picture of his life, beliefs, and aspirations.

The interview starts with Kanye discussing his decision to run for President of the United States, inspired by a spiritual awakening in 2015. He reflects on the initial disbelief and mockery he faced, including a notable encounter with Oprah Winfrey.

Kanye then delves into various topics, including his views on leadership, his belief in God's plan for him, and his vision for the world. He speaks about the need for innovative leadership, not just in politics but across various sectors, including technology and music.

One of the central themes of West's discussion is his struggle with the music industry. He describes feeling exploited and constrained by record labels and contracts. He emphasizes his desire for innovation and fairness in the music business, linking it to broader societal issues.

Kanye also touches on his personal life, including his mental health challenges and his journey to finding faith. He criticizes the way the media and the industry have treated him, especially regarding his mental health, explaining how medication affected his creativity and confidence.

The conversation further explores Kanye's ambitions in design, education, and social reform. He outlines his plans for sustainable communities, food production, and environmental design, demonstrating a deep interest in reimagining society's structures.

West's thoughts on faith and Christianity are a recurring topic. He explains how his spiritual journey has shaped his worldview and his approach to life, music, and business.

The interview concludes with Kanye discussing various cultural and societal issues. He shares his opinions on the state of education, the entertainment industry, and social justice. He emphasizes the power of love, faith, and innovation in overcoming societal challenges.

Overall, the interview showcases Kanye West's complex, multifaceted perspective, covering a wide range of subjects from personal struggles to ambitious visions for the future. His thoughts are deeply interwoven with his faith, his experiences in the entertainment industry, and his aspirations for societal change.