three two one boom and we're live what's happening joe what's up mike thompson guru is in the house for a few minutes here too stop by to say hi i can't believe you never had a cup of coffee never you want something no that that might be i know that might be the most outrageous thing about you is that you've never had coffee your whole life never had coffee no did you just tea never coffee no one ever offered you a cup of coffee you never went to starbucks no for tea or some doughnuts wow what about like when you um when i


was in um you know i was leaving rehab you always gotta go to starbucks because the meetings right outside of starbucks you always hang out at starbucks right but never for coffee you didn't want to try it never that is that how about like like girlfriends wives like none of them ever like drag coffee at home i'm sure they have but i never really my wife drinks it and you just nothing never nothing no no well i'm sorry all the stuff i didn't only drug that did you think coffee would be nothing yeah that's what i'm saying yeah that's what i'm saying like it doesn't make any


sense when when did you first try any drugs 10 year old nine years old what kind of [ __ ] smoking and drinking right then i got older i tried acid how old were you when you first tried that probably 11. wow you're really young jesus man wow that's real young wow but when you were the champ when you were in your prime like when you when like when you beat trevor berbick were you doing anything back then just drinking a lot drinking a lot really yeah that's amazing would you go clean for camp or like a camp just for


camp yeah but outside like once fights over yeah yeah yeah you were the first guy that i ever used as an example of uh to break that old myth that you can't have sex before fights and i was like well that's out the window for sure because you you would talk about it all the time you'd be like yeah yeah pretty much yeah [Laughter] your logic made sense too you're like i don't want to think about it i don't want to be thinking about sex i'll just get it out of the way yeah and it's over with you you don't have to do it you


have r you refuel for the next um six weeks and yes going with your fight do you think that was a myth that it made you weak yeah i think it's a myth yeah it doesn't seem to make sense it seems odd yeah and then like whenever that would inspire you more so than you know disintegrate you yeah i would think they said that the olympic uh you know where the athletes stay is just like [ __ ] fest oh they're just hanging so yeah they have the boys and the girls in the same vicinity yeah also probably you want to alleviate some anxiety anxiety freaking out you're at the olympics you know you're 18 years old


and everyone's in amazing shape stressed out yeah when you were when you were first coming up and when you were first uh you like when you were kid dynamite on sports illustrated i'll never forget that man that was a that your era from like you know the 80s the late 80s that era like it was a big part of my youth you know like you being yeah man you being the champ was like it was a change of things because when larry holmes was the champ as a boxing fan i loved larry holmes like there's that cover you were 19


years old right yeah that's nuts when larry holmes was a champ as a boxing fan wow you still got that stuff man you can still get those yeah sports illustrated it's the internet you can find it on the internet that's how jamie got it um i had that sports illustrated but when larry holmes was a champ uh as a boxing fan i appreciated him i knew he was a great fighter i i you know we would get together with friends and watch like the the the michael spinks fight with larry holmes yeah when spinks beat him for the title it was a big deal but it wasn't a big deal culturally yeah people didn't care as much but then you


came around and when you came around all of a sudden everybody's watching heavyweight boxing if heavyweight boxing wasn't it wasn't boring again it was the the most crazy exciting thing in sports when your fights would go on it would be about should i pay for this because how long is this going to last like that never yeah that's pretty weird people tell me about the other time they all chipped in and yeah trying to fight on this whole way i never think about it like that you know sometimes um when it comes to my realization of the situation i forget that i'm that guy i forget that i


trained that heart and i became a fighter and stuff yeah that's what i was going to ask you like do you does it seem like a dream yeah pretty much like a blur because i i couldn't imagine what it would be like to be 19 years old 20 years old to be that [ __ ] famous it was a trip who who can handle that is then can anybody handle that no it was a trip but it was just what customized you know that was his blueprints to make me right teenage superstar did he give you advice on how to handle pressure and fame and oh depression and everything but you know um


he says really no um ingredients on how to handle fame you know i mean um we have to see what what um department of fame is your problem and we have to work on that issue from there but you know no one knows how to conduct themselves under that kind of pressure no no it's the level of fame too it's like there's so many you realize there's so many levels of fame and then mike's is still just extraordinary where like people people walk away from their job like in an airport they're supposed


to be at the cash register and they run out you know they leave their job to go say hi that's not you know most of the time be like oh that's who that person is it's a totally different thing how weird is that that's pretty weird [Laughter] it took took time for me to get used to that stuff i used to be one of those get the [ __ ] away from me man what are you doing creep because i never knew how to conduct myself yeah mike come here take a picture of my mother take a picture my kid take a picture here take a picture hey i love you


i'm like whoa dude cool you know me but now you know i understand this is just what it is it is what it is you're not going to be able to stop it yeah i've seen you at the ufc before you're very calm around people when people grabbing at you want to take pictures you just just relax the usc is awesome because everybody's nuts yeah yeah that's a it's a it's definitely a wild environment what do you think abe's going to do now what i think who khabib yeah um well he does whatever the [ __ ] he wants to do that's what i think i think that guy's


probably the best lightweight of all time he's a monster incredible he um i think he's probably gonna have some fights at 170 pounds eventually if i'd imagine at 155 there's you know there's good fights for him tony ferguson is a great fight for him um i'm really interested in seeing that i'm really interested in seeing him going up i'm really interested to see him fight at 170 pounds from the fight well first of all tyron woodley who's the champ at 170 that would be an insane fight george st pierre if he decided to come back and make a big super fight


that would be an insane fight i think 170 has a lot of opportunities for him but i think 155 does too they just have to figure out who's going to fight him he's an international superstar now you know khabib especially the way he smashed conor connor's such a superstar already that the way khabib won and did it so dominant i think he's i think he's through the roof now i think when people when he comes back and people see the pay-per-view numbers of his fights they're going to realize how how huge this guy is because he's so interesting he's very humble very very


he's very polite very well spoken a very religious guy lives with his family he lives with his parents lives at his parents and his family i believe yeah i hope i'm not speaking out of school i believe that's true and obviously it doesn't have to for money he's rich as [ __ ] now yeah but he's just a monster the best best grappler i've ever seen inside the 155 pound division he just smashes people what do you think about jon jones though what in what way and he's still his skills he's phenomenal incredible the best ever using distance he knows distance better than anybody he's a master at knowing when he can hit you


and you can't hit him i miss watching him fight you know i mean he's not fighting as much anymore he's back he just won just won the title again just five hours into gustafsson yeah yeah a couple weeks ago yeah but for bacon title it was daniel cormier relinquished his title and it was like it's weird right like cormier is the champ because jon jones tested positive for something so they stripped him and then cormier became the champ it's uh you know i think they'll probably fight again whether they fight again at


heavyweight or light heavyweight really yeah i think corman and jon jones if cormier wants to he wants to keep going but he says he wants to retire soon he's 40. you know yeah he still looks good though he looks great especially at heavyweight yeah at heavyweight he's he doesn't have to cut weight he's got so much strength and just so agile he's such an unbelievable wrestler too i mean his wrestling skill his skill level and understanding of wrestling is so high so above most people anybody fight outside of john jones he dominated yeah yeah that's how good john is john's that good he's that i mean it just sucks that he's had


so many controversies in his life but i'm hoping he puts all that [ __ ] behind him have you ever spoken with him about that yeah never about his personal life anything we met before and talk but you're a guy who's gone i mean when you went through legal problems yourself you you overcame you came out of it on the other end i think would think a guy like him could benefit a lot from you you know so it's just so difficult and it's so unfortunate they have to go through something like that you know do you think so yes it's really unfortunate you know because sometimes people um they don't survive situations like that


because they're so wild and they're having a good time too much the party and enter the champ it has to it has to come to an end that stuff if you don't um bring it to an end it's gonna bring it to it'll come to his own end it might not like that way it ends yeah so you think for a guy like him maybe getting in trouble was a good thing if only if you learn from experiences like that you know i think i was just a wild guy i was really a wild guy i look at myself now and i say to myself when i spent all those um trips in those um psych wards and stuff what was that all about what was wrong with me back then


you know yeah and i must say i was really disturbed back then but you're somebody who got to the point where you got like it's really fascinating because i know you know you're a public figure so we i you know i've been able to watch you my whole life you went through all that stuff and then you got to this point where you're very self-reflective and you look at you are able to comment on it i don't think most i mean most people regardless of whether they're famous or not just still don't get to that point where they're able to look back and examine who they were and and doing wild [ __ ]


and with ruthless honesty yeah that's what's so great they're reflecting yourself to discover who you really are yeah when you're 20 years old and all of a sudden you're the heavyweight champion in the world just a few years ago you were poor and now all of a sudden you're the king of the world that's really crazy you know so young it's really crazy i was i was unable to handle it i wasn't expecting that that was a really sucker punch right there that's the real sucker punch right yeah i wasn't ready for that one charlie murphy told us a story and it's animated it's on youtube now of you and him coming over your house in a limousine


and you had it was it a lion or a tiger tiger he must over the lines with the tiger dude it is one of the craziest [ __ ] stories i always when so for people that don't know i got to hang out with you at one of my shows one time and it was a great i had the best time talking about everything what made you think you could get a tiger like how did that even happen hey i'm in um this is really interesting and so um i'm in prison at the time so i'm in prison i'm talking to my car dealer at the time and he has a he has some cars that belong to a friend of mine the


supposed friend of ours and he's discussing if he doesn't pay for these cars i'm gonna sell these cars to somebody and get some horses and stuff i said well you can get horses and train horses in for cars because i had a lot of cars i thought i'd probably get some horses too and they said yeah man you get you get cougars lions tigers i know this guy got excited so you do can you get me some tigers he said yeah and the guy told me and the guy said man man how cool that being you because i had a bunch of friends because imagine that man you being an aston martin or a ferrari you have a tiger right next to you man


and i'm a young guy i'm saying to myself wow that would be cool right yeah get me some cups man and then i came home i had those cubs right there waiting for me so you raised them as cubs yeah cause that's that's how you were because i would see footage of you like [ __ ] smacking them around and jumping on one of your tigers and i was like holy [ __ ] and i hadn't mentioned their babies they had their mother their mother their baby now did it never gets this is a crazy picture you and your underwear with a tiger on a chain that is that is one of the that's the chance right there that's you at peak crazy yeah insane yeah tom what was going


through my mind yeah i don't know what made me think about my friend said mike you can get some awesome animals and i think really are you serious i'm gonna get some horses everybody does it though that was one of the things about uh what's his face from narcos oh pablo especially he got like a [ __ ] zoo yeah yeah had a whole crazy zoo they all do it once you get like that rich you're like just get some animals yeah you want to [ __ ] with some animals and they throw people in there with the lions and tigers it's a real common thing that they're


super rich people they're getting that's right tigers and [ __ ] jackson had all that stuff that's right michael jackson michael jackson and everything yeah he had like a zoo in his back that's true he had weird [ __ ] like weird birds yeah i don't think it may be out of monkey or something he did have weird no nothing dangerous i hung up there before the playboy mansion this is at the end of his career it was like in what was it ten years ago or something it was pretty awesome yeah that guy man what a life he lived you yeah [Music]


yeah he really here's the thing that dude lived the lifestyle he was talking about you know a lot of people talk [ __ ] and yeah you don't really do that he was really dominating oh he was really really good living that lifestyle be dark i start getting dark you know you have a little walk that's just amazing too much uh yeah yeah wait one other thing i gotta cause i gotta run and i wanted i've had where are you going man i gotta go i gotta go meet the wife man uh oh yeah but they'll do it um i read one time because all right so for


people that know i i met mike on a flight and it was a surreal experience you know like from from being a kid and thinking like this is superman that's what i thought as a kid it's just you know i mean like seeing those when you see it as a kid too i think it's different like you're just like whoa that is so nuts like these 11 second knockouts so bizarre periodically even to this day people come up to me and talk about the experience that they saw him and he talked about meeting me and said is that true all the time right it's special it's honestly it's on mostly stories is that true yeah


mostly stories and it was a it was a surreal experience and and you know we spoke on the plane and and then like when i thought we were done talking you know i faced forward and then he came back and like tapped me on the shoulder i was like oh [ __ ] like mike's talking to him i'm down here like seat belt seat belted in but then we land and and he was like oh where's your show and and and i go oh here it's here i give him the number never expect to hear hits me up the next day and he's like we're coming to your show and i was like oh my god and i really did


say like i'm amazed that you're coming and he said it's all love and i just said i love you because i didn't know how to what to say and then that was good he was like cool he was out he's like all right man and then i have the phone and then i i remember i called the uh the pittsburgh improv manager and i go hey man i just go you're not gonna believe this but tyson's coming to the fight tonight he goes mike tyson i go no [ __ ] tyson chicken yeah mike tyson's coming tonight he's like i'll corridor off a whole thing and you know and i didn't know he was at the show because


it the show had already started and i didn't see him arrive when we go back to the green after i the show i walk off stage and he grabs me and he goes let's go to the green room so he took me to my green room right like he was like i was like [ __ ] yeah and we hung out in that green room over an hour and just shooting the [ __ ] and talking and when i forgot like if the time had passed i opened the door the entire staff entire staff is lined up at the door to meet him like that's the effect that he has on the group you know like they're waiting in a line for an hour outside the green room


and like you know we talked about boxing about life it was it was fascinating um one of the things i really appreciated about uh you as a fighter was like that you really knew that you were putting on a show so that that's something that i feel like i miss you know there's there's no one that put on the show the way you did like you knew that people bought tickets and and paid for the pay-per-view um and then it you know it's still like one of my great memories man it was a thrill to meet you um so i just wanted to stop by and say hi sounds like you're wrapping up ramping it up yeah he has to go i do


i do oh by the way did you buy seven bentleys that were the same color no but i put around seven bentleys before damn they're rose voices i wanted to ask but you did give away one when you crashed it right yeah let me tell you that story i wish i had some time i got um i was married at the time the robin gibbons and we were in some fast food dream we were ordering food and she went in my pocket i guess to get some money on my pocket to pay for and she had some some condoms came out and she was mad so she got in the car


and then boom she crashed the car into another um car that was just parked there boom and she hit somebody and she hurt their arm and then um the cops came and so the cops came and the cops were saying hey what happened here right and i was afraid they were gonna arrest me or arrested so i said well nothing happened officer um nothing and then the guy was and it was the guy with a broken arm i say you know sir why don't you just take the call you know you deserve it because you've been through doing a lot because i didn't want to get arrested i didn't have license or anything and i didn't want my wife to get in trouble if you want to


just take it you know maybe it was around 230 at the time so don't just take it it'd be okay the guy said hey don't tell me that and then once he said that i got him i said i got him hey man take him and do this man you deserve to take it and they took it but before that guy some guy almost broke in and he i gave him my money and then i'll take the money and then he came back to the police my arm is about to go now you get away from me i'm not going to tell you to get away from me no more because he didn't want to mess this deal up with his car because the guy could claim that he's not going to get


in his car that's a little bit coffee don't [ __ ] come near me again don't hear me so the guy is backed off and i say go ahead man i'll see you later i took off my wife i didn't want us to get in trouble but they made him give away the car right they made him no he could i went back to my office and gave my [ __ ] car back going to that really yeah he got fired he did yeah yeah he's probably hearing his knife i'ma get that bastard i wanted my indian gift i wanted my car back oh no


mike tyson calls you up and says give me my [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah dead it's outside man i got a god god damn it was i think i gotta tell you something you guys know i embarked on the marijuana but yeah canada's been this way this is this uh beautiful boxing that is a beautiful box by the thank you man for accepting it my pleasure i'm honored that's a cool ass box man yeah tithing ranch is going to be opening up pretty shortly yeah you guys have them too i saw that i mean this is a big deal i mean this place is


gigantic which uh state it's it's in california it is here cool yeah they're they're setting up like a resort really yeah oh it's gonna be the best um facility in the world man it's gonna be um it's gonna have an acre long um lake wow yeah but you could go to like stay here everything was gonna be camping clamping like glamping glamorous camping glamorous camper cameras yeah some tigers and [ __ ] put some wild possibility my partner rob hickman was discussing that too where are those titans i had them for like 14 years so i had to get rid of her you know what do


you do when you want to get rid of a tiger a sanctuary i gotta run i love you i love you i love you buddy look better cannabis dude there it is yeah congrats on that man that looks dope awesome i'm so excited about this stuff this isn't um i love embarking on this cannabis stuff is so awesome yeah you seem to be really enjoying this like when you're talking to your partners out there you're you're having a good time with this oh man i never thought that in a million years i'd be able to do this and legalize yeah when did you start like regularly smoking


weed um since i was like 10 years old the whole time you were fighting you were regular smoking weed well you know when you're a kid your mother gives you liquor and marijuana for you make you think that you're gonna go to sleep or something yeah really yeah that never happened in my house never yo yeah my mother was alcoholic and stuff damn that's that's harsh liquor and marijuana see if you go to sleep yeah it didn't work i don't think so do you uh what what what benefits do you get out of marijuana like what does it do for


you hey man um if i didn't i have a bad day yeah i'm really moody guy without it and it's just um it smooths me out so that i think i'm a whole different person i'm really on top of my game i'm balling yeah i feel the same way sometimes it makes me nicer yeah yeah calms me down do you um do you i like who i am when i smoke you know i mean when i'm when i weed i don't sometimes like who i am sometimes that's just the real thing yeah yeah i don't like that guy i want to get away from that guy well you know i was talking to michael


irvin once he was explaining to me that when children grow up in high stress environments that their genes are wired to to have a propensity towards violence that if they're norm if it's normal if it's around them all the time when they're when they're growing up and when they're in the womb yeah i agree when their mother's under extreme stress if they live in a bad neighborhood and it's it's hard for some people like yourself that did grow up in an environment like that to ever reach where you're at right now just a place of peace and if you can do that through marijuana or whatever it is yoga meditation whatever whatever you do to


get there like we should be happy that you could get there that's what we listen i am so grateful that um i embarked on this you know i've never been a person to this at this magnitude of this kind of relaxation i just enjoying my time with you i was very uptight and i saw was very uncomfortable with myself did you feel any better after you worked out when you were young like that absolutely but my works out um you know what um the best thing that ever happened to me that retired from boxing because of me working out of me again i was so intense with this my whole my whole objective


was hurting people and wanting to be the best and my ego took over and i'm like enticing them the best that would live and all this [ __ ] and um dealing with my partner rob hickman i happen to embark on this um come across this thing called the toad are you familiar with the toad yeah what you're talking about is five methoxy right there yeah yeah and i came across that and um i smoke this um i don't know this medicine drug whatever you want to call it and stuff and um i've never been the same i look at life different i look at people differently and um this experience i can't even


express really it's almost like dying and being real reborn yeah um i had the exact same experience that's what it felt like to me too like you stop existing the five methoxy's uh there's two tell me what's the deal with that what the hell is going on here five methoxy is produced by your brain but what it is is uh it's dmt with an oxygen molecule attached to it so regular dmt is nnn dimethyltryptamine and then five methoxy dimethyltryptamine is dmt with like a very there's a very subtle change to the molecule and that subtle change for some reason takes away the visuals


you've done regular dmt too right yes regular dmt is rich with visuals very strange bright colorful impossible to describe visuals and yes um it's inconceivable inconceivable it's the best way yeah but i try to explain it to some people my wife and i it's just i don't have the words to explain it that's exactly what i always say i've done a terrible job explaining it to everybody every time i've tried it just doesn't work um but all those things they they give you perspective it's almost like you're dying you're you're submissive you're humble you know you're vulnerable but you're invincible


still in all you know it's just that weird feeling but you feel like you're part of the universe when you're you're separate from your ego you realize this whole thing you're a part of this whole thing and this whole thing is unstoppable it's just it's a gigantic huge all-encompassing almost like a living thing i know joan this is what i also realized too after going to the experience you realize how insignificant you are sometimes without your ego yes you know that's why you're not really much that you really thought you were yeah you are and you aren't obviously


you are in everyday life i mean you go places you have a dramatic effect on people you mean a lot you mean a lot to those people that you run into you mean a lot to the people that you love and that love you but we all do and when the no one stand no it's all it's all relative no one no one is irreplaceable but everyone is special to someone or something and at least to themselves but we're all the same we're all a part of this weird crazy gigantic organism that's the human race you know so i think you said my mentor customized his objective was to think of nothing you're


nothing nothing's nothing but the objective the job and that was a psychological warfare you know nothing matters you're nothing nothing the only thing that matters is objective and getting through accomplishing that objective by going to these methods of boxing do you ever stop and think about how fortunate it was you ran into that guy listen um till this day i really don't understand that so how did this happen because so many people listen by the time i was born he was 66 years old by the time i was born yeah crazy so many people could you know can't even


explain it it's a magnificent individual he was an amazing guy an amazing part of boxing and with a unprecedented grasp of the mindset required for combat sports that was the thing that that always really stood out about him like he was a guy that was so he was so well versed in the mindset i would listen to his his speeches that he would talk when he would talk about you and he would talk about boxing we talk about fear and about fear can be like a fire can cook your fu your food or it can burn your house down and you have to you have to control it and when he would


describe it like it would be so enlightening he was such a man of wisdom that when he would describe things they would sink in they would they would they would somebody could say the same thing but they would with him he had so much life he was he was a psychiatrist he was a doctor he was the father the mother you know he was just all around that individual yeah and with an amazing knowledge of boxing and for a guy like you it was almost like it was ordained and that's what i always said was meant for me to meet this guy because i had no way in a million years everybody said you know


where you're gonna be champ you're too small yeah so you're too short no way this guy's too big for you he's like this is the greatest fight ever lived this and that's always saying this about me i'm like oh god this guy's just suping me up i never thought i could you know achieve what he was saying the things he was saying was just so um gigantic in my eyes yeah yeah i mean when it all happened and it turned out that he was true and you have to absorb all this when you're 20 years old you know it's i always say this about justin bieber and i don't think justin


bieber nearly had to deal with what you had to deal with your your experience was so much crazier because you were not just an incredibly famous guy you were the baddest man on the planet so there was like an aura to you everywhere you went people wanted to see you you know 50 year old men don't give a [ __ ] about justin bieber you know no disrespect he's a great guy a great singer but it's not he's like young girls for young girls that guy's unbelievably famous but he's he's been famous since he was a little kid i'm like when people hear about him amazing well people hear about him going


insane i'm like of course he's going insane you have no idea what it would be like to be him and to be 17 years old and girls literally trying to break into his house and throw a [ __ ] on him they're coming down chimneys they're flying in on parachutes they're doing anything they can they just want to be around him and you want him to be normal oh my poor guy no one can handle that what kind of music you're listening to i listen to everything man i do i listen to i listen to a lot of classic rock for whatever reason but i've been listening a lot of kanye west over the last few weeks tell me what are you talking about


kanye yeah well he's talking about a lot of crazy [ __ ] he's taught he actually talked about dmt in one of his recent songs really you think he did that before i think he did oh man well i know he's friends with kid cuddy kid cudi been in here and kid cudi's had some psychedelic experiences yeah once you go there's just um you don't want to do nothing else again well it puts it all in the perspective it lets you see that uh as much as this thing seems to be important this is all temporary and you're a part of forever and it also allows you to become um comfortable with death yeah yeah you know who said that larry hagman


remember that guy dallas yeah from uh jr he did an interview with cnn and i dream of genie as well yeah that's right he sprung it on him on cnn once he was talking about how he did acid he took a big dose of acid and he's never worried about death ever again that it just alleviated his his worry about passing on that's why this is actually i felt the same way and i said well it doesn't matter anymore yeah i think dnt even more specifically because they think yeah why don't they affect the mind that way what causes to affect the mind that way they don't totally know let it make a visionary


visualize everything um they don't totally know they know that your brain makes it they know that your body makes it they should say they know that it's producing your liver and their lungs and there's some evidence now because they found it in rats that the pineal gland produces it which is like that's the third eye of eastern mysticism that glenn actually in rats they've proven produces dmt and they think it does so in people too you know once i did i wanted to do it again and again and again and they said you shouldn't do it too much mike wait i gotta you know grasp what's going on here why am i feeling this why why did


this in a weird way like humbled you i don't think you should listen to the people so you shouldn't do it too much i think you should do it as much as you want that's what i agree with too yeah i agree you could handle it if you could end up being like tyson you could handle doing dmt issues yeah that's where i think i'm going i think i'm going in that direction well i mean it's not something you should do all day every day but you can learn a lot from it it's and it's it's very beneficial and very strange that it's illegal you know that it's illegal yeah i noticed that even though like terence mckenna had a joke about it because your


body's making it so everybody's holding we all have it you know it's illegal but it's like making blood illegal everybody has and then why would they go to scenarios when they find these toads yeah yeah i've never experienced it from the toad i've only watched them with the way they extracted yeah they grabbed them and they squeezed it busted pimples and busted on a glass of mirror and then take it off and he let it harden yeah they they let it dry in the sun they scrape it off with a razor blade yeah i've only had it uh synthetically made in a laboratory you


should be able to buy it online you used to be able to buy like a a [ __ ] can of it like this big enough to get like a whole state high you just buy it online it was totally legal incredible yeah it's weird it's bizarre that is illegal well they would say not for human consumption well i don't know what the [ __ ] you're doing with it if you're not using it for human consumption but you used to be able to buy it i've never felt anything like that before no nothing like that makes me not want to do anything nothing else can supersede that how long ago did it happen at least


around two months ago yeah did you write down what happened after it happened or did you record it no i wish i did yeah i wish it did yeah me too if like it goes away like a dream right it comes off you know you're so scared you know it's not stuff like this to me like no no no no that's not so no i don't want to be this i said hey i want this to stop now the guy was like hey you're on the ride and i'm like no no no yeah i love it i love you i love you i love you yeah you love everybody yeah so spassed out yeah did you have a hard time letting go


at the beginning i was fighting it i was saying stop i wanted to stop now just jump stop this [ __ ] now stop and the guy was like hey the show i'm like i can't do it gotta go for the ride dude and it was like oh man it's like i'm dying things are going in my feet i'm seeing the aztec things i'm seeing told i've been seeing weird animals and things like it's flying it's just it's like another chamber it's boom flashing yeah yeah are you gone it's like a rock are you taking off yeah it's beyond your imagination yeah death that's inconceivable can't even explain it to no one well i'm


hoping that um they they start with psilocybin because uh i know maps they're they're doing some great work with that trying to get these things legalized especially they're doing mdma studies with veterans and people with ptsd and they're having great results they're moving into psilocybin they would love to get psilocybin legal and it's up for ballot i think was it in oregon is that where it is it's up for i think oregon is up for legalization this year and it may be eventually in california as well they may have gonna do it it should be legal it doesn't kill


anybody it should be it's not a bad thing if they regulate it if they make it for therapeutic use and just set up centers where experts can show but they shouldn't make it prohibitive for people to own it or even grow their own it's not a bad idea to set up places where people can do it under a a professional's care a shaman's care or physician's care that's a good idea but making it illegal is a bad idea because it helps a lot of people you know people think of it as a party drug they think you're going to do mushrooms and freak out and go [ __ ] running around naked and wow i was on mushrooms i used to do mushrooms i love


mushrooms yeah well psilocybin and dmt are very closely related chemically all those really potent psychedelic drugs are very closely related they all break down in some similar path inside your brain and give you that that weird ego dissolving experience you know that's one thing yeah most of the drugs you do it most um um ego enhancing right like coke yeah you're like the baddest mother [Music] you get gone man yeah you know you've never had coffee i've never had coke


never never oh man you feel like that exchange huh no you didn't miss out on nothing man yeah that one i ducked when i was in high school my friend's cousin used to sell it and he he wasted away to nothing him and his girlfriend would hang out in the attic never come out they would just sell coke and watch tv it was bad like it was like a vampire bit him once you get in that kind of vicious cycle it's a wrap yeah yeah sorry i ducked it i ducked it early never did coke man


was the first time you did coke i don't know i was kid 11 12. [ __ ] i got involved with drugs early in life wow that's crazy 11 12. yeah i was still living in um brownsville brooklyn when i first did cocaine wow that's a crazy i was a um listen i would never let my children have a ten-year-old daughter and eight-year-old i would never let them live the life that i live i would hate that i would always fight so hard there wasn't be an environment that i grew up in yeah of


course well you know you have the benefit of having gone through it you know no one else could ever understand how how how difficult any of your life must have been for you it's got to be one of the harder things when you did that documentary it's an amazing documentary when you're very honest you're very honest and and you're very open about all your experiences and the one thing i took away after like no one can understand that you could you could hear a guy talk like this i could hear you say these things i could see the


videos of your fights to see the videos your experience but to understand the life that you lived it's impossible it's just a guess it's like a guess for someone like me from the outside it's just really interesting i used to look at i think about this young kid from brooklyn new york comes to custom auto at 13 12 you know you know something all of a sudden i have a low self-esteem this guy gives me this big [ __ ] ego you know i mean i live by the you know i live by the rules of that ego and that's and i've accomplished so much and a dominator ego yeah right you're you you're you're set all about destroying


people yeah yeah just anybody you could be a lawyer 200 pounds i'm staring you down it's just there's a weird environment growing up that way you know because we as people we try to avoid fights you know i mean right for my instincts we avoid fights for all our lives and just to be able to see what you do like you're a ufc guy you're a fighter this is what you do for a job a lifestyle that's pretty bizarre but you were getting positive reinforcement from thinking like that for the first time in your life absolutely yeah never felt like that before but like taking a a big drug you lose you just boom you felt like you're


the man then everybody's telling you you're great yeah you know for the first time in your life never understood that and you know what else customizer used to do with me he used to take me to a hypnotist he was a hypnotist as well yeah i used to go into the hypnotist motions what kind of [ __ ] do they make you do you know how they do it if you relax you go under you totally focus on blackness nothingness right you go under and just being the savage intelligent avenue animal you're just working you're going to do this you're going to be a ferocious animal you're


going to fight both hands to the body you'll use your jab you're going to do this in ferocious fashion and they fixed all that in me as i was younger and you were like 12 13 years old wow so they're putting you under and just teaching you that mindset yeah whoa did he give you any advice on how to shut it off no no he's probably like i don't have any time i don't have any time the kids thirteen how old was customer it's like 70. [ __ ] there's no time there's no time i'm not gonna teach him to off switch just hit


the gas that's what it was the gas we gotta destroy these guys these guys are in our way of you know me creating this glory it's one of the hardest things that many fighters i've and that i've watched over the years have the problem of shutting it off like turning it on and living like that and just wanting to be a dominator within learning how to be a father learning how to be man my first my first life time with children and stuff trying to do this stuff man i felt so disastrous like you know it was just um i had no idea what i was doing to i had no idea what i was what arena i was


stepping into it was just um it was just disastrous i i find out i spent most of my adult life now um apologizing to my kids you know i mean yeah yeah i can imagine being such a horrible father do you think they understand like the [ __ ] that you were going through they understand like i have no idea no i don't understand i try to basically make sure that part of my life is empty now i live different life for my kids right and family now yeah well that's beautiful it's beautiful that you you you like tom was saying earlier you have a lot of


self-reflection you've you've managed to look at your life and and find out what's what has value to you what what helps you you always have to do self-evaluation i'm just a strong believer in that yeah you know somebody has to check you you have to check yourself i agree yeah well especially a guy like you who's you know you're you've been checked your ego's been checked your life has been checked you've had so many down moments as well as up moments you've had the the full ride of experiences never thought i'd survive with my ego being checked and no idea that that wasn't what it was about so


you thought if your ego checked you would go away i'll be nothing without my ego wow yeah well i mean it makes sense when you're going through all that hypnosis when you're 12 and 13 years old that's a crazy thing to do to a kid because it was super no idea but i wanted to do it so bad i wanted to succeed so bad you could tell you know i watched a video of you uh real recently you were about 16 16 17 years old and you were sparring with some big guy who is a professional heavyweight and you were it was what was fascinating


to me about it wasn't just watching move around when you were young and still learning but it was also you were upset at yourself after it was over you didn't think it went well and and i was like i don't remember that you don't remember it was an interesting video man you were like that didn't go well i could tell it didn't go well i was a thick perfectionist yeah that's what i was going to say it seemed like it like you were obsessed that's my whole life that's all i did was look at boxing watch box and read about fighters it was all about fighters fighters were my god fighter oh you know that guy that's a fight after i want to be around


don't be that groupie that's another amazing imagine that you also knew jim jacobs in that [ __ ] fight library that's what i did was watch films amazing this is pre-vh right people at vhs but not many and there's fight those fights weren't on vhs no way remember before like if you didn't um if you missed the fight you weren't gonna see it again right yeah and jim jacobs he kept those things on like a regular old projector type thing even if you listen to the voiceover on some of those old fights it's jim jacobs yeah it's him doing commentary on some of the old fights that didn't have


anything to study all these guys all day and all night you study them yeah it was through you that i learned about a lot of fighters when you would talk about jack dempsey talk about different fighters from the old days i i learned about a lot of those guys from you i went back and watched some of those tapes and now it's beautiful now you can just get on youtube and you can see whatever you want everything see all of it but to go back and go back to my office and present this we're going to see this yeah yeah we're going to see the show exactly man i can't wait i want you to come by um to the ranch when the river would love to


i'm in um productive it's gonna be awesome so you said 2022 yeah so uh four year what is it yeah four years from now three years from now it'll be pretty awesome yeah that's awesome well the plans look amazing you know how long you guys been working towards this hey listen we had seen the property and then um we purchased it and we were just um we were just overwhelmed with this is probably what i don't know maybe a year ago maybe not even maybe yeah maybe a year or so you know so are you gonna have a gym up there hey i never thought but we will have because we'll have the wellness center yeah


dude how great would it be if you taught like a boxing class ever i don't know about that stuff though we're gonna hang out there and work out just a fun boxing class like hitting the heavy bag just something fun you don't have to get people beating each other up do you know how much people would pay to smoke weed and come learn how to box from you that could be awesome they could smoke weed with me do you smoke weed with people just regular folks yes but we yeah yeah i was trying to get my wife to smoke with me no children smoke yeah she smokes only at nighttime she can't function during


the daytime all right during the day well if you i would imagine if i was a mother it would be very hard to get high because i get paranoid you know i'd be like yeah she doesn't do it during the day at night time it's different smoke a little weave relax how did you ever do any fighting i did kickboxing and window tournaments i was uh i was pretty good at taekwondo i won a bunch of state championships and uh won uh a few few national tournaments when did you know you wanted to get physical with another human being and do this stuff because you know you can't be in


right frame of mind to want to do this stuff you gotta realize that i was uh people that do this stuff not in the right frame of mind yeah and that's dealing with fear drives you insane yeah deal with that drives people insane i was insane during my career yes madly insane from fear yeah obviously i never went through anything like the level that you went through but for these full contact taekwondo fights i was always scared and uh but i was scared before that i was bullied i moved around a lot i was a little kid i was never very big and we moved from new jersey to san francisco when i


was seven from san francisco to florida when i was 11 florida to boston when i was 14 or 13. so it's just always moving to new schools always dealing with new kids and i wasn't big and i didn't know how to fight and i got picked on and i didn't like it so i said i want to i want to figure out how to fight and so i started getting into martial arts and i just became obsessed with it i did it every day i started teaching i was teaching at boston university i was teaching a taekwondo course when i was 19. i was competing from the time i was 15. i just threw myself into it it's all i did every day i worked at the school i


was there every day i had the keys i closed up i opened up where i and because of you because of hearing about you when you you were running in the morning when you knew that everybody else was asleep that gave you an edge i'd go there in the middle of the night and open up and work out i just wanted to just have an edge you know when i listened to what you said i said that's a great way to have an edge i became obsessed with it but there was no future in it and then what happened was i went from taekwondo to kickboxing and when i started kickboxing i started getting [ __ ] up dudes were


beating the [ __ ] out of me because i was realizing like i can't keep people at the same distance anymore because i didn't know how to use my hands properly like i knew how to throw some punches a little bit from taekwondo but it's not nearly as sophisticated as boxing or kickboxing and so then i started kickboxing training and then i started realizing like there's no future in this like what am i doing i'm just getting my brains beat in you know and i'm hard sparring too the sparring was rough it was boston style put the gloves on beat the [ __ ] out of each other figure it out as you go along


figure it out as you go along so a lot of headaches and you know but it was um it was hard for me to to shut that that part of me off the part of me they just wanted to conquer the part of me just wanted to win all the time to figure out a way to be more intense more driven more focused but when i did stop fighting it was a huge relief like the relief part was worth the the the extra anxiety that i got it was worth it just for the relief of not not thinking about fighting all the time not thinking about when's the next tournament when's the next event when's the next thing i'm doing it was just that i know that's pretty


weight well for you it had to be way crazier because not only is it the weight it's the heavyweight championship of the world i always wanted to make my mentor happy yeah that's my goal to make him happy all the time when he died was it weird not having a person like that yeah it was so man it was just um it was emptiness it was just and then people who we thought was our friends and that we say we're gonna be good to they started when he died they started going in for the kill he just wanted to grasp me for means well it seemed like you and kevin rooney had a good combination at the beginning yeah when he died when when


customs died um we didn't know what we were going to do they were thinking about getting rid of kevin and son and i was saying i didn't want to be with nobody else right and i was comfortable with kevin and style and the way we were working i didn't want to be in the way else i don't know let's just keep kevin yeah and kevin was a great trainer too for me very well respected trainer yeah it was a good relationship like the way it worked in the beginning it looked like but then like all things you know kevin used to train me and then fight not fighting on his undercut oh really yeah wow


wow and this was all like was he training you um before before cuss died as well well yeah how many how many years before cuss died was he like holding mitts for you and if the couple but he knew you well yes did he watch our well did he watch fights with you as well did you or were you watching those fights like once we um started training with each other we started watching fights together because your st that was the other thing too your style the way you would come out was so reminiscent of old fighters when you come out with no socks on black


shield wildly i was thinking my mind of thinking was all about gladiator and being tough and i would never think now look at it now look at that silly little cat what does that silly kid think he's tough i don't think this guy thinks he's tough well you were tough man i know what you're saying i know what you're saying but you were when you fought marvis frazier on what was that abcy yeah one of those days he had fights i remember watching that fight going holy [ __ ] holy sh that was like being locked into a ring with a tornado that was wild days yeah that was a tough kid


that was your peak that was when it was peak scary you know you were coming up and everybody was just terrified it was just a wild thing to watch man to be a part of it to be you yeah i wanted to make my mentor real happy though that's my main goal in fighting it's a powerful goal yeah did you ever try to go back and get hypnotized after all that's over to try to maybe calm down that part of your mind that they turned um i never did i had to the toad i think helped me out the toad yeah the other stuff none of that stuff would help me out yeah did weed help you out at all pretty much


yeah i mean but i had to do it every day i had to do it all the time right i did it all the time then yeah if i went to another country and i didn't have my weed i'd be insane say what the weed i gotta be here a couple of days a week a month get the hell out of here yeah yeah the rest of the world will catch up eventually they'll catch up eventually it's slowly happening we were talking about it before the show started that just a few years ago if you smoked weed you you felt like you were a criminal like you had to hide those and look around you looking around without a cop it's still like that in new york i


was in new york recently we had to hide weed that's cool still illegal there i'm like how is this new york city so antiquated today it's so stupid it just doesn't make any sense especially when like we're both high right now and man the kite it's fine everything's good having a nice conversation beautiful i agree i totally agree how many fights did jim jacobs have in that library i don't know thousands of them man i watched thousands guys fighting in 1898 watched them all wow who who were standouts for you outside of the stand like obviously jack johnson


yeah he was awesome too um he was just amazing he was ahead of his time fighting it was also little guys like tony cantonary harry armstrong bonnie ross guys like that benny leonard these guys are just they evolved boxing to the level where they can evolve to now they became they were superstars in that time who was that crazy middleweight who went up to fight jack johnson stanley ketchum that's right he's a badass punch yeah he's a badass then he got killed yeah by a guy because he stole this guy's girlfriend he was a tough guy like what are you going to do about it beat the guy up he disrespected the guy and the guy came


back and shot him yeah standing kitchen was a real wild and crazy guy well most of the greats were yeah he was wow that's a feeling well when you talk about like your life and like the way you were living if you go back to most of the greats like roberto duran he was a wild [ __ ] he was beautiful it was beautiful he had rhythm with it yeah just so many of the greats were just wild wild people you know i think it's that that fear that just brings that out of you yeah but then there was some greats that were just real disciplined like strong marvin hagler's my best example for that when i


was a kid growing up in boston hagler was the middleweight champion in the world and i used to see they used to have video of him running they played it on the news he was running on the there was the dunes sand dunes and cape cod in the winter freezing cold with a hoodie on running screaming war whoa oh it was amazing marvin hager made you want to just get out of your house and go running in the snow you know he was so disciplined that was the thing that i always got out of watching him wasn't that he was so wild he was so mentally strong he had an iron chin and his discipline was impeccable his he was just constantly training never out of


shape never got fat always doing sit-ups and push-ups ferocious animal racist body yeah oh he was chiseled he was a machine that fight with tommy hearns oh man that was wonderful beautiful greatest middleweight encounters of all time chaos i mean we didn't know what was going on we thought they were going to stop the fight stop the fight and say tommy hands are going to be the winner as skillful as they were they decided to just smash just get into the center and [ __ ] fight there was no like tommy hearns could should have tried to use his jab


boxing you're not going to keep them all off you can't keep them off your dog if you don't try to take them out it's almost crazy you can't box them like that you know sugary leona did that but they're on that they weren't at their prime then yeah yeah i wanted to see those two guys in their primaries go at it yeah sugar ray leonard went especially when he fought hagrid he fought haggar smart stay the [ __ ] away exactly i heard the craziest rumor tell me if this is the craziest rumor that marvin hagler like decided to bet on himself for that


fight didn't knew that he was going to lose like they had it set up and then retired and went to italy that's a ridiculous rumor right hey i don't know what anybody did but i never i never heard anything like that you never heard that one no but he's the more one of the most interesting end of careers ever i heard on rumors that he didn't fight the fight that he should have fight that he knew he should have fought right you know i mean the well the rumor was he went to italy because the mob said everything yeah something to that effect he went to


italy and became a giant movie star but he's the only guy that i can think of in recent memory that literally went out on top had his unbelievably close fight with sugar ray leonard a lot of people think he could have won that fight very close decision and then says that's it see ya i'm done everybody comes back it's hard not to come back you know yeah i guess um at one time that's your whole life i was thinking i'm surprised i never came back that was just my whole life that's my whole identity yeah and i mean um but when you did retire and when you retired in the ring that was the


most honest retirement speech i've ever heard a boxer give ever because just like i don't i don't have this in me anymore this wasn't in the air anymore just just um that was pretty bizarre for myself even you know because this is what i based my life on doing i when i first started doing this i'm going to dedicate my life to this stuff you get to see that it's not even um it's no longer going to happen it's pretty weird when did you know that you didn't want to do it anymore i've known years before that but i was still being very successful yeah like when like what year like do you remember around when you started


thinking it i remember probably around what the 2000 area so by the time that's post holyfield yeah after yeah and you're just you'd hit done too much i was just winning them you just went and beaten guys you know guys get hit or something and some guys be so scared yeah what did what did you have in mind like that's the hardest thing right to to swing from that to the next thing like how do you take how do you take this crazy exciting life i don't know i just decided listen let me just get high for


a while and figure this out that was the plan yeah let me party for a while and figure this stuff out what did you figure out um that i wanted to do other things so i started my wife um arranged for me to be this lesbian on stage that the the she created the live show yeah that's a brilliant idea because you're also the first fighter that ever did that because many fighters have great stories but very few of them have ever i don't think anybody besides you has ever put into it we were all received man it's just amazing we didn't


monaco we didn't own we did it um amount of various places and i can't believe that people want to see that stuff well like i said the documentary was amazing so people wanted to hear the live version of you talking about it and to see you live in person because the first time we did it um the first time we did it on broadway that is right we were really not sure about how it's gonna turn out so we invited all of our friends we had tickets and gave all to our friends and people we love like names and we brought them to the show and so when we started


they started laughing everybody said last i ran to my right wife i ran upstairs baby what's going on everything okay you know i i didn't want this show to be a comedy turned out to be a comment it was gonna be a hard gritty show about a tough guy right and made it through his toughness and he just came up about me just talking about myself how much of smoke i am you know and i loved it well i think that was part of it it's because like they all everybody knew you were this tough guy but they didn't know that you could be so self-deprecating and have so much fun with it all right you know that's why people loved it yeah


um they're doing the writing for my movie and stuff i haven't seen anything but it's gonna be pretty wild who's playing you in a movie i don't know there's been various people but you know most likely when jamie brown jamie um jamie foxx to do it he could do it he could do anything he could do anything anything that guy could be the [ __ ] president of the united states he could be a pilot that goes to the moon he could do whatever the [ __ ] he wants i want him to do it yeah he can do whatever he wants he'll probably bulk up like crazy too to


do it it's gonna be really wow yeah jamie could pull it off michael jai white pulled it off huh michael johnson can't do it like jamie i don't know i thought he didn't do a bad guy a lot of people didn't like what he did but i thought he did i think he did a good job he i loved him in spawn he's a great guy do you know him well no he's a great guy great guy very smart guy very humble guy really really intelligent and a great martial artist too michael jai white there's a kyokushin uh karate black belt it's basically the fight did you fight in the ufc


no when he was fighting there was no ufc around but he did a lot of karate tournaments and stuff he's very good i've watched him train before he's legit very legit but like i said real real good guy but yeah i agree jamie foxx man jamie foxx is on another planet he's just got this level of competence and skill and artistry in his singing in his comedy and his acting he could do anything he could play you is he going to hang out with you for a while i don't know what he's doing he's gotta he's gotta hang out with you it's gonna be pretty awesome he's gotta hang out with you gotta absorb it right yeah let's see how that works out are


you gonna be like his consultant you're gonna be like [ __ ] i would've never said that i would like to say that yeah [Laughter] but for some reason they just um they have their hollywood ways of doing things yeah you know what i mean they make it come out hollywoodish i guess yeah because some things that um it's just it's just really wild how they they try to switch it they appear um presentable right yeah they try to change the story and no one else i realized too when


hollywood perspective some things are really just is just still unbelievable yeah by itself yeah something that really is unbelievable yeah well do you know that movie fox catcher did you know that yeah the wrestling movie i remember that story of the young guy i remember that yeah that guy right mark schultz it was dave schultz and marshall dave schultz was the one who got murdered mark schultz is the guy who fought in the ufc here's what's crazy about that movie i don't know how much of that movie is accurate i don't know i wasn't there but what i do know is the one thing that i for sure


know happened they changed when he fought in the ufc mark only fought in the ufc once he fought a guy named big daddy goodrich gary big daddy big black guy wore a karate key and then eventually got rid of the later in his career but he's a legend big daddy's a legend in the movie it's not big daddy in the movie he's fighting some white guy it doesn't make any sense yeah they just they changed who he's fighting for no re it's a historical event it's like if you for whatever reason they decided to not have you fight trevor berbick you fought someone else like you fought jerry


cooney for the title or something to be created they'd be like why would you change history like i hope they don't do nothing i'm not going to want i can't want to do if they do something like that they have to be they did it with the ufc and they did it with fox cats can be right but it doesn't make it any better that's what's crazy it doesn't make the movie any better to have him fight a russian guy doesn't make him amazing daddy yeah he's known right in the ufc especially for people like me that are in the audience that go oh look look who's playing big daddy how do you do a big


daddy big daddy's tough he took big daddy down it was yeah he did whatever he wanted to him he's mark schultz he was a mother [ __ ] of a wrestler i mean him and his brother were savages they were savages they were just made out of something tell me what was the deal with that guy how did they hook up with that guy the guy was really really rich and there's no money in amateur wrestling and these guys a lot of them are really struggling when they're trying to make the olympics team i mean they're getting by barely they barely have enough money for healthy food and they need sponsors and sometimes they get sponsors like a rich


guy who owns a business you know he loves the olympics he loves wrestling maybe he wrestled in college and he'll take care of them get maybe get him some vitamins maybe sponsor them with the and you know they have various people that help them with their training and their food but this guy came along and said look i'm gonna build a gigantic facility to create the best wrestling program and pay you guys all money to come and train here and they couldn't help it it's like they were poor they didn't know what to do i understand that yeah and he was a guy who was like a trust fund guy he got all his money from his family and he was


just some crazy rich [ __ ] and he wound up shooting one of them yeah i mean that's what it is i mean the disto like you said the story itself is [ __ ] crazy enough the actual story they didn't have to change anything of it so i know they changed that part of it so who knows what else in the movie they added or changed or [ __ ] with they [ __ ] with something they didn't have to [ __ ] with they went hollywood with it in a way that they didn't have to do so it makes you you question all the other things that happened in the movie that's pretty bizarre so for you they can't you can't do that your life is


crazy insane i'm you know what i was thinking about okay i really do i really want to do this stuff man i really want to go on the screen with my life and be sincere with these people yeah i said i really need that you know i've been thinking about that recently i really need this stuff and this um cannabis business is getting ready to pop off and do really well i'm saying i really i don't really really need this money it's not gonna hurt you it's not gonna hurt you it's gonna help you anything helps you at this point you're so honest that anything that you've done in the past that you're embarrassed about or you're


shameful of it just makes it's just better it's just better for you it's like you made mistakes people can learn from them these are beneficial so watching someone like you talk about your life is beneficial for people because you learn how you can overcome these experiences how how bad things can be for you you learn how bad you can [ __ ] up and people need to see [ __ ] like that it's good for it's good for civilization it's good for our culture i think so and plus a guy like you who was like i said when i was a kid you were the [ __ ] man i mean you were the


[ __ ] man to have a guy like you be self-deprecating explaining and laughing about things it makes it even it sinks in more it's like you were saying what we were saying about customato that his wisdom is sunk in like he was the gravel in his voice and the intensity in his eyes and the wisdom in his words it sunk in i remembered his quotes for years afterwards because he lived so much because he had so much that's the same thing with you man when you when you're talking about your life experiences like people listen they take it in because they know you lived an extraordinary life so they better not [ __ ] this movie yeah


real extreme it's extreme as it gets what's more extreme other than a soldier those are the only people that live a more extreme life first responders soldiers firemen police officers wow yeah that's it i mean they're seeing death and violence every day other than them you probably live the most extreme life ever who the [ __ ] can relate to you do you ever get together with other like world-class pro boxers that have no but the guy that do get into the guys you talk about the veterans and stuff yeah maybe tell me weird stuff you know oh man yeah talk to seals about their time deployed i'm surprised they don't take


themselves out a lot of those guys yeah they're on the dark side well a lot of those guys are finding um some relief in the same things that you found relief and they find relief in dmt and other psychedelics mushrooms i think that could be a great benefit to a lot of our veterans i believe that 100 too i don't know why they don't want to dabble in this stuff yeah what do you think would have happened to you if you got to hold that stuff while you're in your prime i don't know i don't think maybe i want to be a fighter then yeah maybe i wouldn't want to be a fighter damn dmt might have derailed it yeah


i might want to love everybody you know yeah that's what makes you feel like when you come out of it you said i love you yeah yes they love everybody yeah well my hope is that uh with great organizations like maps um that one day people will be able to see things like everybody be able to see things the way you do and then we'll all have this understanding what these things are they're they're tools that can help us all these things including marijuana it's a tool to help us you could you could use any tool you could abuse any tool there is you could take a hammer


and hit yourself in the head if you're stupid you could abuse anything but you could also use it in a make build yourself a beautiful house and with cannabis you can you could use it to make it makes you a nicer person it does makes you more i feel more vulnerable i have more of a sense of community i'm always hugging people when i'm high i want to hug everybody you know i agree it's a better feeling than yeah you know i mean it makes you it makes you feel kind i agree i like feeling okay what is it like for you to uh to watch boxing these days it's just not in my life anymore you


don't watch it at all or did you watch tyson fury wilder oh it was a great fight i was in the air flying when they were fighting oh really yeah did you didn't watch the highlights or anything so some of the highlights yes how crazy is deontay wilder's power good stuff crazy right because he's built so strange not incredible how incredible with tyson's shore incredible incredible and gets up and wins the rest of the round that's what's really incredible it's amazing amazing yeah so you don't follow


you don't follow anyone you know i'm that's part of my life um i'm um i got mixed feelings with that part of my life right right you know i stuff that i don't like about myself and stuff is right i try to forget that stuff because i'm on a whole different um patent yeah yeah so even watching other people box you know i only watch nothing i try to stay away as much as possible so watching other people box makes you think about yourself when you're fighting it reminds you of it kind of yeah yeah i always say these guys are so much nicer than i was


you know i mean these are cool guys man yeah right like who who out yeah there's no one out there today that's got that mean vicious person yeah you when you were in the ring doing a post-fight interview saying you wanted to eat your children you want to eat someone's children i remember saying this is the craziest [ __ ] post-fight interview it was about lennox lewis right yeah it's a madness of the great what's wrong with me i'm just a madman it was amazing it was amazing for the for the story for the time i mean look what it was was when we saw rocky iii right and mr t was challenging you know uh rocky and he


would say all that crazy [ __ ] about what he was gonna do my prediction pain that was beautiful it was beautiful what you did is you took that and just cranked it up to 11 and threw gasoline on it and lit it on fire you just took that kind of ferocious [ __ ] talking yeah i look at some of those um press conferences in a long time and what i'm saying these guys yeah talk to anybody like that you know it's just such a different world now my world world's so different now do you feel when you watch that stuff that you feel almost like trapped by that past like that you have to acknowledge it you don't even acknowledge it anymore yeah i'm almost a


little bit like i don't want to be involved with that never happened yeah yeah yeah but kind of had to happen for you to be who you are you know it's because people um this is the real reason right joe this people still people love that guy yeah yeah and people love that i didn't like that guy that much so i have my i'm conflicting with people that like that guy and me living my life that i am living now yeah well people love that guy because that guy gave them a drug and that drug was excitement like you you turn on the tv like oh [ __ ] here we go michael spanx mike tyson here we go and boom oh


that's what people wanted they wanted that excitement they knew some crazy [ __ ] was about to go down unpredictable you can't you don't no one knows what's going to happen in a fight is it going to be a right or a left is he going to move right is he going to move left how's it going to work out you don't know how long could spanx last you don't know and everybody was excited and that was that's what you brought people you brought people this this chaotic moment you slapped down the money in the pay-per-view you got out your popcorn or you waited for the the rush the rush of excitement those crazy days crazy days crazy i mean i hate to keep bringing


your head back to that but just for me uh as a kid growing up during that time it was a big part of my you know my becoming an adult it was during your era your era of dominance i always look at my kids and i think wow these guys are pretty much um middle class kids they live their life to do what they want they go to college and everything i would ever i would never want to put that pressure on my son that you have to be the total best you have to dominate everybody you got to be the best and ever live at this you put that kind of pressure on them that's


incredible i would never do that to them yeah it would never work probably i mean i don't think a kid that grows up in a loving household would support you yeah you guys boxing for when you have nothing yeah when you do boxing when you just had nothing because that's a lot of um that's a lot of dedication it's a lot of pain that's a lot of um aggravation a lot of you know it really is um discovering who you are but you must be able to take pride in the fact that your children don't ever have to do that oh and that's why i took the punches for they wouldn't have to do yeah


i had my first my having this son of 16 he wanted to be a boxer i saw you working with him out of here you got a private school give me a boxing stuff wow you traveled to european trips you do have trips and also vacations you want to be a fighter get out of here you're a joke man yeah joker and he's really serious like he's serious man i don't want nobody to go do fight some guy like me yeah some animal kind of my kids go through that crap


that's the degrading some guy like that beating on you yeah that's the thing is the fuel that you had the the burning inferno inside you you can't replicate that they don't understand that they don't i don't know you know a lot of stuff um inspire shame inspires a lot of success yeah you know yeah they don't have to deal with that kind of shame right right shame pain exactly feeling being left out feeling of not belonging if i do this i'm gonna be everybody's gonna love me yeah crazy feelings feel like imagine to get people you want to be accepted so badly yeah imagine that it's gonna be accepted


people will look at you and all in all what kind of mindset is that that's that eagle won't people just look at you yeah you're a sick [ __ ] yeah i think right yeah sick i want you to look at me oh man yeah but it's beautiful that you could describe it that way now like you've stepped outside of it long enough do you recognize what it was when it was overcoming i was a sick i used to read stories alexander the great how this guy was a god wow i want to be like that you know this is crazy it's just crazy how you get inspired to believe that you're more than what you are


well it was also those feelings of conquering were giving you the first success and good feelings of your life and the fact that they programmed you i mean that's something that i don't think a lot of people are aware of the the the hypnotism the hypnotism and the the putting those thoughts into your mind which were hugely beneficial you could tap into that mind zone right before you competed they mean they gave you a clear path they give you a clear path to use your fury with this like very analytical approach with perfect boxing technique and an amazing mentor with incredible amount of knowledge and they just let you loose you have to be enthusiastic


yeah you have to enthusiastic yeah bad intentions yeah being bad attention and having through the atom when you're fighting yeah love every minute of it yeah look at you getting fired up again yeah because that's crazy do you work out anymore nah man i keep away from that stuff man you don't even like uh all that stuff you know spin class or anything no all that stuff um reactivates my ego oh really yeah oh wow i'm gonna get ripped off so they reactivate it that's the thing about like extreme winners extreme winners that that that ego is


hard yeah if i actually need my ego i'm gonna lose in life i'm gonna lose i'm losing this cannabis i'm gonna lose everything what if you like go jogging can you go jogging no i don't know i don't do my treadmill work and stuff oh okay treadmill that's it but but if i start to think that i'm special if i get a glam glimmer of that thing say hey whoa yeah look at you you're better than though i saw a video you hit in the bag recently it was like a couple years ago you still hit the bag you can still throw some bombs i do probably for the cameras yeah that's what you're doing but i'm like damn you


can still move you still have it in you right i don't know but it's in your body you have to be in i don't know how to do that does it feel weird but what i was going to get to when if you were standing in front of that heavy bag and you start rattling off combinations and people you start thinking like oh [ __ ] i'm actually mike tyson like i was that guy i am that guy who went through that i am the youngest heavyweight champion of all time i am that guy to destroy tyrell biggs i am that guy that knocked out larry holmes i'm that guy look at my look at that guy i look at that guy and somebody's giving me a


platform to help me forget about that guy wow yeah it's it's beautiful that you have that that mindset it is because most people who have accomplished as much as you have they don't want to ever let the past oh [ __ ] let that go the thing let it go let it go let it go but do you you know do you recognize that that's a beautiful part of your personality you had one of the most successful boxing careers ever but you don't want to you don't want nothing to do with it you don't want to you want to acknowledge it exist you wish it went away in order to um


um arrive to that next chapter in life you have to forget the chapter that came before you yeah and focus on the chapter ahead of you yes yes that's a great lesson and from coming from you that lesson i think is going to hit home with a lot of people think so yes 100 100 because you accomplished so much because you were the youngest heavyweight champion of all time because you're the baddest man on the planet this big hero for a lot of people like me when i was growing up to see you now say that's then i'm done nothing i don't watch it i don't work out i'm not i'm not even a part of that anymore i'm concentrating on my life


right now and i'm happy and i love people you know joe that's really crazy but when you think about this listen you know being that person that guy that sent me the psych ward a couple of times that sent me to so many other plays at the prison wow it sent me places that guy's a a trip yeah that's the truth i had you in the underwear holding a tiger on a chain man what did you go to the psych ward for it's been crazy violent probably thought about hurting myself for something crazy like that what do they do when they take you in the psych ward how do they treat you


oh no it's the same way everybody treat me this is mike and stuff no but i mean how do they take care of you what do they do for you i mean how do they take my time or something yeah zone you out be like a zombie even your zombie swagger then yeah yeah that is what they do huh yeah just calm you down medically pharmaceutically it's a zombie you're like a family it's looking at television you don't know what's going on well you know what's going on but you can't react to it jesus and then once they got you calmed down enough to go all right you can go


i don't know i don't think i ever get calmed down enough i think it was time for me to go and i had to go what is the day in the life of mike tyson like now like what it was a typical day i get up in the morning i go to my office in my cannabis office we do deals and we get investments and um i come home at five o'clock and i go see my kids unless i stay at the office later and i come home and i hang out with my wife and my kids it's a um really bizarre life we stay in newport beach now oh that's really um it's very nice it's very upscale but it's very


quiet yeah not like las vegas at all no one then uh my daughter plays tennis up there so we're pretty much um situated up there it's not like i said baby can we move to hollywood no we can't go to beverly hills no because the tennis all of her tennis requirements are here in newport beach so we stay here newport's nice though it's a good place it's near the ocean it's got clean oceans it's um it's just different for me i bet it's different yeah did you like living in vegas though because it fights with it it was always crazy and everything the fight did bring great parties though you've always had some great parties


that was always great so you've settled into this business life it seems like pretty easily like you you seem to be enjoying yourself hey it's something i want to do and um it's it's um it's a fresh start you know i mean i look um since doing a total you know i mean my main objective and everything i've been embarking on and being um involving myself with it's all been because of a fresh start i feel fresh i feel new i feel like nothing could stop and nothing could be in my way and it's just an awesome feeling so this is from doing that one dmt experience just sent


you into i did it one time but i did it many times that day yeah right you know but yeah this really um i don't know what it is i'm trying to figure it out but i've changed but i just don't figure i don't know how yeah um i describe it for a lot of people it's like resetting a computer you reset a computer you have a fresh new desktop and there's only one folder on the desktop and that folder says my old [ __ ] this is what listen stop i'm saying to myself right now sometimes i wonder this new feeling that i'm possessing right now is it um a real feeling does this stuff really help


why am i lying to myself again until the next moment that next feeling come to do some drugs or to be with somebody else what's really going on is that feeling going to come back yeah at this moment that feeling feels like you're never coming back it it can never come back if you decide that it's never coming back but you have to make that decision pretty much every day but you can you can never come back if you want or you could slip into the old ways that's what a lot of people do when a lot of people fall into drug addictions relapsing when they relapse they're not physically addicted when


they're relapsed obviously they're clean and they decide to go back in it's because there's comfort in those old patterns because this new way of life is just they get anxiety they feel like it's a lot of pressure to stay clean also explain it i hate that i always hated that oh wait i never wanted to do drugs but then i do them again i never wanted to hate a stone no no yeah [Laughter] no come on you understand what i'm saying no yeah [ __ ] i don't want that and then once you do that and once you do that then you're going all out now yeah the liquor there the girl oh man this is


just a dark dark vicious cycle it's real dark yeah it's self-destructive yeah it's all about um ego inflating and self-defecating self-destruct it also alleviates you from the responsibility of improving 100 that pressure of like keeping it together staying sober you know being disciplined all that stuff once it's gone it's gone like ah i'm just [ __ ] crazy i'm crazy this is just what i do i'm crazy and it's easy to fall into that trap and that's what happens to a lot of people who relapse with drugs i never want to go back to that again that's just


that's just a no-win situation that's one of the great things about marijuana that people don't understand they think that a drug is a drug is a drug they're all falling under the same category but you can use marijuana and just be peaceful and not chaotic and the opposite will make you think more about the consequences of ruining your life because they sound ridiculous i gotta um i got a um a foot in um with detroit michigan one time for andrew colada i got um i tested and i tested for um marijuana they charged me 300 000 hours jesus christ


finally 300 000 that's a lot of money where'd that money go who took it the commission they back it yeah that's what they did yeah that's crazy three hundred thousand dollars for some weed in your system now you're selling it legally yeah and this is this is just a bizarre situation i'm just going with this bizarre world and see what happens it's beautiful man i never thought you could do to sell marijuana without being in that business i know at this stage of my life when it um it came at the right particular time i saw it online i saw tyson ranch online i saw something on instagram or


something and i was like that makes sense yeah yeah why not man in this day and i mean look everybody loves you why not why not go into business you've never never dreamt but it's just a no-brainer people are going to want to buy your weed just because they love you i want to distribute all over the world too that's where it gets sketchy yeah there's some spots in asia you don't want to bring weed to no singapore you can get killed oh yeah i know but that's the some parts of the world that they accept it yeah like i went to europe to buy weed before i mean and it was um


they were selling the plants they weren't selling the butt they were selling the plant you had to buy the plant wait did the plant develop and make buds and all that stuff wow selling the plant i said what's that purpose they wanted you to grow your own yeah that's the only way so you were working with a bunch of different growers explaining how you guys are setting it up the whole thing we're working with other growers but my main objective is to be distributed all over the country so to and also the ranch where you're gonna have like a a destination that's


gonna be that's gonna be a resort in there and that's where people can come it's gonna be um it's gonna be like um what's that big concert thing so we're going to have our own concerts there's chinchilla i've got the name of coachella coachella chinchilla coachella it's gonna be something after that effect yeah oh that's awesome so you're gonna do shows down there too absolutely yeah we're gonna do them again we guess we'll be our first show when miguel's gonna be our first show in february oh wow oh that's amazing that's beautiful but listen man i'm very happy for you


i'm happy i'm happy to see this i'm happy to see this transition in you i'm happy to hear about your experiences and uh good luck man you need to come back because i'm going to be presenting at the um the podcast award oh yeah yeah that's coming up soon isn't it yeah are you going to be there no i'm not going to know what i'm going to when is that how about me they'll tell me yeah they i think do you know what that is jamie somebody sent it to me i'm busy that night unfortunately


yeah um so you have a podcast too tell people about that yes the hot box thing hot boxing yeah get it yeah big hot box weed get it boxing exactly yeah and we smoke on um on our show we're having a good time yeah and you uh you had dale earnhardt junior on yeah he's an awesome guy he's a great guy yeah he's awesome did you get high with him no no i don't believe i did no i don't think he smoked no i don't think he does either but uh he's like the clean cut guy he's super nice guy almost too nice are you real father's the tough guy yeah his father was a savage yeah yeah


um so tell people uh tyson branch tell people how they can find more information well you get to look up tyson ranch just it's uh is it yeah okay and uh you don't [ __ ] with any social media huh you don't mess with them so i have people do that but they tell me take a picture with this guy for you to get some likes or something yeah i feel like i'm in third grade or something getting friends trying to make friends what the hell i'm going i feel like a smuck man it is ridiculous tyson ranch official on instagram

Key Themes, Chapters & Summary

Key Themes

  • Early Life and Exposure to Substances

  • Boxing Career and Psychological Preparation

  • Fame and Its Impact

  • Combat Sports Analysis

  • Psychedelics and Personal Transformation

  • Post-Retirement Ventures and Self-Reflection


  • Introduction and Early Experiences

  • Rise to Boxing Fame

  • The Psychology of a Champion

  • Analysis of Combat Sports Legends

  • The Impact of Fame and Personal Struggles

  • Psychedelics and Life Transformation

  • Ventures Beyond the Ring

  • Reflection and Conclusion


In the Joe Rogan Experience #1227, Joe Rogan engages in a deep and wide-ranging conversation with the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson. The discussion begins with lighter anecdotes, such as Tyson's revelation that he has never tried coffee, a fact that surprises Rogan. This leads to an exploration of Tyson's early life, marked by his startling introduction to drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Tyson reflects on these experiences with a blend of candor and vulnerability, offering insights into his tumultuous youth.

As the conversation unfolds, Tyson delves into his boxing career, discussing his mindset during his prime and his heavy drinking habits. He shares stories about his training, his relationship with his mentor Cus D'Amato, and the psychological strategies employed in his boxing preparation, including hypnosis. Tyson's reflections reveal a complex character, shaped by fame, the pressures of being a world champion, and his journey through addiction and self-discovery.

Rogan, bringing his experience as a former martial artist and UFC commentator to the table, steers the dialogue through various aspects of combat sports. They discuss other fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones, and Daniel Cormier, analyzing their careers and contributions to the sport. Tyson and Rogan also reminisce about historical boxing figures, showcasing Tyson's deep knowledge and passion for the history of combat sports.

A significant portion of the podcast is dedicated to discussing psychedelics and their impact on both Rogan and Tyson. Tyson shares his profound experiences with substances like DMT and the transformative impact they had on his life, particularly his encounter with the toad (5-MeO-DMT). This discussion offers a glimpse into Tyson's inner world and his quest for meaning and understanding beyond the ring.

The podcast concludes with Tyson discussing his life post-retirement, including his ventures into the cannabis industry and his one-man show on Broadway. These endeavors represent Tyson's evolution from a fierce boxer to a more introspective and multifaceted individual. The conversation between Rogan and Tyson is a blend of nostalgia, self-reflection, and philosophical exploration, providing a unique insight into the life and mind of one of boxing's most iconic figures.