on November 30th of 2022 the world changed forever artificial intelligence or AI became accessible to the public for free through a tool called chat gbt chat GPT which stands for generative pre-trained Transformer a robot you can talk to you can log on to and have a conversation with and it went from zero to a million users in five days which is the fastest any platform has gone to a million users it took Facebook two years took Instagram two years took Pinterest four months and it took Angry Birds 35 days I think that it has the potential to unravel the very fabric of capitalism itself and what it means for us as


individuals and a little bit later in the video I'm going to tell you how you can capitalize on this to 10x how much you make rather than being afraid of it in the short term and curling up in a ball and putting your head in the sand and like hoping it goes away it's here and it's only going to get more dangerous and Powerful so there's five major areas that I think it's going to completely turn on its head number one is the nature of work itself the second is how businesses operate the third is the economy overall the fourth is how we interrelate with one another on a romantic setting how we choose mates how we seduce how we have sex all of that


stuff and finally the nature of life itself and how it actually extends to interplanetary life and whether or not aliens exist here on Earth I'm not a big woo tin hack guy but I think if you actually think through the logic there's some really alarming conclusions that you can come to AI is going to be the biggest shift in our lifetime it is the equivalent in my opinion of the moon landing except the only difference is that it will actually change all of our Lives rather than just being a picture to say that we won the Cold War different than the internet phone systems television because what those did was they reshuffled the


workforce this has the ability to remove or eliminate the workforce altogether cryptocurrencies in general had the potential to overturn the financial institution AI is the potential to overturn the Human Institution I try to convince people to slow down slow down AI to regulate AI I tried for years you don't know who I am or you're new to the channel my name is Alex tremozzi I'm the founder of we're a portfolio of companies that does over 200 million a year and I make these videos so that you can use them and make lots and lots of money and hopefully you become a company between three and 100


million dollars and we can invest in your business and help you scale beyond that so in order for us to productively talk about AI to understand what the terms we're actually talking about are AI is a type of technology that helps machines or computers do things that normally need a human brain to do stuff like learning solving problems making decisions and understanding what we see or hear the thing that made the release on November 30 is so wild is that chat GPT democratized access to AI for the first time because it had an interface that we could all use chat they created a massive language model that allowed it to understand our prompts and queries


and be able to translate that into machine speak get the answer and then re-translate it back to us in human speak that is what made it so powerful because now all of us can use it right now chatgpt spits out words sentences paragraphs articles and even entire books it can write legal documents it can write sales scripts and write video scripts the list is literally endless I asked it the other day to write a cold email to a plumbing company for marketing SEO services and it spit it out and then I said cool make it funnier and shorter spit out another version and I said great turn it into a text message did it turn it into a tweet store did it


it's difficult to comprehend the extent of it because it's only really limited by our ability to ask the right questions which I'll get to later because it's going to be very important in terms of how you choose to use AI That's Just Words as the output but we understand other things we can interpret images we can interpret videos and we can interpret sounds and the crazy thing is is that AI can do that too so openai also runs Dali which is an image engine generator and so if I said hey give me a guy smoking a cigar looking over a beach where there's a dragon now make it in Van Gogh painting style crazy now make me 10 versions of that


now if you think about the nature of what a video is back in the day was used to be a flip book they would take images and they would flip the pictures and then you'd have a video because we can't tell the difference at past a certain speed and so if it can make images then if it makes lots of images in a row it can make videos but on top of that if it has the words and it can make the video it can also make the Sounds in the very near future those will merge and the same degree the inputs being text or verbal will also merge this is the reason Elon Musk has been such a big proponent of neuralink he wants to take it a factor further rather than be


limited by our ability to speak or ability to type he wants it to be limited by our ability to think now that may sound like science fiction but it's already here many of us were alive during the first iPhone launch now we're on iPhone 14 or 15 or whatever it's on now what we see today is our first version that we can see chat GPT 100 is going to be significantly more advanced and will be able to input an output on demand any of these things the way we want them the next important Milestone is when AI actually enters the physical world Elon revealed that Tesla bot the thing is is that that's what it is today again like the iPhone in many machine


Generations which happen faster than human Generations that will be able to look exactly like a human and it will definitely if you look at Boston Dynamics there's robots that actually function better than humans that have longer arms and are much stronger and can jump and don't need to sleep it won't have sexual complaints blah blah blah once those machine Generations happen on Robotics and on the AI side we'll reach a point where they're super intelligence and super intelligence is defined as where the AI itself is smarter than all humans put together I think it takes like unique human arrogance to believe that uh AI cannot


supersede humans at that point the world will change significantly this is where access to the super intelligence will become the most valuable resource on planet Earth for example if I were to say hey build me a trillion dollar company it could in real time write the code for the product write the scripts for the ads generate the videos for the ads directly interface with the media buying place the ads where it already knows where the targeted audience is push those targeted audiences eyes to landing pages that it had built with scripts and videos that it had built and then transact all from a single prompt who determines who gets the access will


be a really important question for the future the second is what will govern the types of prompts and queries that we can ask it so if we said how do I wipe out the entire human race for less than a hundred thousand dollars we don't want it really answering questions like that there's going to have to be some regulation around this because the thing is that's a lot of power if we had a thousand times the rate of innovation it would be the same as having all Innovations between the Period of Enlightenment and today happen next year and so that gives away the last step in the AI Evolution which is the singularity The Singularity is a


hypothetical Future Point in which technological progress and artificial intelligence will advance to the point where Humanity will undergo a transformation Beyond which it cannot be seen the first truly intelligent machine will be the last invention that Humanity needs to make many people postulate that that's the point where it will become either self-aware it will start my make its own decisions and ignore us well it won't really want to kill us because it has no reason to for the same reason that we don't want to kill ants but if we build a highway we destroy some ant hills so it's just gonna do what it's going to do some robots will eat some


jobs and some robots will kill humans you've already seen that with self-driving cars but when you look at the trend as a whole I think it's going to be incredibly positive for Humanity this is why Elon and Sam Altman and those guys are trying to align our goals of humanity with the goals of the AI it's the only really productive thought process we can have because we can sit here and be afraid but I don't think we're going to stop the technological progress even if they banned it knowing how the internet is and knowing how black hat coders Etc are I have a hard time believing that they will be able to stop it because the thing is this will


be the equivalent of having the new nuclear bomb of this Century or this Millennia if Humanity collectivity decides that creating digital super intelligence is the right move then we should do so very very carefully this is the most important thing that we could possibly do that's all Pie in the Sky stuff let's talk about day to day let's talk about business so to frame this conversation I think you have to watch this clip because it will make everything about the same make sense so this is from Google and this is from four years ago their personal


assistant Ai and they haven't released this to the public which is weird you hi I'm Kyle mm-hmm first name is Lisa okay perfect so I will see Lisa at 10 o'clock on May 3rd okay great thanks great have a great day bye that's the Baseline that was four years ago now imagine it was a sales call and we have sales AI That's listened to 10 million sales calls this is the types of things that these people say in these situations I will say the same thing and then iterates and learns over and over again the AI can live a million


lifetimes in terms of the amount of volume it can churn through and process and learn from compared to a human so the best sales guy is going to have this much experience compared to the best AI sales guy and so if it can have those calls 24 hours a day in real time to whatever Prospect you want you may even imagine a world where you ask the phone teller hey are you a human and when they say no I'm AI you're relieved because you're like thank God I'm talking to the best version of this who can handle my problem right now so if you were to have asked people what jobs do you think AI will replace first most people said first it'll replace the low skill jobs


the physical labor and then it'll be the low skilled White Collar jobs and then it'll be the high school White Collar jobs like programmers and coders and then finally maybe it'll replace the creative jobs but what's interesting is that it actually happened in the reverse order if you're a copywriter this has serious implications for you a logo designer this has serious implications for you customer service 24 hours a day in real time immediate feedback what happens to all the Physicians it becomes immediate and more accurate for us to have access to a medical AI from our homes and it can see us because it can interpret their data visually too if


you're in finance it will be able to take all of the raw data and realign it and put it into beautiful Excel sheets A friend of mine has a father who's a medical malpractice attorney he asked it to write an argument for why malpractice should not be capped in terms of how much a lawyer can make on a malpractice suit and then outlined an entire argument for why it should be uncapped it happened to be almost identical to the argument that he had after 40 years of experience you see videos like this you see all these people on YouTube you see Instagram posts well what if the AI reads every single Instagram post of all time and ranks them by highest


performing and then merge that with video and defects we will have pundits and influencers that don't exist imagine you could create the perfect celebrity or the perfect spokesperson or the perfect porn star and with deep fakes they can work 24 hours a day say exactly what you want and what they say has the perfect tone and me to just stimulate the out of our dopamine centers and we're just going to be plugged in because it knows what we like better than we do if you don't believe me go to this person does not and just keep refreshing it and it will show you new people now if you remember earlier a video is made of multiple images put


together back to back to back if it can make an image of a real person it can make many images of real people if they can make many images of real people it can make a video of a real person and then we'll have questions of verification did President Biden say that did President Trump say that or is it a deep fake the blue check mark will take on an entirely new meaning in the very near future now those are just a few a few use cases but anywhere humans are it will disrupt if you are connected to the AI you can input faster and you can get information back faster because you're not limited by your digits this will be the next order of magnitude in


terms of output and value that individuals be able to create in the economy I do think that there's a chance that capitalism as a system for society may be overturned you're gonna have a huge cost basis that's going to be eliminated so things make it cheaper but at the same time the money that would have gone to those people that's going to go into the economy won't be there the point is is that I think there will be significant changes in capitalism overall now one of the nice things Sam Altman who's the CEO they have actually been undergoing the largest Ubi study so Universal basic income study as a result


concurrently with this technology so he knows what they're making we're going to have an opportunity to push the reset button and think about the world we want and I think Universal basic income is one part of that he knows the impact of what's going to have now in the short term we'll be able to harness this and this is what I think we'll Foster in at least in the short term a golden age for Humanity in terms of what we're going to be able to accomplish scientifically I believe that we will be able to achieve nuclear fusion fusion is renewable clean energy for everyone when you reconstruct the energy infrastructure upon which all of society is laid upon it changes


everything and so in a very real way this will be a more significant change or revolution in humanity in my opinion than the Industrial Revolution which changed everything but let's talk about a very different topic let's talk about romance this is where in my opinion it gets a little bit scary the bottom tier of society have a harder time getting mates girls or guys imagine if we've studied a million Tinder conversations to get the first date there'll be tools probably called first date AI that can AI from first convo all the way to the date getting set so let's take it a step further we have the phone version of this and you can hear a voice that has


been tuned to your preferences of the exact type of voice that you want to hear that talks to you and listens to you like the kind heart that they are and they don't care that you talk too much and you only talk about yourself and when you say these weird things they just let it go because we think we're more complicated than they are but we really just have inputs that our brain interprets from an electrical signal and then assigns meaning to and once you know the inputs you just hit the buttons and that's what it will learn how to do now we fall in love with robots take it a step further the Tesla bot five generations 10 Generations from now


looks like a human and now has that in the brain what happens when the robot humans are more attractive more loving more caring more considerate and cheaper than a spouse before I explain how you can maximally use this to make the most money and live the best life in the short term based on the skills that we have today indulge me for one more moment because I think it's really profound and I think it's going to change the way you see the world let's talk about aliens oh we'll have talked about alien technology and like what if there was a UFO that was captured all that kind of stuff so let's put a pin in that play this out


with me when humans want to explore the universe what do we send first we send Mars Rover we send a robot right right if aliens are further ahead of us then it means that they probably have ai if they're going to send something they would probably send a robot why because a robot doesn't need to eat it can live for a very long time and it can survive in harsher different climates than biology can on top of that it can work on itself whereas biology cannot so aliens might be here but not necessarily in their physical form in their AI form because if we can create robots that perfectly clone humans so can they and that may be who they sent or what they


sent to check out what we're doing AI would be the perfect thing to send to another planet because up to this point when we send something it takes five years for it to reach whatever Planet it's on and so by the time it's there it's really old technology and so it makes sense that you'd want to send something that is completely adaptable and can rewrite its own code space exploration may be done by AI more than it is done by humans because this stuff our flesh we're super easy to kill but the AI can live super cold super hot no oxygen lots of oxygen it's good and once we saw fusion with it it won't even need the sun which leads to one question


about life itself if we Define death as the inability to receive inputs so like when you die you can't receive inputs anymore and we Define personality as the conglomerate of our actions and behaviors as a result of our past experiences then if I were to upload my thoughts and behaviors and past experiences how I talk how I speak I think Etc into a cloud drive and then it were able to pass the Turing test everybody I know couldn't tell whether it was me or robot version of me then is it me and if that thing can now go travel planets is it humans that are traveling to planets or is it an AI cyborg version of humans I don't know


interesting questions and you're like okay Alex you took me to romance robot wives and Aliens how do I make more money today so the first first thing that I would ask is that you adopt the mentality that AI isn't here to replace me it's here to supercharge me why do I say that because if you adopt the other one you might as well just throw in the towel now you have to embrace change it's part of humanity technology moves we got to adapt if AI can condense our inputs so if I say hey go read this book distill it down and then give it to me I can now read a book significantly faster if I say hey ai go summarize all my email and all my slack messages and


predict what I'm going to say and then all I need to do is validate it I can do a days worth of work in a few minutes I think of chat EBT and AI of the future as a filter through which we will perceive the world both in and out think of it as your home screen you read everything through AI because it has already distilled it down to the most important nuggets for you then in the output side it makes predictions on what you would say normally and it continues to get training it better and then it sends it we can consume 10 times the information and produce 10 times the output which is 100x increase so that's level one the next level is the expert

Key Themes, Chapters & Summary

Key Themes

  • Unprecedented Growth of Artificial Intelligence

  • AI's Impact on Various Domains

  • Human Augmentation through AI

  • AI Integration in the Physical World

  • Practical Applications of AI in Industry

  • Societal Implications of AI Advances

  • Strategies for Leveraging AI for Personal Advancement


  • The Rapid Evolution of AI Technology

  • Transforming Work and Business with AI

  • Enhancing Human Capabilities through AI

  • Physical Manifestations of AI in Daily Life

  • Sector-Specific AI Innovations

  • AI's Role in Shaping Future Societies

  • Embracing AI for Personal and Professional Growth


The podcast transcript titled "Get RICH in the A.I. Revolution (2023)" provides a comprehensive and structured analysis of the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on various facets of life and business. It's a visionary exploration, delivered by Alex Hormozi, a successful entrepreneur and founder of, into how AI is reshaping the world and offers strategies for leveraging this technology for financial and personal advancement.

AI's Rapid Growth and Potential:

The transcript opens with a discussion on the unprecedented growth of AI, particularly highlighted by the rapid user adoption of ChatGPT, a generative pre-trained Transformer. Hormozi emphasizes AI's potential to significantly alter various domains, including work nature, business operations, economic structures, interpersonal relationships, and even the essence of life and interplanetary existence.

Five Key Areas of Transformation:

Hormozi identifies five major areas where AI is set to revolutionize the current state of affairs:

  • 1. Nature of Work: AI's capability to automate and innovate job functions.

  • 2. Business Operations: Transforming how businesses operate through automated decision-making and efficiency.

  • 3. Economic Impact: Potential shifts in global economies due to AI's intervention in labor and production.

  • 4. Interpersonal Relationships: AI’s influence on personal relationships and social interactions.

  • 5. Existential Questions: The broader implications of AI on life itself, including the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

AI and Human Augmentation:

A significant focus is on how individuals and businesses can utilize AI to enhance capabilities and productivity. Hormozi suggests embracing AI as a tool for augmentation rather than viewing it as a threat to human jobs. He proposes that AI can act as a filter through which we perceive and interact with the world, enhancing our ability to consume and produce information.

AI in the Physical World:

The discussion extends to the integration of AI into the physical world, referencing advancements like Tesla's AI-driven bots. Hormozi predicts that AI will eventually achieve a level of superintelligence, surpassing human intelligence and potentially altering the fabric of human existence.

Practical Applications and Future Prospects:

Hormozi delves into practical applications of AI in various sectors like finance, healthcare, and law. He foresees AI's capability to revolutionize these fields by processing vast amounts of data more accurately and swiftly than humans. Additionally, he touches on the societal implications of AI, including its potential impact on capitalism and the necessity of universal basic income as AI reshapes the labor market.

Embracing AI for Personal Gain:

In conclusion, Hormozi encourages viewers to adopt AI technologies to amplify their capabilities. He suggests using AI to process information quickly and make informed decisions, thus enhancing personal and professional effectiveness.

In summary, "Get RICH in the A.I. Revolution (2023)" offers a visionary and well-researched perspective on the transformative impact of AI. It provides a roadmap for understanding and leveraging AI's potential to enhance personal capabilities, improve business operations, and navigate the imminent changes in the global landscape.